Murky 1.7: Unflirty Rex

The end of the last chapter finds ohizu visiting the Hillside Highlands Camp in northern Nukecrest, home to Francesca and Caterina as well as their romantically-inclined roomies, Don and Mario.

Week 2/Wednesday

oshizu: Caterina confessed to me earlier her feelings for Forest Tree, but…
she must have been keeping a sisterly (?) eye on Mario’s booty.

I mean, she’s the very first to discover his seat’s on fire!
Grabbing a fire extinguisher, she’s on it like wasabi on pufferfish nigiri!

Meanwhile, some of us obliviously continue noshing…

Their lot has an honest-to-goodness bathroom, not just a pee bush like my lot!
But it’s only enclosed by branches, so it’s not truly private.
Whenever anyone uses the toilet or bath, everyone else gets shocked and embarrassed.
Fun times for all!

After tending their garden (hmmph, only 4 plants!?), I find an alien crater.
How lucky for them! Some sims really have all the luck!

Their kitchen is also really nice, with the windchimes, pans, and garlic.
There doesn’t seem to be a fridge, but Francesca will do just fine.
I remember her saying once that tomatoes should never be refrigerated.

Thanks to the fire, we don’t arrive at What’s Left of the Gym until early evening.
This morning, I made some Insect Repellant which I’ve added to my usual fare of unopened capsules and Whirlyflower frogs.

Are you tired of me talking about my Whirlflower frogs yet? Lol.
We’ve since learned that brewing any herbal remedy except Deodorizing Cream is taboo. oshizu is such a rule-breaker! *hangs head in shame

Placing my table next to a pee bush is not the greatest idea. Howevah…
Looking around for a better spot leads me to a secret room!
It was a secret to me, anyway.
For now, I’ve placed some trash fruit in the planters.

Gash the Mad Mudder makes a beeline to my table, making today’s first purchase!
Except for Rex, the Turbo Pumpkins have become regular patrons, too!

Don’s just here to chat up any ladies who drop by the table. Bah!

After Don finally leaves, I now have Paolo chatting up my clients.
Buy something or go home, Paolo!

Lyndon the Infected drops by to buy a frog!
He’s an adult yet I’m surprised to hear that he’s an author at Walrus Books!
Maybe he’ll share some writing tips with me later?

Hours later, Paolo the Pest continues to hang around.
Whenever he tries to engage me, I cancel his social from my queue.
I heard about you and Kate at PufferDome, baby boy!

That’s Betsy Turbo Pumpkin’s second purchase today!
I’ll have to pay the Turbo Pumpkins a visit and cook them a meal!

My yard sales does all right, considering I didn’t start until early evening.
I clear my sales table and am about to head for “my” secret room…

Oh no, why is Aspen Heath walking out of the room?
Did everyone actually know about the room except me?

I run over there and trick everyone into leaving.
I know, I know. I only look like a nice Japanese girl.
But it’s a great front for my devious personality, amirite?

Hey, Forest Tree, how you doing?
FT: Nothing much. I see that only our club can enter this room now.
You need some help with planting or watering?

oshizu: Nah, I’m good, but please just stand there and look studly.
The plants seem to be enjoying the view!

Who needs the Infected’s stupid Poisonous Fireleaf anyway?


Yesterday, I spent almost the entire day away from home.
So my garden needs no tending at all this morning.
While I wait, I do the usual–a little digging, a little harvesting, and a little socializing.

Little Rocket Engine is my newest friend.
I want to chat but she’s on her way to school.

Thar she blows with Malcolm Landgraab and Alex Goth!

I’ve been giving murky makeovers to a random selection of premade sims.
I’d planned to delete the Goths until Mortimer bought oshizu’s Mountain Lionfish…

I run into the elderly Scar the Mad Mudder and ask him for a small loan.
When I asked Dr. Mad Mud the other day, he yelled at me.
Scar doesn’t look very happy at my request, either.

Awww, for a mean sim,  Scar turns out to be quite sweet.
I’m so touched by the $500 he lends me that I pay him back immediately.

After lending me coin, Scar actually thanks me for repaying him!
What a nice guy!

After tending the Freegans’ garden, I gaze longingly at their woodworking table.
Someday, I’d love to be able to craft some quality furniture!

But do I need a gazillion knife blocks and horse sculptures along the way?
Absolutely not! Keep walking, girl!

In the afternoon, I start a yard sale at home for the first time ever.
Rex Turbo Pumpkin is the first to arrive.
He vigorously cleans my grill then leaves, without even a glance at my wares.

Weirdo! He’s a mean, unflirty kleptomaniac! He’s a Level 8 Safe Cracker at Mobwives, too.
He could easily pay someone to clean my grill! Whatever!

Uma the Infected is my first customer, followed by Lyndon.
A Mad Mudder or two also drops by. It’s business as usual.

Wound stops in and buys the MySims trophy.
I should start trying to tell the Mad Mudders apart.
Let’s see, Scar wears the black beanie and Wound’s hat has a shamrock…

I’m about to end my second yard sales, when Rex comes back to shop.
“Thanks for cleaning my grill earlier,” I tell him with a smile.

Whoa, where did that come from?
Hello, Rex!? You’re an unflirty sim, remember?

Rex: Hey, girl, blah, blah, blah.
oshizu: Um, really? *feels awkward about his flirting

Just when I’m ready to tell Rex to leave, he has to go and make that cute face.
Seriously, what’s a girl to do?
A girl does what she gotta do! And we all know what that means!

I dash off to the Overgrown Library, hire a barista, and read a book.
Besides, I still need to find out what happened to Hayate! Remember him?

Hey Francesca, looking good in your barista apron!
For a few hours, I lose myself in a book on Handiness.
Admittedly, this isn’t one of my better ideas. I want to be gardening!

And by the way, I’ve been wondering.
What kind of building’s gonna be constructed across the street from my lot?

And so ends another two days in Murkland…

Murky 1.8: Foray to the North

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  2. I love how you have me in your story — Kate at the Puffer Dome and Paolo! lol How funny that an unflirty sim, like Rex, is getting all flirty around you! Fun chapter!

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