Mori 3.36: Banana and the Prune

Week 20/Wednesday

Donato: I’ve started working on Freelance Botanist, so I set up two planters away from our main garden downstairs.
But what does our gardener do? He completely ignores our much larger main garden and horns in on my two planters.
Go downstairs, dude! Sheesh! You’re totally spoiling my birthday day!

Donato: What did you want to talk about, Watchette?
W: Well, since you’re the Gen4 cadet, I’m wondering if you’d like to drink a Potion of Youth and stick around to help the legacy.
Donato: Because Paolo lost his mother, I’d really love to be here for him. Thanks!

Carlos: I hear from Donato that he won’t be ageing up to adult today, lucky guy!
But now that the kids are home from school, I’m celebrating my birthday in the never-before-used party room downstairs.
And I’m now officially an adult!

Carlos: It’s just a small dinner party. The only guests are Grandma Nami and possibly my future brother-in-law, Santiago.
Marci: This room is really spacious! For dinner parties, though, it really needs a kitchenette.

Banana: I really love this bar and the party room. I wonder why it’s usually kept locked up.
Nao: Probably because, whenever there’s a bar, we adults do nothing but mix drinks and drink.
Donato: I’d never been inside this room before and it’s right next door to my bedroom!

Banana: I decide it’s not a bad idea to get to know Santiago. He does have three unique traits.
For some reason, Carlos and Donato stick to me like glue.
Hello? Do I look like I need a chaperone? Is it because I’m a teen and Santiago’s a young adult?

Santiago: Well, hello, young lady! Are you a banana because I find you a-peeling!
Carlos: Uh oh, I don’t think that will go over very well with little sis.

Santiago: Here’s another one! Why did Banana go out with the prune?
Banana: Erm, I don’t know. You tell me!
Santiago: Because she couldn’t get a date.
Banana: *groans internally
Donato: Don’t overt-react, Banana. He probably just googled banana jokes on the internet to impress you.
Banana: Quotes from Banana Yoshimoto would impress me. But banana jokes, ugh.
Donato: Give him a break, Banana. For a gloomy sim, he’s really trying to be upbeat for you.

Banana: I can’t wait to learn about my other romantic options. What’s going on with Breanna, anyway?
Carlos: Breanna’s looking mighty grungy and unhappy.
Tonight around midnight, she’ll have been in that room for about 72 hours.

Donato: The Big Happy Family aspiration is no joke!
Thanks to Dad’s Patriarch trait, I go from Mixology Level 0 to Level 5 in one sim-hour.
Of course, I need to be near Dad to be affected by his Patriarch trait.

Banana: While I’m struggling with my homework, Santiago comes over to help with.
He may have awful taste in jokes, but he is quite the gentleman and very thoughtful, too.

Paolo: Watchette, did you hear the terrible news about Uncle Nio?
When Grandpa went to invite him to the party today, we found out he passed away!
Uncle Nio spent hours with me yesterday, mentoring me, stargazing, and just chatting.
I had no idea that he wasn’t feeling well! I should have let him go home! *sniffle, sniffle
W: Paolo, your Uncle Nio lived a long and adventurous life.
I’m sure he loved spending his last evening with you!

W: Hey, wanna see a photo of him from his younger days?
Here he is as a teen, being mentored by his father, the legacy founder Kaoru.
Nio was such a sweetheart but also a mischief-maker. As The Oracle, he struck terror in the hearts of the unjust and greedy.

Paolo: Whoa, what an awesome sim! He’s like a super-hero! May his spirit rest in peace!

Banana: Yes, Mom? Thanks for interrupting us and making us stop stargazing.
No, Mom, I don’t need a massage now. I’m spending time with my friend, Santiago.

Santiago: Is your mother always so clueless?
Banana: Yeah, pretty much. She’s constantly offering or asking for massages at the wrong moment.
I wish she had a hobby. Maybe I could introduce her to Stardew Valley?
Santiago: Hey look at that falling star! Quick, make a wish!

Nao: I thought we were leveling your Mixology skill. Where’d you go?
Donato: Mom interrupted my mixing practice by offering me a massage, but Watchette saw us and made Mom stop.
What’s with Mom and those massages anyway? She does that during parties, too, even when I’m hosting!
Then, unless Watchette stops her, I’m helpless to refuse.
Nao: Same here. I really hate when that happens.
W (sighs): Believe me, so do I!

Marci: Now that Santiago’s gone home, do you have a moment, Banana? I want to show you something.
Banana: Sure, Mom. What is it?
Marci: Have you ever taken a good look at this painting by Anita Mori, the founder’s wife?
It’s a painting of my grandmother, Doreen Primley, with a cowplant.
Banana: Why a cowplant?
Marci: The founder’s wife and your great-grandma Doreen gathered 90% of the cowplant essences that this household uses today.
Banana: Cool.
Marci: Before I move out, I wanted to show you that both your bloodlines trace back to the very first generation of this legacy.
Banana: Haha, you talk as if it’s ancient history, Mom. I’m only Gen4!


Nao: Right around 1 a.m., Donato maxes Mixology so I go peek into the Sauna Room and see Breanna fall to the floor.
After I rush back to tell the others, Watchette locks us out of the hallway. Oh well.

Grim: Hmmm, hmmm. Well, Breanna was one very disliked sim! I can’t imagine anyone missing her!
But Nio, now that’s a different story! Because of his sister, Nami, I saw quite a bit of Nio.
He was quite the beloved sim. And I must not forget to give Nio’s last message to little Paolo!
I really regretted having to reap Nio Mori. He was such a class act!
But Breanna? Reaping the likes of Breanna Sumner is like—how can I describe it?
It’s just business as usual.

Banana: Watchette? I’ve stayed up all this time to see a photo of your chosen one from the Gallery.
So, where is it? Show me, show me, show me!
W: You know what, Banana? I’ve decided to surprise you instead. You need to meet him and talk with him, not just look at a photo!
What’s nice, though, is that he’s the same age as you! Oh, and I’ll just tell you one more thing: his name is Yuki.

Banana (pouts): That’s not a very Scottish given name!


Sorry about teasing Banana and everyone about the Gallery sim’s portrait shot.
One reason I don’t want to share an image yet is because I’m not convinced that Santiago is entirely unsuitable.
On the other hand, Yuki is adorable. Lol.
Well, Banana ages up in just 2-3 more days, so the suspense will soon be over!

Mori 4.37: Breathless in Windenberg

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