Murky 1.9  Climbing the Cliff

oshizu continues running around being everyone’s unpaid gardener;
*She hosts the sacred Welcome to Murkland ritual for her new neighbor Whiff;
*Cooks a meal for the Turbo Pumpkins at the Forgotten Gas Station, reaching Level 7 Gardening while tending their garden;
*Visits the Salamanders at Fort Murkland for the first time; and
* Ends Week 2 with 
1 Good and 15 Very Nice trash plants.

Week 3/Sunday

The first day of my third week in Murkland and I’ve passed almost the entire day gardening!

Global warming seems to be taking its toll on our simverse, causing my trash plants to yellow.

Luckily, my pee bush remains unaffected!
Wouldn’t want those heart-shaped flowers to ever fade!

Ah yes, I have a new love in my life! The Buyer Beware Storage Chest!!!
I’m a hoarder to the very core of my being, unfortunately.

But I’ve placed at least one of everything I own in this chest. What a relief!
Now I can confidently sell off anything in my personal inventory, with no regrets!
Technically speaking, this storage chest isn’t a “fun” object; it’s more for my sanity.

For fun, on the other hand, I’ve bought the Murkland Bonsai Tree Old Aged Table.*

By the time I’m done gardening at home and around the neighborhood, it’s late afternoon.
I phone Lisa Bee and Whiff to accompany me on a trip to meet some new neighbors.

Our new neighbors live in Nukecrest Camp* on the northernmost lot in Nukecrest.

When I tried to visit earlier in the day, they told me that they were still busy moving in and cleaning up.
That’s Cirius Lee on your left and Emilio Mio on your right.

I arrive with Lisa and Whiff to find Nan’ga Def (left) and Jin Sakata (right) playing a game.

We begin making introductions, so I start with their fifth campmate, Pablo Botanico.

Lisa uses her sauciest come-hither look to make sure Cirius feels welcome.
Um, welcome to what?
I’m not sure who hugged who, but…okay.

Pablo: Why do I get the feeling that she’s not listening to me?

Whiff has been feeling uncomfortably orange ever since we arrived.
Instead of seeking out one of the two pee bushes out back, though, she continues chatting with Emilio.

Whiff, I’m going to coax a smile out of you yet!

Before Lisa gets any friendlier, we head out to today’s primary destination: Cliff City.

I invite Lisa because of her feelings for Ridge the Cliffdweller, obviously.
And I invite Whiff because she’s still new to Murkland.
For company, I bring along Emilio and Jin.

Oooh, this must be the front door on the eastern face of Cliff City!

After entering this mysterious city, I call my friends to join me inside.
At first, I think they might all be running home, but they’re heading for another door on the west face.
That must be the back entrance right? Who leaves trash cans next to the front entrance?

After we explore the city for a while, I stumble upon a delightful surprise on the lowest floor.

I suddenly realize that Whiff is missing and finally find her on the third floor, frowning.
So sorry, sweetie-pie! If you’d come with us, you would have found two pee bushes!

After a while, she meets up with the rest of us but still seems really unhappy.
I’m not sure what to do about it, besides brightening her day.

Not long after that, I see everyone staggering home.
Wait, what? Weren’t you all having a good time? Is it that late already?
Lisa, you never even looked for Ridge!

I would definitely vote for the Cliffdwellers as “The Murklanders with the Plushest Crib.”
Look at their sparkly dining area!
The Cliffdwellers might also be in contact with…aliens!? *shudders

While chatting with members of the household, I notice Ridge take off down a hallway.
And soon after, a young female Cliffdweller follows his trail.

Oh no, you di’int! Just as I enter the room, she gets into the bed beside Ridge.

As a staunch Lisa ally, I wake Ridge up.
Notice that I close my eyes while he gets out of bed and changes into his everyday wear.

Once I hear that he’s left the bedroom and see him head back to the main room, I dust off my hands.
My work here is done!

On a whim, I decide to stop by the new Nukecrest Out Back Bar.*
And whaddya know? It’s Guys’ Night!

That means tomorrow will be Bears’ Night!
Does that mean this bar will be hopping with Mutant Raccoons?

I’m secretly delighted to run into Jin again.
Did he sense, perhaps, that I would drop by here? It’s just a short walk from his place.

Jin is also from San Myshuno but originally from Japan, just like me.
We never ran into each other while living in San Myshuno, though.

We chat about our unsatisfied culinary cravings!
The hardest part about Murkland has been learning to live without foods we associate with the homeland, like tofu and miso.

Awww, thanks for the friendly hug, Jin!

J Huntington III: Why does he rate a hug while I’m being completely ignored?
Jin: Hello!? You’re a non-committal jock while I’m a creative, perfectionist romantic…
Bartender: Oooh, burn!


Once I get all my morning tasks out of the way, I leave for Nukecrest.
I’ve always wanted to visit the Artist Colony* in the southern part of that town!

It’s so cool to peek in and watch everyone going about their various activities!
One sim’s in the back, reading, another sim is doing yoga, and yet another is playing Don’t Wake the Llama.
There are so many ways to relax and have fun in the Artist Colony!

The creator of this Artist Colony–Kate–lives here, too. You can’t see her in this shot, though.
Why not? Because she’s next to me, doing push-ups on the sidewalk!

Besides the beautiful Kate (left), the alluring Megs lives here, too.
You can’t see them in this shot, but Megs is known far and wide for her black fishnet stockings!
Such sassy style!

Two new Murkland newcomers also call this Artist Colony their home.
Pookey is a musician and bonsai expert. I hope I can pick up some tips on both from him!
Reggikko is one of the smartest simmers I have the good fortune of knowing!

The other residents you’ve met already: green-haired Carlos Coyote and blue-haired Pedro Pesce.

Here’s another shot of the lovely Artist Colony from the side.

By the way, I’d like to report that my therapy sessions seem to be proving effective!
At the lower right, do you see those four garden planters with only two plants growing?
Somehow, I managed to resist doing more than dropping 14 trash fruits into the planters.

See? I continue to sit at the picnic table socializing with my new neighbors!
I’m not even trying to “Form a Group” and have them “Tend Garden Together”!
Grrrr *struggles with my baser instincts…

Doh, I just remembered that you can’t just plant trash fruit anyway…when you water them, they turn into trash piles that other sims can’t resist throwing away!

Anyway, the real reason I come by to meet everyone is because Monday is Hot Springs Day!
I invite the whole household along as well as Brennachan. ❤

Kate: Hey, did you see how reggikko climbed into the hot tub right after Pedro?!
Megs: Seriously! I thought you said she was unflirty? Look at Pedro’s face!
oshizu: Let’s keep moving, ladies. We look like we’re just standing here, peeping.

Megs: We’re not peeping, girl! We’re just checking that everything’s okay. Right, Kate?
Kate: Uh, yeah, but why are we hiding behind this stump?
oshizu: *pretends not to watch…

• The Murkland Bonsai Tree Old Aged Table is the creation of Kym’s Creations (see the link below).
• The Autumn mod is default replacement cc created by Dani Paradise.
• Newcrest Revamped mod is default replacement cc created by Kym’s Creations, which eliminates  houses and other background décor in Newcrest.
• The 20×15 Nukecrest Camp lot is the creation of anchesenamon.
• The 30×20 Nukecrest Out Back Bar is the creation of ladyloial.
• The 40×30 Artist Colony is the creation of SoulGal7.
• Lisabee2 for introducing us to Kym’s Newcrest Revamped and Dani Paradise’s Autumn Mods.
• And most of all, Brennachan for creating this wonderful and wacky world for us to explore.


Join us next time for more hubbub at the Hot Springs!

Murky 1.10  The Magic Bean Moocher

23 thoughts on “Murky 1.9  Climbing the Cliff

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  2. What a great story. That’s what I love that you are always visiting other sims. And thanks so much for featuring my Artists’ Colony build in your story. So sweet of you! I really was laughing, too, when you shooed Ridge out of bed. I really need to devote a chapter to the Nukecrest gang to get everyone in some pics. I just have to put some other builds in that town. Never ending lol Great job and I am looking forward to reading more chapters!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for reading! I wanted to spend longer at your wonderful Artist Colony but it was Hot Springs Day, lol. We will be back there! I did love when we arrived and all the residents were doing their different activities! I’m so jealous they get to live there! And I’m really looking forward to downloading your new Nukecrest lot! I’m a crap builder but I thought I might try a 20×15 lot, just for fun. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and support!
      It was fun seeing Kate in my story! She looked a bit embarrassed when we were behing the stump, tho, lol.


  3. Ohh you got into Cliff City, I’m jealous, haha. Great update. I love how you wander around so much. One really gets to see everything in your story. Poor J Huntington, he needs a cool hat or something, maybe then he will be recognized. xD
    Oshizu should consider stepping into the matchmaking business. More love in Murkland 😀

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