Rivals 3.30: Where’s the Novelty?

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 3 (Soma, Part III)

In our previous chapter: Yukio Soma completes all of his requirements as the Soma founder; Braddon becomes Caleb Vatore’s good friend; Megumi becomes Hugo Villareal’s good friend; Bradly fully upgrades the rocket ship; and Megumi is the first Soma to visit Sixam.


Braddon: The wishing well guarantees that I’ll bring home an A grade this afternoon.
That means today’s my last day of grade school! (I hope)

Bradly: I’m dashing off to work from the Observatory this morning.
If I weren’t in such a hurry, I’d stop and thank Caleb for helping my boy out!

Megumi: Finally, I write my third bestseller, though I still lack publishing income.
Along with my portrait, I place my collection of renamed novels in the museum:
1. Thoroughly Modern Mallory (screenplay/$1,513)
2. Waiting for Whiff (screenplay/$1,418)
3. Prince Pippin of Charlemagne (screenplay/$1,174)
4. Lorna Doom & The Oreo (biography/$1,040)
5. Ellie’s Errant Elephants (fantasy/$1,008)
6. Magic Mori (short stories/$867)
7. Murky Madness (short stories/$836)
Yeah, my portrait is not the greatest, but turns out to have the highest value. *shrugs
I feel like the white kitty should have her back turned, too!

Bradly: Oh c’mon! What do you mean you can’t tell that I’m a Level 10 Scientist now!
The eye piece, my dear, the eye piece!

Megumi: I’m certain of completing my aspiration tomorrow morning.
Besides that, I need one good friend, one enemy, and Level 10 Guitar to move out.

Since the Zanna founder works until 7 pm tomorrow, I’ll visit her first.
I’m not thrilled to find Serena Zanna in her dark form, but let’s do this.

Megumi: I bring some moral support along, too. Braddon’s outside practicing violin.
Dad’s indoors with me, helping to keep the other vampires away from me.

Megumi: Serena Zanna, stop trying to be friendly with me whenever Watchette turns her back!

Um, Papa, why is Caleb looking at you like that?

Massimo: Whoa, I didn’t realize that Papa and the Soma founder were so friendly.
Um, aren’t they standing a little too close together?

Lilith: Why does my brother Caleb get all the action? Cut a sistah a little slack!

Serena: Gah, not the drink again! I just got this outfit back from the dry cleaner’s!

Megumi: Hush, Vampire Queen! Enough of your yammering! Talk to the hand!

Megumi: Braddon, put away your violin. You and Papa need to prepare to jet outta here with me.
I’m about to declare Mme. Zanna my enemy and don’t want her trying to mesmerize me!

Uh, Papa? When the heck did you and Caleb become friends!?
Yukio: Oh c’mon, Megumi! I’m just grateful that he’s helping Braddon out, you know!

Megumi: Not only do I officially declare you my enemy, but also inform you those bat-pattern red tights are tacky!
Serena: Noooo, not the tights!

Megumi: I get home exhausted, only to find Mama leaving the museum with one of my novels!
You are not helping, Mama! Sheesh!
I make her put it down and even find another of my novels in the bookcase inside.

After returning my novels to the museum, I lock the museum so only I can enter!

Meanwhile, Auntie Candy succumbs to the allure of the cowplant!
That thing needs to be put away!

Megumi: After the dust from all the drama at home settles, we head for Casbah Gallery.

Poor Braddon! He pays $100 to hire Daichi as an entertainer, but Daichi decides to paint a mural with Papa instead.

Yukio: After Daichi leaves, I hire another entertainer but he hasn’t maxed the violin so can’t mentor.
We’re both shocked to recognize him as one of Korma Chameleon’s two cooks!

Yuki unsuccessfully tries to make him leave. Too bad it doesn’t work that way.
Is it just me or is daughter Megumi much prettier when she’s being mean?

Yukio: Of course, we primarily came here so Megumi could practice her 2nd skill, Guitar.
And she’s doing great!

Getting someone to mentor Braddon in violin was like frosting on the cake.

Yukio: Tonight’s been full of odd surprises!
When I see a raccoon rummaging in the trash, I’m surprised to find we’re acquainted.

It’s my senior chef at Korma Chameleon! Why are my chefs both moonlighting?


Yukio: No night at the Casbah is complete without a vampire break-in these days.
Around 1 am, Lilith slinks through the front door and heads straight for Megumi and the nanny.

Yukio: I arrive just in time to distract Lilith with some small talk.

Lilith: So this is what I need to do to get a little attention around here? *bats eyelashes

Yukio: To lure Lilith away from Megumi, I ask her to sit and chat at the bar.
Do you really have to walk like that, Lilith?

Lilith: Yeah, I’m forced to do this whenever I walk. It’s part of the whole break-in thing, I guess.

Yukio: Hey, Yuki! Look who I met over by Megumi just now!
(blink twice if you understand why I brought Lilith over here)
Yuki (blinks twice): Hey, Lilith! Wassup? Whatchu been up to lately, girl?

Yukio: Lilith finally leaves at 5:30 and her break-in ends.
Yuki: Would she have left at 4 am, dear, if you’d stopped engaging her?

Yukio: I tried that, but she wouldn’t leave and we remained stuck here.

Megumi: My Bestselling Author aspiration completes while I’m at school!
After getting home, I visit several spots to check for any new local talent.

I don’t have time to introduce myself to the handsome yoga instructor at Perfect Balance Spa.
His name tag says he’s Masato Yamaguchi and one glance tells me he’s a vampire.

Would he make a plausible spouse candidate if we cured him?

Next, I introduce myself to Patrick Wyatt at Chez Llama.
Unlike Masato, Patrick is not Japanese but he’s very handsome all the same.

Braddon: I don’t like him at all, Megumi!
He meets you for the first time and starts talking about rocket-ship woohoo?! Boo!!

Megumi: Yeah, but I still need to keep an eye out for the Gen4 heir’s spouse, you know?
How have the vampires managed to meet all the good-looking guys first?

Megumi (sighs): Well, I’ve pretty much decided who will be my roomies.
*phones: Hey Wolfgang! You wanna come over to my place and hang out?

All I need now is one more guitar level and I’ll be ready to move this evening!


Current Status: Soma Line

Founder: Yukio Soma
*Incomplete requirements: None

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Completed move-out requirements
Teen Job: Fast Food (Level 3)
Museum Portrait: yes ($7,887)
A in High School: yes
Collection: Novels/$7,856
Enemies: Daniela Dinero and Serena Zanna
Aspiration: Bestselling Author (done)
Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Daichi Yoshida, Hugo Villareal, and Wolfgang Munch

*Incomplete move-out requirements
Skills: Writing (Level 10) and Guitar (Level 9)

Coming next: Soma (Part IV)/Megumi’s new roomies

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