Rivals 3.31: Fruitcake Fraud

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 3 (Soma, Part IV)

In the last chapter, Bradly maxes the Scientist career; Megumi places her portrait and collection in the museum; Braddon completes his fourth childhood aspiration; Megumi makes another enemy (Serena Zanna) and a fourth good friend (Wolfgang Munch); Yukio becomes friends with Caleb Vatore; and Megumi works on her remaining move-out requirement.


Megumi: In spite of various distractions, I continue to practice guitar.

Megumi: While I’m practicing, Papa and Watchette are busy preparing this house for my move.
They throw out all the meals, plants, and trees in family storage.
Papa goes around and unlocks all the doors, but I’m keeping the museum closed!

Incredibly, now that I’ll be leaving, a hot tub room has been added to the back of the house.
You know I’ll be coming back to relax in that hot tub!


Megumi: I max the guitar skill just past 1 a.m.
It takes a while to gather everyone in the living room, now that all the doors are unlocked!

Thanks, Papa! Tonight’s my last birthday ever under your roof.
But you’d rather go play Sims Forever than celebrate my young adult birthday!

I move to my new (empty) home on the 20×15 Comfy Cubby lot.
I’d befriended Maaike Haas earlier in the evening because I want her as a roomie.
It only seems fair, since Mama took over Maaike’s Avant Gardes club!

Braddon: *stares blankly at the lot where, if all goes well, he’ll be living in Week 4

Ulrike (groans): Maaike, you got talked into joining yet another dynasty household?
When will you ever learn?

Braddon: What if things go wrong, Megumi?
Since Papa and I are now not-in-the-world household, could we get culled during the next two weeks?
Megumi: Watchette took a simverse population census and removed a few excess sims.
You should be fine!
Braddon: I’m still so worried! Will you be my BFF, Megumi?

Ulrike: He’s rather young for her, don’t you think, Maaike?
Maaike: They’ve been together since they were toddlers and he’ll be a young adult next week.
And, anyway, I’m surprised at you! Aren’t you watching the anime “First Love Monster”?

Megumi: That’s the romantic comedy about a 15-year-old high-school girl who’s rescued by a handsome guy who turns out to be…
Maaike: Ssshhh, Megumi, don’t spoil it! Ulrike, you must watch it!

Megumi: At first, I was just thinking about growing spliced cash crops.
Just to make sure, I check “The Soma Master Plan.”
My grand-daughter (the Gen4 heir) will have the Freelance Botanist aspiration, so we’re gardening.

Well, they are gardening in our B2 garden because I mustn’t max Gardening.

While everyone else plants and waters, Mama stands around complaining about the spilled water.
Mama, have you begun studying under Nanny Daichi?

Megumi: Since I join the Writer career, daylight finds me writing more novels.

Ulrike: I’m already in the Painter career (Level 2).
Now’s a great time to begin the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

Maaike: I join the Writer career, same as Megumi, but at Level 1.
My daily task is to read but, for some reason, but I’m having difficulty focusing.

It’s not you so much as this house. I tried prioritizing form over function this time.
We ended up with a two-story house plus two basement floors.
But we’ve run out of money and I can’t remodel…ugh!

Ulrike: Why am I looking at the Adoption Menu, Watchette?
I thought you were done with the “Grow Ur Own Spouse” thing.

Actually, I said that I didn’t want to start from the bassinet anymore.
Child-age future spouses are still feasible. My choice is Norma!

Megumi: While Ulrike skips off to the adoption agency, I give my eyes a rest.
To stretch my legs, I visit all the neighborhood dig sites.

Lately, it seems our simverse is being overrun by aliens! I wonder why?

Ulrike: I welcome my daughter to her new home just as the Welcome Wagon arrives.
Adoptee: Thanks for choosing me! May I call you Mama?

Ulrike: I’ve named my daughter Jun. She’s an outgoing Social Butterfly!
Did you guess her namesake?
It’s Jun Shiomi from the manga “Food Wars” (Shokugeki no Soma).

Jun: The next heir will be named Akira, after Akira Hayama, also from “Food Wars.”
In the manga, Jun is Akira’s adoptive mother. Gah, that’s not romantic at all.
Let’s see…what else? He’s her research assistant and also 18 years younger than her.
Grrr, that’s even worse.  Meh! *Runs off to watch First Love Monster…

Jun: Thanks for encouraging me, Auntie Candy! I’m learning so fast!
Candy: That’s my girl!

Oddly, now that Megumi has moved, Candy has suddenly become very diligent.
Candy was the first to start planting seeds and the first to reach Jun.
Since Yuki’s maxed painting, Jun asked Yuki first but she never came.

Yuki: Hope you like the fruitcake, Jun! It’s a family heirloom!

Jun: Oh, is that why you left it on the ground out near our back gate? Gee, thanks!

Maaike: I go to rescue the abandoned fruitcake, but arrive too late!

Oh, my new look? While Watchette was giving Jun her makeover, I got one as well!

I plan to start exercising, too! I don’t need to be super thin.
But a little weight loss would be good for my health.

Ulrike: Maaike and I joined this household with Level 5 Writing and Painting, respectively.
Still, getting mentored by the Soma founder makes me feel so pampered!
It’s great! And Yukio’s easy on the eyes, too!

Maaike: I also appreciate Candy mentoring me!

Candy’s doing so well that I added Yukio and Candy to Megumi’s club but removed Yuki.

Megumi: We started out with $47k, but I spent almost all  of it on the house!
(Okay, the wishing well alone costs over $7k…)
I buy the 20×20 lot in Magnolia Promenade and transfer $5 to business funds.

With only $570 left, I can’t buy the required equipment so I can’t hire staff, either!
I know it’s going to be an Italian restaurant, but remain stuck on a name.

Megumi: I’ve been writing novels most of the day.
Ulrike, Maaike, and Jun have spent the day working on their aspirations.

We all accompany Ulrike to Willow Creek when she needs to view some paintings.
While Maaike embarks on her new fitness regimen, Papa and I get to know Jun better.

Maaike: The two basement floors will be the death of us all!
Here we are, trekking single file from the first floor to the B1 floor.
On this floor, you’ll find the kitchen/dining area, our bedrooms, and restrooms.

Megumi: When Bradly and Braddon move in, their work room will be on this floor, too.

Ulrike: The B2 floor only holds the garden at this point.
A half dozen plants are ready for grafting but Maaike and I aren’t skilled enough yet.
Maaike: Well, Bradley can handle all the grafting on Sunday of Week 4, so it’s not really an issue.

Megumi: Look at that! It’s already time for The Big Switch!
Keep your fingers crossed for me and Braddon! And see you again in Week 4!


Week 2 Status: Soma Line

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Incomplete requirements
Career: Writer/Author (Level 4)
Restaurant: Unnamed (resale value: $2,505)
Star rating: Never opened
Spouse:  not yet.

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Next week, for sure!

Rivals 3.32: Serena and Reddit

2 thoughts on “Rivals 3.31: Fruitcake Fraud

  1. Thanks for reading! There are allowances to age up the heirs early but not the spares and helpers. So grade-schooler Braddon needs to catch up with YA Megumi somehow.
    Meanwhile, Ulrike’s adopted daughter will hook up with Megumi’s not-even-born-yet son, lol.


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