Mori 3.32: Joy Ephemeral

Week 19/Monday

Banana: Thanks for helping me with my homework, Dad.
I was almost finished writing my first song when I realized that I have school Monday morning.
Since I caked up Sunday morning, I was rather hoping I’d have Monday off!
Nao: Let’s do your extra credit, too, while we’re at it.

Donato: I’m in the Confidence Room where I just successfully negotiate a bonus for my career.
I’m definitely maxing Bodybuilder by Wednesday at the very latest.
Our objectives as Generation 4 are to complete three careers and earn four or five more retail perks for our store.
Right now, my life feels perfect!

Nao: Hey, Stevie, are you phoning to join a career?
Stevie: That’s right. Banana won’t be a teen for 13 more days so I’d be the only one working until then.
Nao: And if you choose the Master of the Real career, your work schedule will be close to Banana’s.
Stevie: That makes it easier for everyone to work at the store when Banana and I come home.
And I already completed the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.  I’ll just need to work on Charisma.
Piece of cake!

Banana: Why do we have to stay up so late to make the sugar skull offerings?
Carlos: There’s a 24-hour cooldown and the first time we did it, it was around this time.
Donato: It’s not worth staying up so late. Maybe we should just skip a night and start 9-pm cycles instead.
Marci: Check out we girls making our sugar skull offerings!

Nao: We didn’t notice the night before, but the tombstone glows when a sim’s “gesture of respect is appreciated” by the dead.
Marci: The first time, only my offering was accepted.
Donato: This time, everyone except Dad makes a successful offering.
Nao: What could I be doing wrong?

Donato: Two celebrants show up immediately, so Dad and I each head for one.
Everyone else is busy—Banana’s writing a song for her aspiration, while Carlos and Stevie are doing work-related tasks.
After we become friends, Nasir Cheek quite vehemently rejects my first request for a sugar skull!
Following a few more friendly socials, though, he gives me a unique sugar skull!

Nao: This celebrant, named Luka Cartwright, is a new acquaintance. His lavender outfit and make-up are great!
W: Wow, you’re pretty amazing, Nao. You befriend him by simply introducing yourself?
Nao: I wonder how this works. If we leave our neighborhood, would we meet more celebrants than last time?
Anyway, after Luka and I become good friends, he readily gives me the sugar skull I request.

Nao: Quite frankly, I’m not digging this challenge at all.
Donato: Those are my skulls on the top row. They’re both unique—Jeff and Nadia!
Nao: Mine are on the second row—Art and two Jeffs.  How pathetic and frustrating!

Donato: By the way, Dad, how are you able to befriend sims so quickly?
Nao: You, Carlos, and I all maxed Social and Charisma, but only I completed the Social Butterfly aspiration.
Donato: Seems to make a tremendous difference!

Banana: I’m off to my first day of high school. I wonder who I’ll meet today!

Marci: I notice that Donato’s fun is flagging at work so I teleport to our Book of Life Room.
As soon as I start reading his Book of Life, his final promotion triggers. Way to go, son!
Oh, Donato needs to write Books of Life for Stevie and their son Paolo!

Donato: I really didn’t expect to earn my final promotion in a single day!
Successfully negotiating a bonus really helped.
Thanks also to Dad for the aromatherapy massage and to Mom for reading my Book of Life!
Donato is, like, Paolo Rocca 2.0!

Donato: This challenge is getting a bit ridiculous!
Watchette recently learned that multiple sims may receive different skulls from the same celebrant.
Just as we’re gathered in the backyard so I can phone in my wedding with Stevie, Watchette spies two previous celebrants and another new one. *sighs
On the plus side, we make huge strides in tonight’s collecting! Thanks to @Franki for the great tips!

Stevie: Around 9 o’clock, Donato phones in the wedding party.
Nao: Let’s not bother placing seats in front of the wedding arch. Nobody sits in them, anyway.

Donato: My gorgeous Stevie, I will cherish you for as long as we both shall live.
Stevie: Donato, my love, I will adore you with every breath I take.

Carlos: Though a simple wedding, Donato invites lots of guests.
He invites all the immediate family including our many siblings (but not sister Aoi or auntie Hana, hehe).

Nao: I’m the only assigned staff and I tend bar. My brother, the insane klepto Sora looks really well.
Behind Sora on the right, you can see Mom’s brother Nio.
On the left is one of the celebrants.
Curiously, the three celebrants we met tonight–although uninvited–also change to formal wear and join the party.

W: As you can see, Marci is at her elegant best.
Discreetly moving behind the scenes, she helps out with the party from the shadows.
She calls the guests to the meal and generally ensures everyone is having a good time.
I’m being sarcastic.
That’s Marci ungracefully getting out of the pool, where she’d been swimming since the ceremony.
Thankfully, Nao and Carlos have been reliable helpers. Sheesh.

Donato: After the wedding, Stevie and I go on some home dates since we can’t take a honeymoon with our baby.
After four gold medal dates, the unexpected happens at the end of our fifth date.

Remember that Stevie is a goofball? Even with three VIP buckets enabled, she suddenly goes hysterical.

Donato: When I interact with Grim, I see the option to “Seduce into sparing Stevie,” which I choose.
W: Forgive me, Donato. I’ve never played a challenge where sims may plead for life extension.

Donato: But my plea falls on deaf ears. In fact, Grim seems rather angry.

Oh Grim, how heartless of you to steal my beloved on our wedding night!


Donato: That’s a good boy. Please drink the bottled milk. Can you smile for your daddy?
I’m so sorry, my little Paolo, but it’s just you and me now.

W: Seeing Donato bottle-feeding Paolo made me so sad that I saved my game and quit playing for several hours.
When I reloaded the game, I find little Paolo standing on Donato’s forearm and Donato with a mysterious smirk.
Will Paolo grow up to be a magical child?


I was utterly shocked by Stevie’s abrupt death by laughter. The combined boosts from the “New Baby” and “Just Married” moodlets must have pushed goofball Stevie’s Playful mood into Hysterical.
Now I know. If a goofball sim gets too many +Happy boosts, I should make them go to bed and sleep it off.
Her death represents this legacy’s second Death by Laughter, although the first one was orchestrated for the purpose of earning legacy points.

Little Paolo ages up to a child in 36 more sim-hours.
Gone astray is my original plan for this update to end on Paolo’s birthday.

Dearest Stevie Wharton, Donato and the family were overjoyed to find you.
On Sunday, you gave birth to Paolo.
On Monday, Donato maxed his career, you and Donato got married, you two became BFFs, you enjoyed four gold-medal home dates, and then you vanished.

Rest in Peace, beautiful one. Your sudden passing saddens our hearts.

Mori 3.33: Honoring the Dead

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