Mori 3.34: Retail Fail

Week 19/Saturday

Marci: Now that the party’s over, what’s on the agenda for today?
Banana: Can we drop by the art museum for my Painter aspiration? After that, I’d be happy to work in the store.
Carlos: Let’s work in the store in these outfits today, people. What do you think?

Donato: Let’s wait until Paolo completes his last two drawings, then we can be off.
He can bring along a violin and finish his aspiration there.

Banana: I just removed the painting from this easel! Why can’t I paint on it?
Nao: Because Marci claimed the easel before you could start. Marci, your easel hogging frustrates us all to no end!!!
Don’t you realize that our daughter is trying to complete an aspiration?
W: At this point, you may die of starvation rather than old age, Marci dear. Just saying.
And, incidentally, go spray the bugs!

W: You look really awesome in those outfits, people!
Carlos: I just noticed, but why does Donato get cowboy boots but I’m just wearing sneakers?
W: Would you remind me when we get home, Carlos, and I’ll get you cowboy boots. Happy now?

Paolo: While I’m practicing in front of the shop, Great-Grandma Nami shows up first.
Dad says she didn’t do much at the store last time, so I ask her to mentor me.

Marci: After closing the store after a long and exhausting day, we check all the merchandise has been restocked.

Nao: Donato’s been such a helpful family member that I forget that he has the Lazy trait.
This afternoon, I even catch him on his way home when he should be ringing up his customer.
Banana: It’s certainly odd, Dad. I never see Donato napping at home.

Paolo: The first part of Social Butterfly is easy. I just enter the shop and introduce myself to customers.
Now that Mori’s Emporium is closed, Dad and I have time to become BFFs.
It’s time to look for club members!

Banana: Would you please check on Grandma Nami, Carlos?
I wanted to let her clock out early but she seems stuck in a bathroom.
Carlos: I find five women crowded into a single bathroom, all with Uncomfortable moodlets.

W: Wait, Carlos, why do you have to crowd in there with them? And why are you smirking?
You could have just peeked in the door! Do I need to narrow the bathrooms from a 3-tile to a 1-tile width? 

Carlos: Grandma Nami’s been there for hours, Watchette! Will they still be here when we get back?

W: I just realized that’s the “Men’s Bathroom” door. Were they able to enter but not leave?
Is the problem caused by the door (which I’d never used before) or the 3-tile room width?

Banana: So how did we do tonight, Dad?
Nao: Well, we earned 1,315 perk points, which is great, but we had outgoing costs of $3,901.
Carlos: Oh, because we restocked the paintings instead of replacing them?
Nao: Yes, that’s right. We should also choose 4-5 of our own paintings in various price ranges to sell and restock.
Donato: I agree. Selling only items ranging from $200 to $600 is for the birds.

Carlos: So we can earn the Fortune category’s 10th point in one of two ways.
One, we can run a retail shop and buy all 20 retail perks for 18,950 perk points.
Or, two, we reach a total family worth of $5.7 mil, which combines our home lot’s value and the shop’s business funds.
Nao: Yes, we all know that. What’s your point, son?
Carlos: Right now, we have a home lot worth close to $1 mil, over $4 mil in household funds, and $2.7 mil in business funds.
Why don’t we simply transfer funds to the shop?
Nao: I can’t believe you just said that, Carlos. Where’s the fun in that?
Carlos: Oh please, we all know that you’ve already transferred $2.5 mil to the shop!
Nao: Shhhhh. We’re gonna earn all 20 retail perks, case closed.

Carlos (whispers): Pssst, Dad! Why are you wearing guyliner!?

Week 20/Sunday

Banana: Painting has been so relaxing and peaceful this morning.
It’s nice not to have to fight off Mom for the easels.  Where is she, anyway?
W: I’m getting better at keeping her busy and far away from the skilling objects.

Nao: Now that Marci’s back from her first space mission, let’s see about earning more perk points.
I went online this morning to Carl’s Forum and reviewed Queen Nutella’s retail strategy.
We’ve packed the shop with items to avoid restocking during business hours and we’re dropping the profit margin to 10%.

Carlos: I thought Queen Nutella used a 5% profit margin.
Nao: I just can’t bring myself to drop it that low. Call me miserly! Oh darn it, we can only choose 5% or 15%! 5% it is, then.

Donato: Incidentally, Watchette, did you figure out the problem with that bathroom? Carlos looked too happy all squished in there with the ladies last night.
I’m ashamed to admit that I’d never used these gender-specific bathroom doors before.
I’d installed the male-only doors facing the wrong way. I left one door unfixed so you can see my mistake.
That’s why female sims could enter the bathroom, but then couldn’t leave. Still, that doesn’t explain why they all entered the same stall…

Paolo: I decide against calling a gathering of the kids’ club I started.
Instead, I’m going to invite the club members over and befriend them one at a time.

Carlos: Before the customers start arriving, I want to thank Watchette for the cowboy boots.
I love them and hope that  Caterina approves!

Banana: Donato is gone when we start restocking so I go look for him. I find him napping on a bench outside the shop. This store really brings out his Lazy side.
Anyway, we did really well today, folks, earning 1,200 more points.
Combined with yesterday’s points, we have 2,500 points to buy Cheaper Restocking.

But when we open the Retail Perks menu, we find that all our previously bought perks are gone!
Nao: Such bad luck! And here I was, talking big about earning all 20 perk points.
Banana: I really don’t want to use cheats to re-buy our lost perks, Dad!
Nao: So I transfer $3 mil to the shop

Nao: With our home lot valued over $930,000, we now have a family worth of roughly $6.6 million.
Donato: Darn it, we really didn’t want to do it this way, but it’s still better than using cheats.
Banana: Before we go home, let’s sell off the store and the lot!

W: It’s not how I wanted to play it, but we’re now done with the Fortune category. *shrugs

Banana: Losing all our retail perks really leaves a bitter aftertaste.
Before we leave, let’s go into Build Mode and bulldoze this stupid shop!
Donato: I agree, sis. I never want to see it again!

Carlos: Tonight was incredibly stressful! Earning the perks, losing the perks, selling the store, then bulldozing that lot!
Heck, I’m ready to just go to bed with the hope that tomorrow brings a better day!
Banana: My feelings exactly!
W: Me, three! *feels really dejected


This game hates me! How disappointing about the retail perks, considering the family was so close to having earned 50% of the required perk points. Gaaahhhh!

Thank you for reading! Sorry this was such a failed update! Also, sorry for all the numbers!

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