Rival 2.23: Them There Eyes

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 2 (Zanna, Part IV) 



Caleb: After Serena leaves for work, we’re back at our favorite park!
I’m collecting then I’ll work on the rocket ship.
Lilith: I, of course have the most delectable task as always.
Caleb: Hey, sis, you need to repair/upgrade 5 objects to complete Nerd Brain. You just need two more!

Caleb: We park Jung in the room to study Vampire Lore, since he has no sunlight resistance.
And Lia walks from one household member to another, watching.

Massimo: Why are you reading out here, Uncle Jung? You’re burning up?
Jung: I’m already a ghost, so I can’t die again, can I?
Who knows, but let’s just chain him to the bar to practice mixing drinks. He looks happier now!

Massimo: Yours truly on the monkey bars, skilling Motor like a boss!

Massimo: When I play chess for a while with Auntie Lilith mentoring, I’m joined by a sim I’d never met before.
Also, I don’t know why I’m bothering to switch to Whiz Kid! It’s not like I can buy reward traits, anyway!

Massimo: You know, I almost forgot to mention who showed up to play chess with me Wednesday night!
He sure shows up a lot!

Penny: Today, Serena and I both bring home promotions and I receive a Deluxe All-Seasons Easel.
After replacing my old easels, I launch a final (I hope) series of Serena’s portraits for the museum.
You know, I wonder if I’d do better if I had a different painting space…

Paola: Since Massimo is working on Rambunctious Scamp, I take over the League of Adventurers, which gives a Motor boost.
I hear Auntie Serena’s choice for his wife is Morgan Fyres, but I’m not giving up! Fighting!

Daichi: So, let me get this straight…when the other nannies follow Caleb around to chat, like you two are doing to me, they get fired on the grounds of harassment.
But when you two do it to me, it’s called…?
Serena: Personnel management, dahling!
I’m trying to keep Serena from maxing any skills, so she gravitates toward Daichi and Jung, since Caleb’s busy with mascots or rocket ship upgrades.

Serena: I was so excited about finishing Vampire Family then realized that one more Vampire Rank remains.
Back to dueling…and looking good in my dark form!

Luckily, we can duel indoors since I still don’ have full sunlight resistance like Caleb and Lilith!
If you’re gonna rubberneck, Daichi, couldn’t you at least wave a Team Serena banner?


Massimo: I just finished Rambunctious Scamp at, get this, 7:58 am!
So this will be my first and last day of grade school.

Lia (to no one in particular): I’m scared!
Jung: Awwww, let me comfort you, little Lia!

How funny that Lia allows the ghost who scared her to also comfort her.
If you’re wondering why she shows an Asleep moodlet, it’s because I clipped that image later when I realized what had happened.

Jung: With fear and trepidation, I ask the Wishing Well for life, but only get a Potion of Youth.
Oh please, we’re all rolling in unused satisfaction points!

Massimo: I come home from grade school with a B grade.
Everyone’s busy, so I just age up by myself. I don’t wanna wait for Mama to come home from work, either!

Massimo: Jung and I drink Sunlight Reversal Cocktails so we can head out to the Spice Festival.
And no, of course, I’m not showing you my face yet! No makeover for me until Mama’s off work!

Massimo: No UFO plant, so we immediately leave for the Skye Fitness Gym. Did I tell you that I have the Bodybuilder aspiration?

When I’m playing basketball, I think this weirdo will join me but he only stares at my behind. What’s his problem, anyway?

Serena: My Vampire Rank bar is moving at a crawl! Penny! Paola! Don’t you two have anything better to do?

Massimo: I’m honestly worried to see that guy approach me with “dat look” in his eye.
He (his name’s Paolo) turns out to be the gym trainer, so I ask him to mentor me.
I might have also joined his PowerHouse club for the fitness boost.
Oh, and he’s my newest good friend, too!


Jung: After Massimo leaves for work, I ask the Wishing Well for life once more.
This time, I receive a Deathflower. Now this I can use!

Initially, since Penny can already prepare Ambrosia, I planned revive Jung as soon as night arrived.
But I’m afraid he’ll kill himself while I’m with the other households, so I’m waiting for Week 3 to revive him.

Caleb: Massimo has huge eyes, which seem even larger than his mother’s.
His nose, lips, and jawline seem to resemble mine. To be honest, I was hoping he’d look more like me…

Caleb: Now that Massimo’s a teen, here’s some portraits comparing my two sons. Well, what do you think?
The upper shot is Massimo Zanna, the lower shot is Massimo Sciarri.


Week 2 Status of the Zanna Household

Founder: Serena Zanna
*Completed requirements:
Vampire Family aspiration
Portraits (2): yes ($8,327 and $6,219)

*Incomplete requirements:
Garden: Missing death flower
Career: Scientist (Level 9)
Two tier-5 vampire powers

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
*Completed move-out requirements
Toddler skills:  Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Childhood aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
Teen career: Manual Labor (Level 3)
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Daichi Yoshida, Paolo Rocca, Imane Al Fassi

*Incomplete move-out requirements
Portraits (2): *sighs
Aspiration: Bodybuilder (Tier IV)
Skills (2): Fitness (Level 10) and ?? (Level 0)
Enemies: (Daniela Dinero and Yukio Soma)
Collection (7):

Week 2 Status of All Bloodlines

Everyone seems to be more or less neck-to-neck at this point.


Author’s Notes

Chapter Title: The chapter title is the name of a song sung by Billie Holiday (not Billy). If you haven’t heard it before, you can listen to it here.
(Lyrics from the song: They sparkle, they bubble, they’re gonna get you in a whole lotta trouble!)

Break: I’m taking a little break from this story to start a sparkly, new challenge.
It’s called Post-Apocalyptic Murkland: The Starter Challenge, created by #Brennachan. You can read my story Makin’ It in Murkland.

Coming next: The Rival Cowfolks enter Week 3 of their challenge

Rivals 3.24: Portraits Are a Pain!

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