Rivals 3.25: Moss Gathers Momentum

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 3 (Dinero, Part II)

Week 3/Wednesday

Krishna: Really, not much ever happens at our house, you know?
I mean, we don’t run a fancy restaurant like the Somas.
And don’t have all those cool teeth or supernatural powers like the Zannas.

These days, I’ve been worrying about what will become of me.
I’ve done all the aspirations except Social Butterfly and have Level 8 Logic.
But my birthday isn’t for another nine days!  Nine whole days!

Krishna: Today is almost over! We’ve spent the day as we usually do.
After work this evening, Papa maxes Rocket Science. He’s started installing a wormhole generator on the rocket ship.
Moss says he’s going to be the first Dinero in outer space. Why can’t my papa be first?

Arun: I’m dying to invent a wormhole generator, but I lack the materials. Watchette, would you please follow me to work tomorrow?
Sure! And you are certainly one fantastic helper, Mr. Versatility!
Both Candy Behr and Lilith Vatore could learn a lot from you and your positive ‘tude!

Krishna: As you already know, Uncle Salim is helping Moss with his writing.

Moss: How long does it take to write one novel, anyway? I’m already L6 Writing but haven’t finished a single book!

Salim: Patience, son, patience! *tries to offer an insightful axiom, but can’t think of any

Krishna: Papa, why is Auntie Daniela learning Wellness now?
Arun: Well, certain skills have to be saved for her descendants to claim as unique.

Krishna: So, that means none of the Dinero heirs will be claiming Wellness?
Arun: Yes, that’s right. And Wellness is a very useful skill, too!

Wellness also nails Daniela to the yoga mat, which saves time for her watcher.

Krishna: But why is Nanny Daichi mentoring Mama in guitar? Isn’t Mama a mixologist?
Arun: Well, your mother will be a Level 9 Mixologist very soon.
Watchette is hoping that she’ll learn the Snagglefluster recipe.
That’s why she doesn’t want Mama to earn any Charisma points.

Krishna: So learning guitar is like killing two birds with one stone?
Arun: Exactly, it keeps Mama in one place and prevents her from socializing with Daichi.
Krishna: Devious!


Moss: Why am I learning Violin from you all of a sudden? What about Writing?
Daichi: Salim says you’re already Level 9 Writing, so I thought you might want to get a head start on your 2nd skill.
Plus you’ll earn more satisfaction points!

Moss: Wow, you’re right! I have enough to buy my 4th reward trait now.
*buys the Frugal trait

You’ve done such a great job, Jessminder!
You paint, you cook, you mix drinks, and now you’re a Level 5 Gardener!

Jessminder: Well, thanks, Watchette! I try my best, you know.

When Moss moves, he and I had planned to invite the Jangs to move in.
But he recently asked me if he could invite your family instead.

Jessminder: Isn’t that just more dynasty slaving? Be honest, what’s in it for me?

What if I told you that you’d be able to hold your grandchild in your arms?
There wouldn’t be enough room in the house to move in your daughter-in-law.
Still, Krishna could have a child with a nice young lady from a good family. What do you think?

Jessminder: Sign us up! When are we moving?

Arun: How lucky is this? Today’s Collection Day at the Lab!
All I’m missing to invent a Wormhole Generator is two uncommon crystals!

Bradly: Hey, Arun! Where have you been today?
Arun: Outside, digging for materials for the past five hours.

Hey, Arun! Now that you’ve got what you need, I’m going back to the house to see how Moss is doing.
Arun: Cool. See you in four more hours! *waves

Arun: Oh, you’re back? Why did you return to the Lab?
While I was at the Dinero house, your work icon turned red and I was afraid you’d lose your promotion.
So I checked on everyone really quickly then came right back.

Don: Hello, gorgeous! What are you up to?

Bradly: I was just thinking about you, me, and this reception desk! *gives Don his best come-hither look

Bradly: Shouldn’t you be working since this is our, you know, workplace?
Don: Well, I want to ask you about something that happened yesterday.
Bradly: So?

Don: While jogging at Desert Bloom Park, I saw Braddon alone there.
He was with a strange green lady who was showing him flashcards.
Bradly: So that’s why you skipped work yesterday? To go jogging?

Don: That’s beside the point! Why aren’t you worried about Braddon alone at the park?
I thought he’d been kidnapped, so I immediately picked him up and took him home!

Bradly: Calm down, Don. That’s the Dinero founder, Daniela.
She offered to take Braddon to the park while I was at work, and Yukio okayed it.

Don: Oh…Okay, well, back to work I go, sweetheart! Mwah!
Bradly: Why don’t you ever come by to visit Braddon? Are you waiting for an invite?
Don: Um, yes…

Moss: As soon as Arun gets home, I head for the Arts Quarter. I also invite along Cassandra Goth and Paola Pizzazz.

I’m not sure when it happened, but Cassandra and I are already friends.

Krishna: I’m so happy to have someone my age to chat with.

Paola: So my mama, Penny Pizzazz, tells me you and I should become good friends.
Krishna: Really? Cuz my parents say the same thing to me!

Daniela: Meanwhile, I spy a familiar sim on the second floor–it’s the sim with a thousand outfits!
Daichi: Hey, Daniela!
Daniela: Nice pink pumps! WCIF them?

Moss: Since you and I are friends, Cass, I was hoping we could take our relationship to the next level.
Cassandra: Oh Moss, I never knew you felt that way about me!

Moss: Honestly? I don’t! But I’d really appreciate your becoming my good friend. Whaddya say?
Cassandra: Hmmmph! You dynasty people are all alike! But…okay!

Moss: Thanks so much, Cass. You’re the best. Well, not the best but def one of my fave peeps!

Moss: Now I can finally focus on what I came to the Casbah Gallery to do!


Moss: By the time I max Violin and get home, I can see the moon setting from my window.
I’m using my last vacation day but I’m this close to being able to move out!

No doubt in my mind whatsoever that I’ll be living in my own place later today!

Current Status of the Dinero Household

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed founder requirements: Everything’s done

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
Skills: Violin (Level 10) and Writing (Level 9)
Enemies: Yukio Soma and (one more enemy)

Rivals 3.26: Moss Moves Out

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