Mori 3.24: High Five, Low Five

Week 13/Thursday

Marci: You’d think we’re such romantics, renewing our vows so soon after our marriage.
Actually, Nao got a makeover with a new jacket that has a rocket ship image on the back.
Then, he’s all, “Watchette! Take a screenshot of me in my new jacket!” He’s a sweetheart, anyway.

Marci: For Friend of the World, my remaining milestones are to make a BFF and 20 friends.
I have 12 friends now and we’ll have six more children, so I’ll wait and see how many friends I need after all the babies.
Nao and I have near maxed Friendship, but when I first asked him to be my BFF, he replied, “Nuh uh uh.”
Unbelievable, right? I’ve noticed with his brother Sora as well that I don’t always share the same Friendship level as the sim I’m chatting with.
In the end, Nao agrees to be my BFF. Uh, thank you? Glitch?


Nao: Our daughter Blysse was ready to age up last night, before Marci and I became BFFs, but everyone missed seeing the notice.
Marci: By coincidence, she has red hair just like me!  She’s a Bookworm and an Artistic Prodigy.

Nami: This afternoon, we manage to resist planning outfits for Arlo and Blysse since Nao is at work.
When the twins Carlos and Donato age up tonight, however, Watchette completely forgets that Sora is working.
Sora: If it wasn’t for Watchette’s slip up, I would have gotten my Level 8 promotion and completed the Master Chef aspiration. Hmmph!
Marci: The twins are too adorable! Here’s a collage of us with the kids.
Nao: Where did Donato get those bedroom eyes? From his maternal grandfather, Paolo Rocca?

Nao: And here they are watching that lost dog movie. Oh, we almost forgot!
Carlos shares my Good trait and is a Rambunctious Scamp.
Donato shares Marci’s Outgoing trait and is a Whiz Kid.

Sora: Hi, Dad! How you doing? No, I’m not phoning you from work. I’m home early tonight, don’t ask!
I’m just calling to ask you if you’re still down for Sunday. You are? Great! See you then!


Nao: Hi Gramps! How’s life out there on the island? How’s your family? Is everyone well?
Really, little Brennan is a teenager now? Cool!
So, can you still join us on Sunday? You can? That’s super! Can’t wait to see you!

Week 14/Sunday

Nami: Welcome home, Sora! We’re all so proud of you!
Sora: Yay, I did it! I finally got promoted to Level 8 Mixologist tonight. And we know what that means!
Yep, I cleared that legacy milestone for completing both food aspirations in one generation!
And now if I can max the Mixologist career, my personal goals for this legacy will be done!

Hours later that same day, a motley crew straggles down the stairs of the Pan Europa Disco.
Zach: Ow, ow, ow, my back! I’m getting too old for this! Kaoru, what is your secret?!
Unfamiliar teen: Why the heck am I dressed in this grey shirt? And what’s with these tight black slacks and the wristband?

Nao: We have gathered here together on this day for one purpose and one purpose alone.
Sora: To honor the memory of one of the most entertaining sims ever to pollinate the planet: Eduardo Meadows.

Kaoru: What? You want me to tell you who that teenager is on the very right? That’s my son, Brennan Bjergsen.

Nio: Oh yeah, here we be, getting down and showing you what we got.
Zach: I don’t know, guys. I think we’re doing this wrong.
If Eduardo were here, he’d make some self-absorbed comment that was absurdly conceited yet undeniably hilarious.
Nio: Yeah, you’re right, Zach. I’ll just shut up and we’ll do what we do…dance!

Nao: Sheesh, bartender, did you come to photobomb us?
Bartender: Nah, once you’re done dancing come to the bar. We got “The Eduardo” on the house for you fellas.

Kaoru: That’s right, boys! Break it down till it hurts!

Brennan (mutters): What did I expect? Dad asks me if I want to go clubbing so of course it’s some weird cult thing…

Kaoru: Eduardo teaches us that attitude is all-important! Charm the ladies but let them think they’re charming you.

Nao: Eduardo always loved what he did while looking fly as he did it.
Eduardo Meadows, you are gone but not forgotten! (Sorry we didn’t get the shoes right!)

Kaoru: Wow, that was really a gas! I’d always wondered what cos-playing Eduardo would feel like! I should have gotten my hair done, too!
Brennan: So, do we get commemorative T-shirts or something?

Nami: Back at the ranch, Donato needs a change after sitting for hours at the chess board.
Though he hasn’t completed Whiz Kid yet, he’s taking a break to increase his Motor skill.
W: Yes, the children are being named alphabetically. Donato is too adorable, though he doesn’t really resemble either parent.

Marci: Carlos, on the other hand, completes Rambunctious Scamp without the benefit of any mentoring.
He’s received encouragement with Artistic Prodigy, however, and it shows! He looks a bit like Sora.

Nao: Unlike Carlos and Donato who will complete all aspirations except Social Butterfly, Arlo and Blysse are on their own.
Sorry, kids!  You become teens and will move out next week. But you leave here with several life skills and reward traits.

Marci: Actually, Arlo moves out in 9 days and Blysse in 11 days, which seems like a long time!
Nao: That’s because it is a long time! You know, Mom really wants to go live with Zach.
She could move either after Sora maxes Mixologist or you max Fitness. What do you think?

Marci: I’ll max Fitness with one more day of mentoring and I can mentor three other skills already.
If Sora stays to help out for now, we’ll be fine. You can go ahead.
Nao: I’m glad to hear you say that. While out jogging tonight, I saw Mom’s twin—Auntie Arisa.
She looked so old and tired, reminding me how long and hard Mom has worked for this legacy.
Mom really deserves to enjoy some time together with Zach and we can always invite her back to help out!


Nao: After Sora gets off work at midnight, we help Mom move to the Munch/Mori residence up the road.
Then I head straight to the adoption agency.  Meet our fifth child and second daughter, Ethernet.

Marci: The kids all leave for school on time, Nao’s at work, and Sora’s fishing.
Me, I’m filling out business reports for the first time in my life.
Our twins won’t be teens for 10 more days, so I bought Connections and joined the Business career this morning.
Its work hours match the children’s school hours most closely. I start tomorrow, so wish me luck!


Nao: Sora works four days a week and has been a tremendous help.
Sora: When does Ethernet age up? Tonight past midnight? Couldn’t you think of a nicer name for her, Nao?
And yes, our maid you see behind me on the left has been standing there for over an hour. *sighs

Marci: Thanks for taking my picture, Watchette! It feels great to bring home a promotion on my first work day! *stretches


Nao: A little past midnight, we get the birthday notice to age up Ethernet.
Our fifth child and third adoptee, Ethernet is a Rambunctious Scamp with the Mean trait.
W: Erm, no comment…

Carlos (redhead): Before school, Donato and I are leveling our Social skill.
Donato (brunette): We’re going to skip Social Butterfly but still max Social and maybe even Charisma.
Carlos: When’s our teen birthday again?
Donato: In eight days, bro.

As far as legacy milestones go, this “ten children in one generation” is a bit tedious and I don’t relish the thought of having our simverse flooded with Mori’s.
On the other hand, I’m looking forward to ageing these twins up as well as seeing the rest of the naturally born children, particularly any with violet eyes.
Would those violet eyes skip two generations? If not, I guess I’ll go on a Gallery rampage for a Gen4 spouse with violet eyes…
Or maybe not, I’ve already found two really nice hazubando candidates but without violet eyes. (I guess I could change them…)

By the way, if you’ve never met the flamboyant sim Eduardo Meadows, our tribute to him won’t be as funny.
Be sure to read all about him in Top Secret: The Spiffendale Dynasty. <– click on the blue link  ;D

Thank you for reading. By the way, our founder Kaoru is dying to cos-play Eduardo again but I need a more intriguing context for an homage. Thinking, thinking, thinking….

Mori 3.25: Can There Be Another Fabio?

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