Rivals 2.22: Gathering Moss

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Zanna, Part III)


Massimo: Do you have to take a shot of me on the potty? A little privacy, please?

Caleb: Two hours before Serena’s work shift, I reach Level 7 Handiness.
Massimo and I are off to Granite Falls before Serena leaves for work!

After phoning to reserve the campground, Serena and Penny insist on coming with me, though I didn’t invite them
On the fourth attempt to leave without them, I give up. They can be sent home once we arrive there.

But when I try to send those two home, they just turn invisible and won’t leave.
I’ve wasted too much time with all the phone calls and trying to look for Serena and Penny.
Time to get down to business, while Massimo enjoys wandering around.

Caleb: I’m impressed, Penny! You maxed both cooking skills by 3 p.m.!
Penny: Yep, I even managed to pull out of my Confident mode, too!
And now it’s time for me to get back to painting! I want my Paolo to live in a larger house, know what I’m saying?
I’m taking back what I said about Penny! She finished off those two skills like a boss!

Caleb: Sis, I don’t understand why it takes you so long to max out your Logic.
You’ve been sitting there for six hours now and your Logic only crawled up 45 points, even after an amygdelight!

Lilith: Hmmph! Well, I can’t buy all those fancy reward traits like Penny! Also, I deserve to be in more screenshots, you know?
Caleb: Just a sec, I’ll see what I can do…

Lilith: You know this isn’t what I meant!
Caleb: Oh c’mon, sis. Be a sport! It’s for the good of our dynasty!
Lilith: Then why didn’t you feed yourself to the cowplant instead?
Caleb:You need for me to spell it out? I make $4,500 every 2 hours with my mascots. Meanwhile, you’ve been sitting at the chess table earning…nada.

Serena: Caleb had phoned me at work this afternoon to say my orchid plant is ready for grafting.
As soon as I get home, I straight head for the pomegranate tree to take a cutting.

I wonder how long I’ll need to wait for a death flower? I must remember to stay on the lot so my spliced orchid plant can flower sooner!

Caleb: Thanks for reading to the kids, Lilith.
When you sit next to Lia, she looks like she mostly takes after Vatore side of the family!

Serena: Hey, thanks for helping me invent this wormhole generator!
And just think, when I’m at the top of my career, we can upgrade it and the whole family can visit Sixam together!

Daichi: By 11:30 pm, Massimo has maxed his Potty, Thinking, and Communication skills.
Serena: Yeah, he’s officially allowed to age up early now, but we’re going for Top-Notch Toddler.


Serena: I’m super impatient about trying out FrancescaFiori’s advice about throwing a dance party.
I choose The Slate in Forgotten Hollow as our venue and there’s Jung!

Even Wyatt Patrick (the redhead in the aloha shirt), who’d never come over when invited, shows up for the dance party.

Surprisingly, Jung leaves while I’m checking on the rest of the household.
So, I throw another dance party, this time at Narwhal Arms in Windenburg.

Serena:  Hey, how’s my favorite offspring doing? It’s so great to see you! Wanna join our two clubs?
Jung: Are you kidding? I’d love to! *squees
Serena: And you know what? If you’d give me an Ask to Move in option, I’d even let you spank me again!

Wyatt: Dude, have you even heard anything I’ve said to you?
Caleb (mutters): Why does Jung get to spank her? She never lets me spank her!
Wyatt: Hello!? Earth to Caleb?

Lilith: First, I have to play chess in the plaza at Forgotten Hollow while everyone’s getting their drink on at The Slate.
Now, I’m over here at a park  while everyone else is off partying at Narwhal Arms.

You can do this, Lilith! Your Logic level is currently 9.90!!! Just a little more!
Lilith: Then what? Gardening, Rocket Science, and mentoring Massimo?
*tiptoes away quietly…

Jung: Wow, I never expected to become BFFs with you, Serena!
Caleb (mutters): Get over yourself, dude, it’s just temporary! Then I’m resuming my BFF status with Serena. Grrrr.

Serena: It took longer than I’d expected to max our friendship, Jung, but we all  really want you to move in!
Caleb (mutters): Yeah, especially the future, unborn Gen3 heir!

Jung: I’d be honored to become a member of the Zanna household!
Serena: Just you wait, Jung! Once we have a death flower to harvest, you’ll be as good as new!

Lia: Everyone’s excited about Massimo ageing up and Jung joining our household.
But what about me? I could really use some attention over here!!!

Caleb: I must confess: it’s nice having Jung around. And he takes care of the garden, too!

Daichi also gardens, but he keeps what he harvests for himself.
I’m pretty sure he nicked Serena’s first orchid, which is why she waited so long for an orchid to plant!

Caleb: Oh, how the mighty have fallen!  Look at Daichi slacking off in the corner of the basement with Nanny Scruggs!

In Week 1, he was a fab Neat sim who cleaned autonomously. In Week 2, he’s just a run-of-the-mill Neat sim who only complains about filth.

The game seems to be as confused about Daichi’s status as Daichi himself. Notice that the Zannas have two nannies at the same time?

Massimo: I’m so close to being a Top-Notch Toddler now! Only Imagination and Movement left!
When I look to see who I can ask to read me a story, that green guy pops up.
Wow, where is he? Oh, there he is! He’s at the opposite corner of our neighborhood!

Mister, would you read me this book, please?

I was really surprised that Massimo ran all the way to where Moss is standing, scurrying along on his little legs across the length of the neighborhood!

Toddlers usually experience Stranger Danger around non-household sims who aren’t nannies. But when Massimo and Moss first met, Massimo allowed Moss to pick him up.
It’s almost as if they know each other from a previous lifetime. Oh wait, they do!

Caleb: Massimo runs home from wherever he’d been, briefly looks at a book, and becomes a Top-Notch Toddler just before 10 pm.
I have to move the cake to several different surfaces before I can help him age up, but success at last!

Serena: Of course, with my superior looks, our Massimo ages up into a gorgeous little boy.
Ladies, he won’t be a child for long. My advice is to go ahead and change your door locks now.

Massimo: I’m a Rambunctious Scamp, so Papa takes us all to Desert Bloom Park where I can play on the space gym.


Massimo: It’s past midnight but we’re staying a little longer for Uncle Jung who’s sparring.
To pass the time, I play some chess while Auntie Lilith mentors me.

Lilith: Well, that’s extremely suspicious! Do you notice that Jung doesn’t spank just anybody?
Jung: Excuse me? I am, of course, a very discriminating spanker!

And Jung’s quip marks the end of the spanking jokes…
As for reviving Jung, we’re waiting for the spliced orchid/pomegranate plant to flower.

Current Status of the Zanna Household

Founder: Serena Zanna
*Completed requirements:
Vampire Family aspiration: done

*Incomplete requirements:
Portraits (2): not yet
Garden: Need death flower (have the other 5 plants already)
Career: Scientist (Level 8 )

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
Toddler skills:  Maxed all 5 skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Child aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp (Tier II)

Rival 2.23: Them There Eyes

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