DD 1.2: My Boo’s Nooboo

The Sanada Apocalypse Challenge: Dystopian Dearth

Week 1/Day 4 (Wed)

Jade: Feels so great to have a good night’s sleep!
Satoru: Look at you with your little baby bump, Jade! I can’t believe we’re going to be parents soon!
Jade: Let’s take a snapshot together?
Satoru: Dressed like this?
Jade: Why not? It’s how we’re usually dressed when we’re home anyway!

Jade: Oh, it’s time for work. Wait a minute, I’m not feeling so good *runs to bathroom
You’d think that, at least when I have morning sickness, I’d get to brush my teeth before work!

W: What’s wrong, Satoru? You have stars spinning around your head, but you don’t have a sickness moodlet.
Satoru: I’m not sure. I feel a bit dizzy but not bad enough to spend the day in bed. What should I do?
I can’t cure myself because we’re not allowed to drink medicine (Journalist), orange juice (Mixologist), or tea (Barista).
Three hours of painting later, Satoru finally pops a 3-hour Dizzy moodlet, so he’s sent off to bed to sleep it off.
Jade had a “Nausea (from illness)” moodlet when she first arrived at work, but she’s feeling better now, thank goodness. 

Satoru: After Jade gets home, Watchette notices that I have yet another 3-hour Dizzy moodlet, so she sends me off to meditate.
Not sure how that worked, but my Dizzy moodlet vanished after an hour or so.  Good to know!
Jade: After I get home, I begin filling out business reports before I get too tired.
By monitoring my moodlets, Watchette discerns that I get the “Pregnant: 2nd trimester (24 hours to 3rd trimester)” moodlet at exactly 6:44 p.m.

Awww, poor Satoru! He’s only been downstairs meditating for about 90 sim-minutes but he has the sad “Missing Family” moodlet. Jade, can you help out?
Jade: Sure thing. (calling downstairs) Satoru, hun, would you come upstairs for a moment? I have something to show you!
I have to confess, Watchette, that I get so much joy from seeing Satoru’s excitement over the baby, the way he seems so awed and delighted by the miracle that is our future child.

Satoru: Two more nights and our child will be born!
To advance her career and to help mentor our future child, Jade asks me to mentor her in logic for a few hours before bedtime.
For some reason, I now have a “Stuffed-Up (from illness)” moodlet.
I have no idea why I’ve gotten one sick moddlet after another all day.

Day 5 (Thu)

Satoru: Another day off today. I really hope I’m not sick off and on the entire day, like yesterday.
Jade leaves for work and I, naturally, get another 3-hour “Stuffed-Up (from illness)” moodlet, except this time I have strange swirl marks all over my body.
Yesterday, I had four separate three-hour sick moodlets and then this morning I also wake up sick.
What exactly is going on?
I am just trying to prepare for the birth of our child!

Today, I’d like to befriend another Family-Oriented sim to introduce to Jade.
I’ll be working nights this weekend when the baby is born so I’d like Jade to have a helper around the house so Jade won’t get too distracted from her career.
First, I seek out Clara Bjergsen, who I know from the island.  She’s a family-oriented, perfectionist foodie with Level 6 Cooking.
Since she’s an old friend of the family, I know I can trust her! I wonder if she and Jade would get along?

By chance, Summer Holiday and Mila Munch drop by the grilling area nearest my home. These two would also make great companions for my wife.
W: No, not Summer Holiday. Don’t even go there. You do NOT want her coming around the house, trust me!
Satoru: You’re right, I guess. Do you really think she remembers what happened in Oasis Springs?
Anyway, there’s also Mila Munch, who is good and cheerful. She’s a foodie with the Big Happy Family aspiration. Would she only be good with her own kids?

Clara, Summer, and Mila are my co-workers and they’d be great companions for my Jade who has zero Cooking skill,
at least until our children are older.
W: Did you just say “children,” as in plural?
Satoru: Yeah, Jade and I want at least three children!

Gah, I just realized…whenever I’m at work, my co-workers will be at work, too.
I need someone who can be with Jade whenever I’m not there! Back to the drawing board…

Feeling better for the moment, I remember that I work for the next four days and so I drop my fruitless quest to go fishing.
If I stock up enough fish, I’ll have that much more time to spend with Jade and our child.
Watchette, how else can I prepare for our baby’s arrival?
Fishing is time-consuming and takes you away from home, so stocking up fish is a great idea.
Because of all the restrictions, there’s really nothing else you can do to prepare.

Satoru: Welcome home, sweets.
Jade: Guess what? I got promoted to Level 4 Regional Manager today! My Ambitious trait and I are wildly ecstatic about that!
In fact, now is a good time to work on my Charisma!
Satoru: Why aren’t you wearing your new work uniform, darling?
Jade: I’m not sure. Maybe I’m just too big to fit into it today?

Jade: Satoru, this fried trout dish is really delish!
Satoru: I caught the trout right before you got home, so it’s really fresh. I’m glad you like it!
Jade: What are those orange-red swirls I see on your arms, love?  Are you unwell?
Satoru: I really don’t know what’s going on. This is my third sickness today!
Jade: Really? Hey, I just got that “Jade can now take family leave” notice, did you?
Satoru: I never noticed before, but it arrived at 6:44 pm, which is exactly 24 hours after the “24 hours to 3rd trimester” notice you got yesterday.
Jade: Oh, so the family leave notice arrives 24 hours before my actual delivery. Good to know!

Day 6 (Fri)

W: Wow, catch a glimpse of the island boy looking all ordinary, in a white button-down and slacks!
You know, the first week of this challenge ends tomorrow, but this is only your second day of work!

Satoru: I know! Since I’ve only worked Monday so far, I haven’t had a single promotion yet while Jade has been promoted twice!
But actually, since I started at Level 4 and she started at Level 2, all she’s done is catch up with me.
W: It’s too bad you can’t be home for the delivery! She’s going into labor within the next hour, you know!
Satoru: Thanks for being here for Jade, Watchette. I’ll be home as soon as I can!

Jade: At 6:43 p.m., I receive the “Gone into Labor” notification as predicted.
Since Satoru’s at work, I decide to have the baby at home and waddle slowly upstairs.
Meet Tatsuya, our firstborn son. Isn’t he precious?

Day 7 (Sat)

Satoru: I finally get off work at 2 a.m.! I should be excited about my very first promotion to Level 5 Line Cook.
But all I can think about is running upstairs to meet my son!  My boo’s nooboo is perfection incarnate!

Day 8 (Sun)

Jade: Satoru worked until 2 a.m. this morning and I stayed up until he came home, so we both want to sleep late this morning.
However, Tatsuya’s loud wailing wakes us up. When trying to go back to sleep, I get a message that Tatsuya will be taken away if he’s not fed soon. What!?
At that, I leap out of bed and rush to his bassinet to feed him.
Satoru: And since we are now both fully awake, we go downstairs to renew our marital vows.

Jade: Satoru leaves for work and I spend the day at home with baby Tatsuya at my side, playing chess with a friend to level both Charisma and Logic.
In the evening, Tatsuya ages up to a child and becomes a Creative Whiz Kid.
Satoru: Hey, Jade, I got promoted to Level 6 chef tonight. So this is our little genius, Tatsuya!
Jade, why don’t you play three chess games with him for his Whiz Kid aspiration, while I mentor him?

Satoru: Since it’s Sunday, we’re allowed to go into Buy/Build mode.
Besides buying a bed, a study desk, skilling items, and toys for Tatsuya, we also add floor and wall coverings to most of the house.
Jade: We’re down to $719, love. Good thing we can count on two paychecks tomorrow to help pay the bills.
Satoru: We want to have just enough to pay the bills, right? Too much and the mob wins.

Satoru: It’s time for you to go to bed, Tatsuya. You want to be rested for your first day of school tomorrow, don’t you?
Tats: Won’t you please read me a story, Dad? I promise to go to bed as soon as you finish reading me a story.
Satoru: Well, okay, since you promise. *opens a book
Once upon a time, there was a unicorn named Eunice who had always dreamed of becoming a ninja…
W: Tatsuya has a heart-shaped face just like his father!

W: You look very relaxed right now, Jade!
Jade: Thankfully, Satoru has been taking care of Tatsuya since he got home from work, so I have a little time to myself. At least, for tonight.
So you’re trying for baby again after Satoru’s work shift Monday night?
Jade: Yes! And about that, would you please, please, please do us a huge favor?
Sure, you name it.
Jade: Would you mind contacting @JudesSims and asking her to share some of her “multiple births mojo”?
If only things were that easy…


Watchette Sez

My sims only have twins when it is sure to ruin my plans. The only time I’ve ever seen triplets has been in a failed dynasty attempt between a dynasty pollinator and Liberty Lee but she was not in my active household.
So I imagine that this family will hobble along, giving birth to one single baby after another, possibly until I clear Bobybuilder (to buy a massage table for Fertility massages) or Diamond Agent (to visit a spa for fertility massages).
Any tips and suggestions to boost the likelihood of twins and triplets would be profoundly appreciated.

DD 1.3: Lookin’ Good in the Neighborhood

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