Mori 3.27: 2-4-6-8 Who Do We Appreciate?

Week 15/Friday

Donato: We wake up early and take a ridiculously short trip to the gym before the girls need to leave.
And now Dad’s mentoring me at home.
Nao: You’re a scrawny little teen today, but we’ll get you fixed up, son!

Carlos: I did a little collecting around the Willow Springs gym earlier, but now I’ve started in our hood.
I’ll be done with Curator in no time, except for the breeding frogs bit.

Ethernet: Yo, Fola, I think we got the hand movements down now, but we need some new choreo for our feet, you know?

Fola: Ethernet, I rather like not being an heir.  I’m done with Artistic Prodigy and you’ve finished Rambunctious and Artistic. Girl, we are so done with skilling!
Ethernet: I’m so glad we’re friends, Fola, but I leave here in four days.
If I get to go to the Landgraab Estate, promise me you’ll go there, too, k?

Marci: I’m so close to my last promotion that I can do anything I darn well please this morning.
I choose to gaze at the Let There Be Light Laser Show (Fun +5).

It should be my birthday today, but this pregnancy has frozen my age bar.
And yay! I’m in my second trimester now. Wanna feel my baby bump?

W: Hey, you, Nao!
Nao: You rang?
W: Stop watching the !#*%&$@% channel on TV right this instant. Do you want to get abducted and probed by aliens then come back pregnant?
Nao: *quickly changes to the Cooking Channel

Nao: After the girls are gone, I hire a nanny to look after Fabiol
But I end up having Donato fire her. She left Fabio crying for two hours without feeding him. That’s just unacceptable!

Carlos: We end up back at the Burners & Builders Gym so Donato and I can both be mentored.
Nami: Boys, see that lady staring at you, over there in the purple T-shirt? Whatever you do, never talk to her.
That’s your father’s sister and your Auntie Hana.

Nao: I’m going around meeting people, scoping out prospective baby mamas and baby daddies for my kids.
While I try to learn Eugene Akins traits, some sim named Breana (Evil, Jealous, Self-Assured) starts yelling at me.
*whips out Grandpa Kaoru’s Simray, named RayCharles
I guess she won’t be yelling at anyone for several hours…

Nao: Did you just complete the Investor career in two weeks, hun?
Marci: Yep, two one-day promotions and four two-day promotions! The family helped me out so much!
Nao: I’ve got three more vacation days to take, then I’m quitting my Space Ranger job.
Marci: That’s my plan, too! I want to start focusing on all of our kids full time!
Marci Mori, Queen of the Dropped Queues, I can’t believe you did it! Congratulations!

Marci: Now that I’m no longer working, I need to get serious about my Friend of the World aspiration.
Seems like I’ve been stuck at my last milestone, “Make 20 friends 13/20,” for weeks!
I see my dad, Paolo Rocca, and I are no longer friends, but I’ve no way to increase friendship with a ghost.

I invite over my co-worker Jaxon Bauman. He’s a young adult and a Good, Neat Insider.
A shame he’s too old for my (future) girls!


Carlos: Dude, did you meet Fabio yet? He just aged up!
Donato: Nope, not yet. Where is he? What’s he like?
Carlos: He’s out back and he’s a Good Rambunctious Scamp.

Donato: I’ve been wondering why you still look so, uh, fit, Grandma. Grandpa Zach always has back pains.
Nami: Well, your grandfather is an elder already. I’m younger than him but I also drank a Potion of Youth.
Donato: Oh, I see. That’s why you still look so young!
Nami: That’s right, Donato. Well, are we done here?
Donato: Yes, ma’am. Thank you for helping me max fitness.

Marci: I’ve run out acquaintances to befriend, so Nao invites over someone he met at Oasis Springs.
You’d never guess but Brennan Torrez is a gym trainer. Seriously, which bulge bigger, my belly or his thighs?

Nao: While Marci’s socializing, I go chat with my cousin, Lukia Mori.
Her mother (my mother’s twin, Arisa) passed away yesterday so I’d like to cheer her up.
Lukia doesn’t need any cheering up, it seems, but it’s nice talking with her, anyway.

Marci: I’ve been looking for my father-in-law since morning and finally find him near his home.
He helps me complete Friend of the World by becoming my twentieth friend.
And yes, when I ask him, he wants to feel his grandchild! Of course, he does!

Nao: I notice my age bar bubbling, which means my adult birthday is very close.
Following Watchette’s suggestion, I drink a Potion of Youth.
From now, only heirs will drink a Potion of Youth, but not their spouses or helpers, except in special cases of extreme favoritism. *coughs

Week 16/Sunday

Marci: With all the activities going on this morning, I give birth to Aoi at home at 8 a.m., our first naturally born daughter.
She’s the eighth child overall, but it still feels like we’re so far from the finish line!
Darn it, what’s preventing me from breast-feeding Aoi?
W: Just a sec, Marci. *queues chess games between the children so they stop heading for the baby

Nao: Uncle Nio phones to say that it’s Guys’ Night, so I take the twins out to Narwhal Arms.
Donato: At the club, I meet a ghost named Frank Biello. He says he used to live at our house.
Frank: Yeah, so back in the day, I was a Criminal and moved in as Nami Mori’s secondary spouse.
Donato: For real? Grandma used to roll with, like, a gangster? Did you know her son Naoki? That’s my dad.

Frank: Unfortunately, I got devoured by a cowplant before your dad was born. In fact, my death probably made room in the house for your father, boy!
Donato: Here, look at these photos. Here’s my dad and mom. That’s Uncle Sora; he’s insane but super cool!
And here’s Arlo and Blysse, my twin brother Carlos, Ethernet and….
Frank: Wow! That’s some family you have there! Makes it all worth it! *gazes happily at the family photos


Marci: Around two hours past midnight, Ethernet ages up to a teen.
Ethernet, who was an adorable little girl, becomes predictably stunning, a total knock-out!

She’s now a Mean Active Serial Romantic and moves into the Landgraab Estate with Arlo.

Marci: As soon as Ethernet is out of the house, Nao and I make like bunnies.
I’ll spare you shots of the baby-making and pregnancy test, but when I share the big news with Nao…
Nao: Ahhh, that’s wonderful news, dear! Number nine is on its way!

In the morning, around the same time the kids leave for school, Aoi’s birthday arrives.
Our eighth child and first natural-born daughter is now a Creative Artistic Prodigy with dark-brown eyes.

Comparing childhood photos, Aoi rather resembles our stalker Hana as a child (not a compliment).
Unlike her brothers Carlos and Donato, Aoi has also inherited her Grandpa Zach’s squinting left eye from her dad.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Aoi and we also have two more daughters to go!


Author’s Notes

My apologies if these last few updates have been more disorienting and incoherent than usual.
No doubt the “10 children in one generation” milestone was designed to make the gameplay feel overwhelming, hectic, and busy.

At this point, Marci and Nao have had/adopted 8 children. Here’s a recap of their progress:
•   Children adopted and moved out (3):  Arlo, Blysse, and Ethernet
•   Children adopted but still at home (2): Fola and Fabio
•   Naturally-born children (3): Carlos, Donato, and Aoi

Mori 3.28: The Ninth Nooboo

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