Mori 3.28: The Ninth Nooboo

Nao: So, before jumping into our story, I thought we could consider the genetic makeup of three of our children.
Marci: Our firstborn is Carlos. His facial features closely resemble his father’s, but his cheeks are fuller, like both his grandma and me.
Nao: I still think he looks a little like Sora. It must be his close-set eyes and cheeks. Of course, he has your hair!

Marci: Donato is a real looker, perhaps his eyes are spaced wider apart like my father Paolo?
His lips also resemble Papa Paolo’s.
Nao: Otherwise, his nose and jawline closely resemble mine, but his eyes give him that dreamy look.

Marci: Aoi wears her hair in a ponytail but, just for this photo, we give her the same hair as Hana.
Watchette and I were initially fearful that Aoi would age up to a teen with Hana’s pinched features.
Nao: Looking at the two girls side by side, though, Aoi seems to have softer eyes, set slightly wider apart.
Marci: I don’t know, maybe I’m just grasping at straws but I hope she grows up to resemble me more!
Nao: My thoughts exactly, Marci! I’d love for our girls to look like you!

And now back to the lives of the Mori family…

Week 16/Wednesday

Marci: I realize that it’s already Wednesday, but I need to get something off my chest.
Because the household’s been so busy, I decide to simply cake up on my adult birthday on Monday.
I realize we didn’t throw a birthday party, but can you believe my family’s total lack of enthusiasm? Sheesh!

Nao: Sorry, hun. Next time, wait you could wait until we all arrive before you light the candles, maybe?
We’ll do Soulmate together soon. How about that?

Aoi: Fabio is only three days older than me and he’s been really friendly to me!
Fabio: C’mon, Aoi! Let’s do the secret handshake of our kids’ club Amigos!

Aoi: And we’re off! I’m so excited! Today’s my first day of school, you know!
Fabio: Yeah, I know, I know. Everyone pegs me for a mischief-maker but don’t forget! I’m a Good sim! *winks

Marci: All the kids are at school and Nao’s gone to work.
Nao and I have actually not quit our jobs yet, since we’re both off on weekends and get off at 4 or 5 pm on weekdays.
Oh! I discover that I haven’t maxed Wellness. I need to work on that.

Marci: Out of the corner of my third eye, I notice Uncle Nio stroll by. He aged up to an elder this past weekend.
He and Mother Nami both drank Potions of Youth. Does that mean she’ll be an elder soon, too?
Of course, Uncle Nio’s wife Lyric passed away a while ago.
Nami: We second-generation sims have mostly moved on now, although Nio and I are still going strong. Zach, too.

Nao: While Marci is off listening to pop music and eating strawberries, I read to Aoi who’s just started Whiz Kid.


Nami: Carlos and Donato are being groomed to paint portraits and write Books of Life, respectively, for the fourth generation.

Carlos: For the painter aspiration, I need to view paintings at the art museum in Willow Creek.
Afterward, we all enjoy a cook-out by the lake behind the museum.
Donato: We often invite Grandma along on our outings.

Donato: Next, we jet over to the Perfect Balance Spa to take a yoga class for the first time.
Carlos:  Donato, help! This old lady won’t get off my mat, so I can’t join the yoga class!
Donato: Are you kidding? I’m just trying to stay quietly invisible so that other cougar won’t notice me.
Remember, Carlos! Don’t make eye contact!


Marci: Our ninth child is born around 5 am. I’m way too lazy to go the hospital at this hour.
Meet our third naturally-born daughter. She’s named Banana after that popular Japanese novelist, Banana Yoshimoto.
W: All the babies are starting to look alike to me now, but I present the screenshot as a symbolic gesture, I guess.

Marci: Watchette has had me quit my job as Angel Investor, just because I have trouble completing my daily task.
W: Oh please, I’m tired of checking whether you’re done then chasing you around to queue up “Research Stocks” again.
Each day, you need at least three tries to actually complete your task. If you hate it so much, just quit.
And why do you have to run outside to quit your job?

Marci: I’m not sure. Maybe I thought running around outside before making the phone call would annoy you more?
W: Haha, don’t test me. You remain Queen of Dropped Queues but you earned job promotions like a champ!


Nao: It’s hard to know where to take the whole family for fun these days.
The pool? A day trip to Granite Falls? The pool, it is!  We’re off to Bathe de Rill!
Aoi: Everyone enjoys a relaxing afternoon, except me. Dad decides to coach me in swimming, but it’s still fun to get out!

Marci: By early evening, we’re all getting pretty hungry. We try out a new restaurant in the old Goth neighborhood.
This restaurant—called “Urban Garden (Restaurant) by stephOsims—is imported from the Gallery, because it looks so beautiful!

Marci: Luckily, there is table large enough to seat us all.
After working so hard this past week, everyone really appreciates a day devoted to fun and socializing.

Aoi: While waiting for our desserts to arrive, Fabio and I become BFFs!

Week 17/Sunday

Marci: I realize that with ten children, it would be impossible to keep them all.
Still, it’s hard to invite them into our hearts and home, then let them go!
Fola: I age up to a teen on Wednesday, Mommy. Will you still love me after I move out?

Week 17/Monday

Nao: Once again, Banana ages up in the wee hours of the morning but, this time, while everyone else is fast asleep!
She is a Music Lover and a Rambunctious Scamp.

Nao: In fact, she is so darn cute, here’s another shot of just because! Looks like she has eyes like Donato, too!

Author’s Notes

Life Extension
Because some of my move-out Mori’s are living such long lives, I’d like to add two more rules:
•   Potions of Youth: I’d already mentioned in passing that, from Nao’s third generation onward, the right to drink a Potion of Youth is reserved for the heirs alone (except in special cases of extreme favoritism).
•   Bodybuilder aspiration: For the same reason, this aspiration and its Long-Lived trait will only be allowed for heirs from this fourth generation onward, unless a sim rolls that aspiration as in Donato’s case.

A prime example is Zach. He drank a Potion of Youth and relived his adult phase then moved out after becoming an elder. That feels like weeks ago and he’s still going strong. (Now he’ll probably die in a day or two just to make me feel bad.)

I just want to ensure that the simverse is filled with lots of sims unrelated to the Mori family!

Mori 3.29: 10th Child & Gen4 Heir Vote

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