Mori 3.35: “Stressed” Spelled Backwards

Week 20/Monday

W: Hey, Paolo! Everyone else has gone to bed! Why are you still awake?
Paolo: Because of the store, I couldn’t concentrate on finishing Social Butterfly lately.
So I’m going to drink a moodlet solver and chat with peeps online. I still need one child friend and two adult friends.
W: Why don’t you just wait until tomorrow?
Paolo: You’re right. I’ll just finish befriending my classmate Eddie then call it a day. I hope this week will be more fun!
W: So sorry, Paolo! The shop ended up being not so much fun for any of us!

Banana: Why is Dad playing chess in the now-empty Sauna Room? And isn’t that Breanna Summer?
Marci: Yeah, she’s that evil, jealous, self-assured sim that randomly yells at Dad when she runs into him in town.
Donato: Oh yeah, I remember she got out of hand once, and he froze her with his simray, RayCharles. Then he left her there, frozen, behind the Oasis Spring gym. Too funny!

Banana: Okay, so Dad lures Breanna into that room with the chess set. Now what?
Donato: Watchette decided to spare Mom, so Dad chose Breanna as her replacement.
Banana: We have to be very careful! I hear Grandma Nami blew the starvation thing once already!
Donato: No leaving the lot and, especially, no planning outfits!

Banana: Hey cuz, look over here! We have a new ice cream maker!
Paolo: Cool! We’re having ice cream for breakfast?

Nao: What flavor is this?
Banana: It’s pistachio gelato topped with whipped cream and garnished with banana slices.
Donato: I can’t believe we’re having this for breakfast, though.
Banana: Well, “Stressed” spelled backwards is Desserts, you know! I feel better about that dumb shop already!
It’s like I failed my first mission as heir! No, no, no! I refused to dwell on it!

Marci: Why are you and Carlos standing in front of Sauna Room, dearest?
Nao: Check it out! I lured that meanie Breanna in there early this morning.
Weird thing is, she entered the room as a brunette but now she’s a grey-haired elder!
Marci: Not so weird, Nao. I remember being jealous that you befriended her for your Social Butterfly aspiration!
Carlos: Do you think fate decided to destroy our shop so Breanna would come here in time?

Paolo: I just need two adult friends, so I decide to check out Santiago Leyvas.
The fam’s been discussing whether he’d be a good hazubando for Banana. I want to see for myself.
Obviously he doesn’t work out, but Dad and Uncle Carlos could fix that!

Paolo: Besides the slightly flabby abs, Santiago is an all right dude! I approve! And thanks for being my friend!

Paolo: For my final friend, I kill two birds with one stone and ask Great-Great-Uncle Nio to mentor me in logic.
We become friends and I level my Logic skill at the same time. Great-Great-Uncle Nio’s the best!
Um, do you mind if I just call you “Uncle Nio”?

W: When do you become a young adult, Banana? You’re not leading such a thrilling teen life, you know!
Banana: Hey, it’s not my fault if there aren’t any attractive teens around.
And except for Santiago, all the young adults in the simverse are my siblings! *sighs
Anyway, my birthday’s on Saturday, Watchette! I thought you were going to introduce me to someone!
W: I was! But now’s not the time. Breanna’s an elder now, so our window of opportunity is smaller.
Banana: Whatever. Thanks for the ice cream maker!

Marci: Watchette? I just want to thank you for sparing me the indignity of starving to death in front of my family.
I realize I haven’t been the most focused sim, but I’ve never intended to be a contrarian.
Breanna really looks a mess in there, but she was the meanest kid in both grade school and high school!
I almost feel sorry for her, almost.  Then again, better Breanna than me!
W: Marci, aren’t you bored with the Day of the Dead outfits yet?

Nio: And over there, you can see the stars of Vega the Weaving Princess and Altair the Shepherd Boy.
Separated by the Milky Way, the two lovers are only allowed to meet once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh month.
Paolo: Ewww, that’s too soppy, Uncle Nio. Don’t you know any spy stories from when you were The Oracle?
Nio: Whatever happened to: “Thank you for helping me finish Social Butterfly, Uncle Nio.”  Hmmm?


Donato: What movie are you watching, Carlos?
Carlos: Dunno. There’s a dude in a bunny suit with a chainsaw, chasing everyone around.
Donato: I’ll pass, thanks.

Nao: Let’s go try out our new water slides, boys! Keep your eyes on me!
Carlos: Yawn, I saw a photo of Morris Spiffendale doing that trick a few days ago! Here I go!

Donato: Oh please, Carlos, I saw a photo of Mallory Spiffendale doing that same trick already!

Donato: Darn it, there aren’t any slide tricks left! Well, that excitement was short-lived. What’s next?
Nothing like mixing beats outside under the full moon!

Banana: Let me get this straight, Dad. Watchette found a gorgeous guy on the Gallery for me?
But she can’t show me a picture because of Breanna?
Nao: Yes, that’s right. Breanna arrived here Sunday around midnight, so we still have a while to wait.
Banana: Isn’t there anything I can do to expedite her starvation?
I’m dying to know if I’m going to be with gloomy-but-nice Santiago or Mr. McHotness.
Nao: How did you know that Gallery fella’s of Scottish descent?

Banana: Hey, isn’t that Athena MacDaniels, the evil, perfectionist slob? Wasn’t she a classmate of Carlos and Donato? I didn’t realize she got married.
Nao (coughs): She didn’t. Um, Donato’s been helping me with my Big Happy Family aspiration.
All I need to complete it is to “Have 4 grandchildren.” Paolo’s the first, of course.
Banana: Why don’t you just wait until I have children?
Nao: That’s over a week away still! I want to get the Patriarch trait to help you learn skills faster.

Banana: So how many grandchildren so far?
Nao (sheepishly): Athena’s baby will be the fourth. She’s expecting to deliver later tonight, in fact.

Mori 3.36: Banana and the Prune

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