Mori 3.25: Can There Be Another Fabio? (Part I)

Week 14/Wednesday

Nami: I no longer live here in the Legacy House but I’m in the kids’ cub along with Nio.
It’s actually works out quite well for the kids. Sora is highly likely to max his career this coming weekend. Then he’ll have more time to help out.

Nio: The kids are encouraged to invite schoolmates home. We’re checking them all for violet eyes, hehe. Looks like Angelina (the blond child) has brown eyes.
Donato: I guess that means I can’t invite her over anymore?

Nao: It’s difficult to get everyone to sit down together for meals.
Someone, usually Marci, grabs her food first then sits in another room, while the kids head for the TV.

Marci: I chat a bit with Sora because I notice he’s no longer my friend.
W: And he considers you his “Good friend,” Marci. Why you don’t like him? Of course, liking him too much won’t do, either.


Nao: Ahhhh, that sweet feeling of a promotion! Today, I’m a Level 9 Sheriff of the Stars.
I chose the Space Ranger career when I branched earlier this week; its work schedule is more family-friendly.

Thanks to all the family support, Gen3 will still complete three careers, even with all the children!
Sora becomes a Level 9 Drinkmaster tonight and Marci is a Level 6 Senior Manager now.


Arlo (on the porch): Look at Donato in his leather jacket, strutting off to school! He and Carlos have no idea how lucky they are.
I don’t mind that Carlos and Donato get all the attention, though. I really don’t.
I’ve completed three aspirations and now I’ll just be cruising until my birthday next Tuesday, no more skilling.

Week 15/Sunday

Sora: Awww, how nice of everyone to stay up until I come home from work! It’s past midnight already, kids! Where’s Nao?
Carlos: You know how Watchette made you ban “Mix bar drinks” from the club because the adults drank too much?
Sora: Yeah, so?
Donato: Dad kept mixing drinks even after everyone warned him, so Watchette sent him to the garden.
W: Under my watch, the penalty for breaking the rules is spraying for bugs. Do club bans mean nothing?

Sora: Hey, where did my new bar go? How do I complete my daily task?
Oh please, just use your portable bar, yo. For now, I’ve replaced “your” bar with island counters. Thank your brother!

Sora: Lucky I wasn’t late for work today! About 90 minutes after my shift starts, a mythical hermit approaches me about buying a mythical drink recipe.
It costs an arm and a leg, but I believe it’s that drink that super-powers Logic-related skilling.
Watchette checks by clicking on a bar and, yes, I can now make the Snaggle Fluster!

W: I almost missed that pop-up as I zoomed around, checking on all the kids. Lucky, indeed! It’s a rare opportunity that I’ve only seen once before.

Marci: Arlo and Blysse have become best friends, spending most of their time together.
You can see Ethernet dancing in the other room. She’s sometimes alone but not excluded.
Nao: I saw Ethernet yelling at Donato once, but she’s seemed fine otherwise.


Sora: Oops, you caught me about to sniff my armpits. I’m an insane sim, you know. But yeah, I reached the top of the Mixologist career tonight!

Nao: I truly love sitting down to eat with everyone! So, what’s new? Marci, is that a new suit?
Marci: Yep, it came with today’s promotion. Nao, Sora has some sad news.
Sora: Around 2 pm, a ghostly Grandpa Kaoru phones to invite me out to lunch.
I can’t leave the house, of course, since you two are at work. Grandpa sure lived a long life! And he only drank one Potion of Youth!
I can’t believe the last time we spent with Grandpa was “Eduardo Day.” *weeps

Nao: We need to invite Dad over more often. Dad and Gramps were close in age, I think.
Unlike Sora and me, our kids never got a chance to live with their grandparents.
Zach looks like he really loves chatting with his grandsons.
Carlos: Can we add him to our kids’ club with Grandma and Uncle Nio, Dad?
Marci: I’m so happy both twins became friends with Papa Zach, Nao.

Kaoru (walking away): So many fond memories of this place! All the love, all the joy, all the deaths, all the drama!
Nao, you’re the third-generation heir now. Know that I will watch over you and all the generations to come!


Nao: A little past 7 am, I notice that Arlo’s ready to age up, though we hadn’t expected it until tonight.
He cakes up without a party, becoming quite a handsome teenager!
He’s now a Bro who Loves the Outdoors with the Master Chef aspiration. A winning combo!
Nio: He’s moved into the Landgraab Estate, with three elders who helped Nami and I do Social Butterfly!

Nao: Marci’s left for work but I don’t work for another two hours, so I literally fly to the adoption agency.
Folks, please meet our sixth child, Fabio Mori.
Stop snickering at the name choice! Who says there can’t be another Fabio?

Nao: Who’s the man? I earned my final promotion for the Space Ranger career tonight!
Sora and I are still trying to decide when to quit our jobs. I won’t miss the hours, but I will miss this uniform!
Marci: Me, too, Nao. I’ll miss you in that uniform as well.  Rawrrr.

Marci: How sad that Blysse moves out Thursday morning! Come here, sweetheart, and take a picture with me!
Blysse: Mommy, after I move, I’ll be so lonely!
Marci: Honey, you’ll be living with your BFF Arlo, and you can always come visit!

Week 15/ Wednesday

Sora (makes the toast): Thanks, everyone, for coming to my birthday party!
I’d like to announce two things while I have your attention.
One, I won’t be drinking a Potion of Youth. I believe our simverse already has more than enough Mori’s.
And two, I’ve decided to move out tomorrow afternoon to make room for more children.
Nao’s maxed his career and Marci’s a Level 9 Investor.
They’ll have more time for their kids and I’ll be over every day to help with homework and mentoring.
Cheers to the lasting prosperity of the Mori Legacy!

Nao: So, Watchette, is this your latest attempt at the lock-everyone-out outdoor party? It’s not bad!
Sora: Hey, look! Dad brought tofu dogs! Guests still bring food to parties? It’s a first for the Mori’s!

Sora: We hired Gramps as the entertainer. How cool is that, right? A big thanks to @Ricalynn for the tip!

Donato: I take a moment to introduce myself to Great-Grandpa Kaoru. I wish I’d met him earlier!

Sora: I want to stay until Thursday so I can leave behind some quality meals for the family, like the dishes prepared with the various fish we’ve caught so far.
After cooking a few hours, though, I realize I’ll never get through my 15 trout and 30 salmon. Forget it!
I pack up and leave tonight, moving in with Brennan Bjergsen at The Lighthouse.

Ethernet won’t age up for 6 more days. With me gone, Marci can have a baby that ages up to a child by then!

Marci: I hate to see Sora (and his Snaggle Flusters) go. He’s been so helpful and kind. But I’m also really glad for the extra space.

Nao: There’s only one way to properly honor Sora’s thoughtfulness in moving out earlier than initially planned.

Week 15/Thursday

Nao: Blysse ages up to a teen just before 7 am. This is seriously the busiest time of the day, since Marci’s work and the kids’ school both start at 8 am.
With lots of fancy footwork, I cake up and move out Blysse in time for Marci to prepare for work.

Blysse now lives in Oasis Springs at the Landgraab Estate with her BFF, Arlo.

Nao: It’s 7:30 am and I’m struggling with the twins who are stopping me from changing Fabio’s diaper.
My plan is to take care of Fabio then go the adoption agency, but guess what?

We receive Fabio’s birthday notice and, when I age him up, I find that he’s actually a she.
I rename her Fola. She’s become an Outgoing Artistic Prodigy. Her features are strong but she’s quite adorable.

I’ve been rolling the gender for each adoption, as this legacy challenge’s rules require.
For this child, I couldn’t tell the gender by the babies’ names (there were three unisex names) and couldn’t see the color of their onesies, either.

Mori 3.26: Can There Be Another Fabio, Part II

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