Mori 3:30: A Napkin Memento

When we last visited the Mori household, Naoki Mori—the third-generation heir—and his secondary spouse Marci Primley had just completed the “have/adopt ten children” milestone.
This past Friday, they moved out Fabio who was the fifth and final adopted child.
The very next day, Marci gave birth to their fifth naturally-born child (named Chiyo) on Saturday.

Amidst the ten-children madness, the twins Carlos and Donato were the third and fourth children, respectively. They’re now young adults in the Athlete career.
All girls, the last three children were naturally born—Aoi, Banana, and Chiyo.
So, here we go again!

Week 17/Saturday

Carlos: I got a promotion at work and branched to the Pro Athlete career today.
Everyone’s at home and I’m working on my daily task when Grandma Nami phones.
Apparently, there’s a rad party going down at the night club so I grab Donato to join her.
Donato: Uh…where the heck’s the party?

Nami: That’s what I’d like to know!!! Let’s dance a bit and wait for the party to get started.
Carlos: Hey, Grandma Nami, I just noticed that your hair’s turned grey. So, you’re an elder now?
Nami: Yup. Not to change the subject, dear Carlos, but check out the bar.
Saturday night should be Singles’ Night, but it sure looks like Ghosts’ Night to me!

Donato: We visit the South Square Café but that place is empty, too.
I phone Dad, Uncle Brennan (Great-Grandpa Kaoru’s son with Elsa Bjergsen), and Grandpa Zach.
We all hit Narwahl Arms, which is also dead. Hey! Nice to see you, Uncle Brennan, Grandpa Zach!
Can you believe it? We’re the only action left in town! Let’s do a group dance then go home, people. *sighs

Week 18/Sunday

Donato: I leave for work on Sunday morning at the unholy hour of 7 a.m.!
Though I gained the Lazy trait as a young adult, I maxed fitness as a teen and now just have to mentor others, so my laziness isn’t an issue.
W: What’s that heavy belt for, Donato? I’ve always wondered why guys who lift weights wear those.
D: Dunno. I actually googled the keywords “weight lifting belt.” Seems they have their pros and cons.
W: Wut? You’ve never used a weight lifting belt before?
D: Nah, it’s just part of my work outfit. However, all the ladies be ‘miring me cuz the belt accentuates my V-taper.
W: Shame on you, Donato! Were you reading over my shoulder while I checked out that website on gym slang?
D: *smirks

Donato: My daily task of mentoring fitness is a bit difficult now.
Currently, I can’t leave home and mentor fitness at the gym because Carlos would lose his mood boosts at work.
So, I add Fabio and Arlo to the legacy club, lure them to the home gym, then suggest that they work out.
It’s such a time-consuming process!
Tonight we remove them both from the club. Aoi becomes a teen tomorrow so I’ll mentor her instead.


Aoi: I get the “celebrate birthday” message soon after Banana leaves for school.
W: Sorry, kiddo, but you and your nine siblings have completely worn out the novelty of birthdays.
Aoi: Hmmph, you could have at least summoned the family members who were at home!

Marci: Adding to her Creative trait, Aoi gains the Clumsy trait and the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.
Aoi: Mom, I really need a makeover! I have the Outdoor Retreat camper outfit with J Huntington the Third’s hair!!!!
W: Sorry, Aoi! No can do until Donato comes home from work!

Aoi: It’s your fault we got scolded by Watchette, Mom!
Marci: Yeah, I thought she’d leave after telling me to help you with your homework. That’s why I offered you a deep tissue massage.
Aoi: But she noticed us leaving the room together and checked your queue.
You ruined my first high school homework session and now Watchette likes me even less!
Marci: Pfffft.
W: Some Watchers find something to love in every watched sim. Not me. I find some sims VERY hard to like.

By the way, is it just me or does Aoi look like a woodpecker to anyone else?

Nao: It’s been over 24 hours since we removed Arlo and Fabio from the legacy club.
Last night, when we ended the club gathering then restarted it, Fabio went home right away but Arlo stayed.
He smells, he snoozes at the chess table, he doesn’t offer an “Ask to leave” social.
Donato: I need to go to the gym for mentoring. Let’s take him along then leave him at the gym…
Great minds…

Nao: Donato invites along a former high school friend to the gym. The teen Athena McDaniel is a slob perfectionist.
She’s very attractive, but is my son really that desperate to get married and have children? A slob, really?
W: Well, Banana won’t be a teen for 6 more days—that’s 19 more days until she’s a young adult.
What are we going to do for fun until then?


Marci: After Banana and Aoi leave for school, Carlos and I compete to change Chiyo’s diaper when she suddenly ages up.
She is an Outgoing Whiz Kid. As you may remember, Chiyo later gains the Mean and Hates Children traits.
Carlos: I overheard Watchette muttering that Chiyo would be moved out as soon as possible.

Nao: When I check my relationship panel, I notice an attractive young adult who I don’t recall ever meeting.
Thinking she might be a nice match for Donato, I invite her over and am surprised that I also need to introduce myself.
Donato: Mystery solved! She’s the hostess at the Urban Garden restaurant we visited last month.
She’s a Perfectionist Goofball who’s lazy, like me! What do you think, Watchette?
What’s with all the redheads lately? She’s pretty, has acceptable traits, and she wouldn’t need a job.
See how it goes, Donato. Find out if you two might be compatible. But if she moves in, I’m changing her hair color!

W: Donato, you dawg! Did you ask to see her swimwear?
Donato: Um, yeah. She’s quite adorable, even in the swim trunks. I say we have a winner! I’m waiting now to ask her to move in.
W: Waiting, why?
Donato: Duh, if I ask her to move in during Carlos’ work shift, he might be forced to leave work early.
He’s really close to his Level 7 promotion—he would absolutely kill me!

W: Well, the good news is that Carlos finishes work in just five more min….what!?
Donato: I think Stevie and I are highly compatible! Like, a 10/10 on the sizzle rating.  *steam rises
W: Awww, too bad! With her unique traits, Stevie would have made the perfect Primary Spouse if you’d been voted heir!

Donato: Aoi needs to view paintings at the art museum for her aspiration, so Stevie and I tag along.
Stevie: Wow, I’d never imagined myself with lavender hair before, but I like it!

Nao: Working on your daily task, Carlos?
Carlos: Yeah, I’m studying opponents.
N: Have you seen Aoi since she came back from the art museum? I can’t seem to find her.
C: Watchette moved out Aoi and Chiyo to live in Willow Creek with their sister Blysse and auntie Hana Mori.
N: I see. There really isn’t space for those two, though, with Stevie joining us. But you know, that’s the only household left in Willow Creek!


Stevie: Donato comes home from work with very low Fun. I guess I could just read his Book of Life.
My fun is low, too, though, so we could both appreciate some entertainment.
Donato: We actually “entertained” each other several times until we could no longer Try for Baby.

Donato: We are bringing a new life into the world together. Seems like the perfect moment to propose!
W: No, no, no! Not in your sleepwear! You’re supposed to both change first, before the proposal. Oh well.

Donato: I know this is really sudden, but I want to be sure you understand how I feel about you.
I’d been thinking that I would stay single and just support Banana—I just didn’t meet anyone who I could love.
The day I met you, though, I knew that I was born to be yours. Like being struck by lightning.

Stevie: You don’t remember me, Donato, but I seated your family when you visited the Urban Garden restaurant last month.
Since then, I haven’t been able to get you out of mind. You and Carlos were still in high school then, but I just couldn’t forget you.

Stevie: I even nicked your napkin as a keepsake that day and took it home. Okay, that sounds a little creepy. I can’t believe I just shared that with you!
Donato: Stevie, I never knew! I adore that you’ve been mooning over my napkin all this time.
Stevie: I can’t believe you’re asking me to marry you. Yes, of course, you darling man, you!


Banana: Hiya! It’s me, the future fourth-generation heir, Banana Mori!
As I swagger off to grade school in a very confident mood, I think about the upcoming household birthdays.
Dad becomes an adult tomorrow and I become a teenager on Sunday! Just three more days!
I become an auntie on the same day, because Stevie will give birth on Sunday, too!

And by the way, you’ll see more of me after my teen birthday.
All the kids I knew are teens already so I have no one to play with. I’ve just been working on skills. Boring.

Banana: I’m not trying to complete my fourth aspiration, Social Butterfly.
Instead, I maxed Social and have been leveling up Charisma.
But after school, I see Grandpa Zach across the street and want to introduce myself.
Uncle Sora became an elder yesterday, but Grandpa Zach has led an amazingly long life.
I hear that Great-Grandpa Kaoru and Grandpa Zach, who both drank potions of youth, were about the same age.

Do you think Grandpa Zach might be one of those vampire immortals?

W: So it’s mid-winter in our second year and we’ve had the green house for about a year now.
It’s filled with ancient fruit plants watered by iridium sprinklers and with kegs for making ancient fruit wine.

Nao: Uh, Watchette, isn’t that your Stardew Valley farm?
W: Oh yeah, right. I thought the seasonal reference seemed out of place…

Stevie: *shares the big news    Donato, honey, I got the Eating for Two notice around 8:30 tonight. It’s official!

Donato: And so we leave you, dear readers, with an adorable shot of my lovely fiancée Stevie and her first-trimester baby bump!

Thank you for coming back to this silly story!
Tonight, I really wanted to keep powering ahead until Banana’s teen birthday, but it’s just too many days away still.
Next time, I promise!

Mori 3.31: The Hot Banana

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