Mori 3.29: 10th Child & Gen4 Heir Vote

Week 17/Monday

Marci: In the few hours before school, I help Banana finish her first tier of Rambunctious Scamp.
After all these babies, we’ve learned that both “Coaching swimming” and “Play Keyboard Commander (Level 4 Motor) boost the Motor skill faster than “Practice typing.”
Banana: Mommy, I don’t have school today.

Carlos: Donato and I are both home today, too. In fact, we’re never going back to high school.
Donato: Yeah, everyone’s been so focused on the children that no one’s noticed that Carlos and I become young adults on Thursday.  Pffft!
Carlos: Watchette, how much longer are you waiting to have the vote for the Gen4 heir?
W: We’re waiting until the tenth baby ages up to a child, but the tenth baby isn’t even born yet!

Aoi: I haven’t even done my homework tonight but my Fun is rock-bottom! Watching TV really helps!
Carlos: Me, too! Painting isn’t as much fun as I’d thought it would be.


Banana: This is the last time the four of us leave for school together, so we want to capture this special moment.
Aoi: But Dad decides to come outside in his little shorts at the same time, so our picture comes out lopsided.
By the time I get Nao off the porch, all the kids are gone. Oh well.

Nao: While I start writing excuse notes for the boys tomorrow, Carlos completes Painter Extraordinaire in his PJs.
W: What do you want to do next, Carlos?
Carlos: Honestly? I’d like to meet a nice girl or two!
Donato: My thoughts exactly!
W: I see. Then, Wellness it is! Off you go, Carlos!

Nao: Right before work, I get to know the teen Loren Tatum. She’s a Mean Bro. We’ll keep her in mind.

Marci: After 3 hours of socializing, I only learn that the young adult Sienna Amos is cheerful and unemployed.
Also, I noticed that many of my friends are acquaintances now so Friend of the World is broken for me.
Carlos: If you can only learn one trait after 3 hours, Mom, let’s just invite Sienna over after Dad get home from work.
And anyway, the founder’s wife was Cheerful so she doesn’t have unique traits, but we’re also recruiting baby mamas.

Here’s a riddle: How many hours does it take two redheads to learn that a sim is a Lazy high school student?
Answer: Two hours. Said sim, Santiago Leyvas, gets bored with the repetitive “Discuss interests” social and heads home.

Carlos: I don’t get it, Mom. I thought you were Friend of the World? How can you be so bad at learning traits?

Marci: I waylay Santiago by the side of the house and give it another try.
Carlos: Give it up, Mom. After another hour, all you’ve done is embarrass him with your tedious convo!
Marci: I have the Observant trait, so why can’t I learn Santiago’s second trait?

Donato: When Dad comes home, he immediately learns that Santiago is Lazy and Gloomy.
Meanwhile, Loren sits and does her mean thing to the children.
Nao: At least we know that both teens have unique traits so far.
Marci: …


Fola: I get the message about celebrating my birthday around 7:30 a.m.
You can see Aoi and Banana leaving for school just after I age up to a teen!
I’m sorry to leave but happy to be moving in with Arlo and Ethernet in Oasis Springs.

Marci: So, sweetheart, are you ready to try for the very last baby?
Nao: You bet! Taking care of all the kids has been exhausting!
Unfortunately, in our eagerness to move Fola out, we bring all the kids home from school.
Marci: Yeah, win some, lose some.

Nao: Watchette’s been worried about boring her viewers with all the repetitive children-related shots.
Marci: Yep, but I fool them all! I do my test in the bathroom as usual.
But I only get the Eating for Two notice when I come out and sit down next to you! Special, right?

Nao: Carlos used to moan all the time about painting while working on Painter Extraordinaire.
Of course, now that he’s completed it and doesn’t need to paint anymore, all he wants to do is paint. Go figure.

Marci: I’m whipping up some prosciutto-wrapped asparagus to save for a party.
Marci’s such a pretty sim. I have a hard time catching her smiling for some reason.

Marci: As you know, Bestselling Author is a more time-consuming aspiration than Painter Extraordinaire but Donato’s making good progress.
Donato: I just need three bestsellers and wait for my publishing royalties to double.
Okay, enough dancing. Back to your novels!

Week 17/Thursday

Carlos: A little past 1 am, it’s time for our birthday! I’m dying of ennui!
Nao: You need to stop with that “Everything’s such a chore” attitude, son!
How can a teenager like “die of ennui,” when you’ve never really lived yet?

Donato: Wow, Mom grabbed a piece of birthday cake during Carlo’s birthday leap!
Nao: Marci, hun, stop setting a bad example for the kids!
Marci: nomnomnomnom
W: Why would she do that? I thought only gluttons did that! Marci, you are walking on very thin ice now!
When cooking, whether hungry or not, Marci always grabs a serving before I can get her to “Call for meal” or “Grab a serving together.”
I wonder why some sims are such a pain to play…permanent spray-for-bugs duty?

Nao: And here’s a toast to Carlos and Donato who are now young adults!
Carlos is a Good Genius who is now also a Music Lover. Donato is an Outgoing Cheerful sim who’s now also Lazy.
Good thing Donato already maxed fitness!
Nao: When you start your new careers on Friday, I’ll be quitting mine!
Also, let’s not forget to thank your Grandma Nami, who’s been helping out with mentoring you all!


Fabio ages up to a teenager just as the girls are starting to prepare for school.
Besides being Good, he’s now an Insider Joke Star.
He moves out right away to live with Arlo, Ethernet, and Fola in Oasis Springs.
Sorry Fabio! If I wasn’t in such a rush to get you out of the door so the girls can prepare for school, I would have changed your awful shoes and given you fuller eyebrows!
And there goes our fifth and last adoptee!

Nao: Marci and I give the twins Mint & Rosemary aromatherapy massages for their first day of work.
Carlos: We both joined the Athlete career.
Donato: I’m outgoing, so I’ll do Bodybuilder while Carlos does Pro Athlete.

Donato: Thanks to an unexpected work opportunity, I get a promotion today and branch to the Bodybuilder career.
I need to mentor fitness as my daily task now, so I invite Arlo and Fabio over and “suggest a workout.”
Fabio: I look really puny now, but just wait and see!


Nao: In the morning after Donato leaves for work, Marci goes into labor for our fifth and last child!

The Queen of Dropped Queues gives birth to baby girl, named Chiyo.
Nao and Marci now have adopted five babies and Chiyo is their fifth naturally-born baby. The ordeal is finally over!


Your Thoughts on the Gen4 Heir?

All the adoptions, pregnancies, age-ups, birthdays, repetitious skilling, and move-outs—UGH! And not a single pair of violet eyes! I guess hoping the violet eyes would return after skipping two generations was too much to ask! But now we are done.

I’ve gone ahead and rolled all the traits and aspirations for each child.
I have not listed skills this time because, in a constant environment, all the children are skilling at an equalyl favorable pace.
I’ve decided to proceed with the heir vote even though Aoi and Banana are still children and Chiyo is still an infant.  I feel waiting for Chiyo to age up to a child is rather an exercise in futility, because…traits.

From left to right: Carlos, Donato, Aoi, and Banana

Carlos (18 days to Adult)
Traits: Good, Genius, Music Lover
Aspirations: Rambunctious Scamp, Curator (done)
Career: Athlete L4

Donato (18 days to Adult)
Traits: Outgoing, Cheerful, Lazy
Aspirations: Whiz Kid, Bodybuilder (done)
Career: Athlete/Bodybuilder L5

Aoi (2 days to Teen)
Traits: Creative, (Clumsy, Outgoing)
Aspirations: Artistic Prodigy (Painter Extraordinaire)
Career: (Painter/Master of the Real)

Banana (8 days to Teen)
Traits: Music Lover (Active, Neat)
Aspirations: Rambunctious Scamp (Musical Genius)
Career: (Entertainer/Musician)

Chiyo (just born)
Traits: (Outgoing, Mean, Hates Children)
Aspirations: (Whiz Kid, Renaissance Sim)

Mori 3:30: A Napkin Memento

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