Mori 3.31: The Hot Banana

Week 18/Friday

Nao: In the early morning, Marci and I can’t sleep so we decide to work on the Soulmate aspiration together.
Marci: Do you think this household will ever actually earn the 285+ more gold-medal events needed?
Nao: Let’s not think about that and just enjoy our dates, okay?

Carlos: After I give Donato an aromatherapy massage for work, Donato scandalizes the neighborhood by meditating in the buff.
W: I see now why simmers like to use the “Smaller Censor Mosaic” mod.
I really wanted to show you Donato’s yoga mudras, but that darn mosaic is too large!

Stevie: I hate to say this about my mother-in-law, but Marci is such an easel hog!
That’s why I have to set up all four easels with unfinished paintings before I start.
In the minute while I was boosting my Inspired mood, however, Marci rushed over and began painting!
W: Well, sadly, the bugs don’t need spraying right now, but I did send Marci off fishing.

Nao: Because we’re getting tired of the birthday parties and toasts, we decide to throw a dinner party for my birthday instead.
I blow out the candles on my cake before the guests arrive.
For some reason, the whole family decides not to change into their party wear except Stevie and me. Hmmph!
Happy birthday, me!

Nami: Zach was so happy to meet you yesterday afternoon, young lady!
Banana: Grandma Nami, I’m so sorry what I said yesterday about Grandpa Zach maybe being a vampire immortal!
When I woke up this morning, I learned that Grandpa Zach passed away late last night! I feel so bad!
Nami: Don’t feel sad, Banana. When Zach came home yesterday, he said you’d run across the street to introduce yourself.
He was so glad that you two got to spend a little time together!
Banana: *sniffle, sniffle

Carlos: Lucky for me, the party ends when I need to leave for work!
Donato comes home just now with his Level 8 promotion. I intend to do the same tonight!

Stevie: Uh, Marci!? We also just had that scrumptious prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and you’re chasing it with cereal?
You know, I’m the one who should be having odd food cravings, not you!

Nao: Thanks for coming to celebrate my birthday, Mom. I’m so sorry to hear about Dad.
Nami: He said he’d enjoyed his life and only wished he’d spent more time with Carlos, Donato, and Banana.

Nao: I’m so sorry! Our household was so hectic with all the kids, Mom. How are you doing?
I still remember after Dad moved out but you still lived here, you used to go gaze at that photo upstairs whenever you missed Dad too much.

Nami: After everything I did for the legacy, I was so lucky to eventually find true love with Zach.
Zach was never a man of many words, but oh! What passion he concealed behind that quiet demeanor!

Donato: Isn’t Jaxon a little old for you, Banana?
Banana: Very funny, Donato. He’s a really nice person, but he’ll probably be a ghost by the time I’m a young adult.
In fact, he’s my second adult friend for Social Butterfly.
I need only two more child-age friends to finish the aspiration but, sadly, I don’t know any children.

Donato: I’m not sure why you can use the weightlifting machine during your second trimester, sweetheart.
But as soon as Carlos gets his promotion, we’ll stop here and I’ll go finish mentoring at the gym, okay?

Nao: At the gym in Oasis Springs, I run around meeting everyone to scout for prospective spouses.
Donato: Meanwhile, I mentor Arlo and Aoi, then end by mentoring my great-uncle, Brennan Bjergsen.
I really like him! If he’s Grandma Nami’s half-brother, is he too closely related to Banana for marriage?


Stevie: How did work go today, sweetness?
Donato: Not bad, Stevie. I’ll be done with the Bodybuilder career by the middle of next week.
What did you do all morning?
Stevie: Not much. I painted, ate carrots, and listened to alternative music. Although I’m wondering if I should be trying for a girl instead.
I’m nearing the end of my second trimester now. Do you want to feel the baby?

Week 19/Sunday

Carlos: Around 1 am, I check my phone to see if I can negotiate a bonus for work and notice a new “Call Jasmine Holiday” option.
She gets my call then shows up right away, gives us a Sugar Skull Display Case, then offers vague instructions.
Nao: Thanks to my mother Nami’s reign of death, we have an ample supply of tombstones.
We place six tombstones on the lawn, one for each member of our household.

Donato: All six of us make sugar skull offerings, but only Mom’s “gesture of respect is appreciated” and results in the appearance of two Day of the Dead celebrants.
At the time, we don’t’ realize that not all offerings succeed.
Since Dad and I are the first to make offerings, we are also the first to go meet the two celebrants who appear.
Even before we become friends, the celebrant readily gives me a sugar skull when I ask.

Nao: I’m not so lucky. When I first ask, the celebrant replies, “Why would I celebrate the Day of the Dead with a stranger or an enemy?”
Considering I chatted her up into being my friend, that’s an odd thing to say!
After seven or eight more friendly overtures, though, I finally receive a sugar skull, too.

Marci: Good work, boys. Considering it’s our first night, we’re making good progress on our collection!
Our next step is to figure out the criteria for a successful offering!
Nao: I later ran into Donato’s celebrant and received a sugar skull from her, but it was the same type that Donato had received.
Marci: Okay, that’s good to know!

Nao: We get Banana’s “celebrate birthday” message in the middle of the night.
We wait until a decent hour to throw a dinner party for her teen birthday and she cakes up before the guests arrive.
Banana: Oh no, why am I even dressed like this? Quick, Watchette, get me to a dresser!
Carlos: Sorry, sis, but Donato’s at work. However, Donato’s work ends at 2 pm and mine starts at 3 pm.
If you’re diligent, you can sneak in a makeover between both of our jobs!
Banana: *sighs in mortification

Banana: The ‘rents are thinking that Santiago Leyvas might be a good match for me.
He recently became a young adult so he’s roughly two sim-weeks older than me.
But he has unique traits: Gloomy, Insider, Lazy. Good for the legacy, but bad for me. *shrugs

Banana: I also meet the very adorable Brennan Bjergsen. Apparently, he’s Grandma Nami’s half-brother so distantly related enough to marry me.
But, one, he’s already an adult. And, two, two of his traits aren’t unique.
Nao: What about if he moves in as my secondary spouse to pollinate the simverse during Banana’s teen years?
Banana: Ewwww, ears!!! Don’t talk about stuff like that around me, Dad. I just became a teen a few hours ago, remember?

Nao: What to do, what to do. He’s Squeamish and Materialistic but his third trait’s insane. *sighs
Well, Brennan won’t be moving in and he’s definitely out as prospective Secondary Spouse for Banana. She deserves so much more!

Banana: It’s 2:30 pm and Donato still won’t leave work so I go ahead and plan my outfits anyway.
W: Wow, Banana! You look amazing!
B: Yeah, thanks for breaking out all the cc, Watchette. I know you’ve been trying to not use it so much.

W: I say we forget about the Gloomy, Insider, Lazy Santiago. I think you should be meeting a certain hawtie from the Gallery…
Or, let’s see, you could move in Santiago as the Primary Spouse and then….

Banana: Can we go back to the start of this convo when you were saying how awesome I look?
Thirteen more days, Banana, and you become the fourth-generation heir of this Mori Legacy. Do you feel ready?

Stevie: Later that night, I give birth to a little boy.
Donato: We name him Paolo, after my paternal grandfather, Paolo Rocca.

Nao: Behind them, I’m chatting with another Day of the Dead celebrant.
I’m not sure what Donato has that I don’t have. I become friends quite quickly, but still get refused the first time I ask for a sugar skull.

Nao: Donato got a skull without becoming friends with the celebrant.
This celebrant only agrees to give me a skull after we become good friends.
Thanks for our third skull, Scarlett!

Nao: *rushes off to place his new acquisition in the Sugar Skull Display Case
(dejectedly) Gosh darn it, we already have a skull like this!


Watchette’s Notes

I was so worried when Banana first aged up in those horrible clothes with the unflattering hair and glasses.
With new hair, different clothes, and a little makeup, however, Banana is a total knock-out!

Mori 3.32: Joy Ephemeral

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