Rivals 3.26: Moss Moves Out

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 3 (Dinero, Part III) 


Arun: Early this morning, I try my luck at the wishing well.
I’m floored to be granted a full promotion to Level 10 Scientist!
After phoning to take a vacation day, I begin planning what to invent first!

Moss: I stop writing at the thought that I still need an enemy!
It’s 6 am so I still have time to catch the Zanna founder before she leaves for work!
She’s pretty intimidating, though. I’m not sure I’m feeling up to this!

Moss: No time to feel demoralized! I pull myself together and start with a rude introduction.

Serena: Oh no, you di’int!
Moss: Oh yes, I did!

Moss: And, please, enjoy this this drink to match your red skirt! Bwahahaha! (Hehe, I thought I would feel bad but this is actually pretty fun!)

Moss: You and your lame insults! I’d like to fight you but I never get the option.
Serena: Oh don’t you know, little boy? Stupid sims with dirty hands don’t get the Fight option!
Moss: *checks his hands

Serena: You totally fell for it! What a little fool! My Massimo will clean the floor with your sorry green hair!
Moss: Well, I’ll just have to keep dissing you til we hate each other!

Before leaving, I look around the house for the toddler I read to last week.

Massimo: Is it really you, Moss? It’s me, Massimo! I’m a teen now, too!
Moss: Nice to see you again, Massimo! I’m glad to see you’re looking so gorgeous, I mean, well! *coughs

Massimo: Did you say or do something to make Mama angry, Moss?
Moss: Maybe. Why do you ask?
Massimo: No time to explain! You must travel out of here immediately! She looks about to mesmerize you for a sip or ten.

Moss: Thanks to Massimo’s timely tip, I escape Serena’s blood-thirsty clutches!
I have so much to today and can’t be feeling sleepy and drained!

Meanwhile, Uncle Arun has finished inventing and upgrading a Wormhole Generator.
Mama and I discussed this beforehand. We decided leaving it on this lot would be best.

Moss: At 1 pm, I max Writing (thanks to Papa) and complete all of my requirements for moving out!

That’s a fancy shot, Watchette. You gonna do that for every heir?
Nah. Just you, cuz you’re the first heir to move out.

Moss: I actually still have two more things to do before I move out…

Moss: So, Krishna, how’s this for firsts? I’m the first sim to ever step foot on Sixam…
But Uncle Arun is the first adult and you’re the first child to ever come here!
Krishna: Awww, gee, Moss! Papa deserves to be here but I’m glad you brought me, too!

Krishna: I still can’t believe I’m really here? What shall we do next?
Arun: Well, Moss asked us to let him do all the collecting. Why don’t we cloudgaze?

Moss: I find rare crystals and metals and also harvest eerie alien flora.
Watchette spots some alien females wearing her cc, but neglects to take screenshots of them on purpose.

Moss: Hey, you two! Stop being such tourists! It’s not like we’ll never come back here!
Krishna: My friends will never believe I’m visiting Sixam! Gonna upload this to my plumbook!
Arun: I never imagined my first trip to Sixam would be with my son! Thanks, Moss!

As I wander around, seeking more rarities to gather, I wonder if I am, in fact, descended from aliens.

Moss: Do you know Mama’s friend, Bradly Storey? He’s also a scientist.
He says one of the best parts of visiting Sixam is the Return Home menu.

It tells you who, among the sims you know currently on Sixam, are actually aliens in disguise.
Oh, Aaradhya? You, too? Well, we can talk about that later!
Oh, I knew it, I knew it!

Moss: Good evening, ma’m. We’d like a table for eight, please.
Arun: Hey, Moss. Your parents are wondering why you invited the vampire along to Korma Chameleon.

Moss: Look at that gorgeous creature then ask yourself again why I invited him…

Moss: Okay, I admit that Massimo’s bat form thing rather freaks everyone out…
By the way, Massimo, don’t forget that I maxed the Violin skill!

Arun: Pssst, Moss! You invited the vampire AND the alien? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?
Moss: Um, no? I treasure them both for different reasons altogether!

Arun: Huh, so you need two, eh? Oh, Jessminder, do you think I could also…
Jessminder (glares): Don’t you dare even think about it, sweet thing! *clenches her fork…

As soon as everyone’s seated, I order a cake and blow out the candles.
Daniela: I’m so proud of you, Moss.  Oh, it’s you, Massimo! How are you? Where’s your father?

Then I stand and get ready to leave the restaurant. It’s time for me to move out!

No, that “Thief!” tag doesn’t refer to me! I’m just nicking my own birthday cake!
See, the arrow points to the alien waitress who swiped Watchette’s cc hair.
Time for another batch fix!

Moss: I buy the Asphalt Adobe lot in the northwest corner of our neighborhood.
When I arrive, I invite four people over right away: the Bheedas and Aaradhya.

Happy birthday, Krishna!

Moss: After I ask all four of my guests to move in (they accept, natch), I learn that Krishna gained the Geek trait.
So perfect!

Jessminder: What do you think, ladies? Doesn’t the pre-makeover Krishna look like a Bollywood heartthrob?
Or is that just my material bias showing?
Arun: I think he has my eyes with your lips and jawline.

Jessminder: Watchette, would you consider looking for some beard stubble cc for Krishna?
You know, like that gorgeous Shahid Kapoor has?
Jessminder, when did you become a mindreader? Lol!

By 11 pm, the entire garden has been planted and watered, thanks to everyone’s collective efforts!
Everyone, that is, except Daichi the Slacker!
Daichi: Hey! Gimme a break, okay? Everyone else has two weeks off every three weeks!
But me, I work every single week, so cut me some slack, all right?

Current Status

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero

*Completed requirements
Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree , Frugal (done)

*Incomplete requirements
Gold-medal Parties:
Mansion Baron Aspiration: (Tier II)
Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 4)
Spouse: None
Children: None

The five-sim household now consists of Moss Dinero, his good friend Aaradhya Kumar, and the Bheeda family.
The tale of Moss and Aaradhya will commence after a primitive house has been built. Stay tuned!

Rivals 3.27: Aaradhya Articulates

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