Rivals 3.28: Braddon’s Blues

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 3 (Yukio Soma, Part I)


Yukio: Watchette returns to our home to realize that two toilets aren’t enough for 4 adult sims.
Daichi immediately comes over when we start a club gathering.
For now, I remove him from our club because, frankly, he’s become superfluous. Don’t call us, we’ll call you!

Megumi: Since my teen birthday on Week 2/Friday, I’ve been writing day in and day out.
The Bestselling Author aspiration is a killer, but Books of Life will come in handy.

Yukio: We wait for Braddon to wake up, then open Korma Chameleon for the late lunch crowd.
Upstairs, Megumi continues writing while Bradly dances with Braddon.

Not long after Korma Chameleon opens, our first critic ever arrives!
The hostess station is a bit backlogged, and Candy going over to chat with everyone doesn’t help at all!
*sends Candy to the bathroom

This could be the big break for our 4.5-star restaurant!
I remain by his side, catering his every whim and need.

My wife Yuki is looking this way but I pretend not to notice.
I can tell she’s dying to welcome me to the club…again.
Watchette, would please have her “Check Up On” all our staff or something?

Yes! The critic’s favorable review kicks our rating up to 5 stars for the first time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After closing for several hours, we open again for dinner.
Mortimer has become a regular customer. And so many new faces!

By 9:30 pm, Braddon is well on his way to becoming a Top-Notch Toddler!
Good thing, too, because his birthday’s in one-and-a-half days!

All in all, things are going well for Korma Chameleon.

I’m not happy about Anaya Jang and this other lady treating the fountain like a pool.
But our hostess, Maki Nakamura, swiftly informs that their table is ready. Maki, you’re such a gem!

Yuki: You must be slipping, sis. How have you not introduced yourself to that hunk yet?
Candy: I’m on it!

Yukio:  I introduce myself to the gentleman and learn his name’s Wyatt Owen.
He’s a gardener as well as an ambitious slob who hates children.

Apparently, Serena Zanna’s already talking to him about marrying the Gen5 heir.
Talk about planning ahead! But if Serena’s planning ahead, so should we!
I mean, I’m not above stealing him away for Megumi, but his traits…

Wyatt: Dude, do you pluck your eyebrows?

Yukio: At midnight, I disallow new customers because Korma’s full enough.
But diners at 4 tables get up and leave in mid-meal, without paying.

“Disallow new customers” didn’t used to work this way, darn it!

We close Sunday night with a five-star rating. We need two more days at this rating!
Our Finances Report is off; we definitely served more than four tables tonight!

Also, I have enough points to buy the Ingredients Discount perk, but I’m still deciding.


Bradly: Around noon, Braddon maxes his last skill while running around the backyard.
What a relief!
Juggling work, Korma, and helping Braddon with his skilling has not been easy!

I confess that I’ll miss his little ladybug socks, though!

Yukio: Yuki and I spend the afternoon painting Megumi’s portraits.
When we open Korma for dinner, we leave Braddon home with a nanny.
Megumi, of course, continues writing. Yuki brings along half-painted portraits to finish.

Megumi (mutters): They don’t even bother asking me to pose!


Megumi: When I hear the Dinero founder’s arrived a little past midnight, I rudely introduce myself.
Then I proceed to pick a fight with her.

When I click the Mean social “Trash talk…,” I’m surprised to see that Megumi dislikes Sergio Romeo.
He must have been really annoying. Too bad, Sergio! I’d been thinking since we can’t age up Braddon in time…

Yukio: Daniela stands up and continues arguing with Megumi.
Wow, look who “just happens” to walk by as the hostess shows him to his table.

Caleb: What? I’ve simply come here to enjoy the wonderful cuisine. I’m a foodie, remember?
Yukio: Don’t you think the timing’s a bit suspicious? You arrive a half hour after Daniela…

Caleb: Pffft, mere coincidence! Why would I be stalking Daniela when I have Serena?
Yukio: That’s exactly what I wanna know! You don’t worry about leaving Serena on her own?

Yukio: Suddenly, Braddon’s birthday notice pops up, so we immediately close Korma and head home.
Two five-star days in a row!

Megumi: This is where everything starts getting complicated!

I bring Daniela Dinero home with us, so I can finish what I started.

Bradly: Meanwhile, I light birthday candles on a cake for Braddon and help him age up.
He’s a Whiz Kid genius with the Top-Notch Toddler trait.

Braddon will be invincible! And his childhood looks also show promise. No surprise, there!

Megumi: After Uncle Bradly is done planning Braddon’s outfits, I declare Daniela my enemy!

And what are you saying, Watchette? I’m not going to be able to marry Braddon? Why not? Can’t you fix it?

Well, are you willing to wait until Week 4 to meet him as a young adult? Think about it!

(I’d really had my heart set on a Megumi/Braddon pairing, but it’s too much trouble now!
I guess I’ll wait and see how long Megumi takes to finish her requirements…)

Megumi: Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see Papa running out of the house…
Papa, if you have a nooboo before I do, I will absolutely never forgive you!


Current Status: Soma Line

Founder: Yukio Soma
*Completed requirements:
Museum Portrait: yes ($9,044)
Career: Culinary/Chef (Level 10)
Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = $127k

*Incomplete requirements:
Star Rating: 5.0 stars (2 days, need one more day!)

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Toddler Skills: Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Completed move-out requirements
Teen Job: Fast Food (Level 3)
Museum Portrait: yes ($7,097)
A in High School: yes

*Incomplete move-out requirements
Aspiration: Bestselling Author (on Tier III)
Enemies: Daniela Dinero and (one more)
Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Elizabeth Scruggs, (xx, and xx)
Skills: Writing (Level 10) and Guitar (Level 4)
Collection: working on it

Coming Next: Week 2 with Yukio Soma (Part II)/Megumi’s Spouse Hunt?

Rivals 3.29: Houston, We Haz Problems

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