Mori 4.38: Beware of Geeks

IMPORTANT: Cheese alert. Proceed at your own risk!
I started out with a well-known aphorism about Greeks and gifts. Then I changed a noun. Next, I changed a verb; I think that’s when everything began going downhill.
It’s all in good fun but I hope nobody is offended. You have been warned.

Week 20/Saturday

W: Well, so much for Banana and Yuki not being “watched sims” tonight. Who could resist watching? Certainly, not I!

Banana: I may not be an experienced kisser, but I have a few moves of my own!
Yuki: Is she deliberately trying to make me lose control? If it weren’t for those unbecoming sneakers, I would be completely out of my mind by now!

Banana: My adorable Creative Geek Dance Machine, I adore you to pieces.But it’s hardly fair that I wear this maid outfit while you wear your everyday outfit.
Can’t you spice it up a bit?
Yuki: Don’t say you didn’t ask for this, sweet thing!

Banana: Oho! So that’s what the seer from Troy meant when he prophesized: “Beware of geeks baring gifts”!
Yuki: Hey, eyes up, girl! And please, no “Is that a banana or…” joke tonight! I’m at razor’s edge already…

Yuki: Hey, Banana, why the sad face?
Banana: You noticed? Frankly, I’m happy that you asked me to be your girlfriend but I want us to be more!
Yuki: Let me honest, too. I want you to be sure that I’m The One for you, so I’d like to wait before proposing.

Yuki: Our chemistry is off the charts! Will you be my BFF?
Banana: My pleasure! *feels a little awkward but fails to ask him to get dressed just yet

In another part of the house…

Nao: Sure, Carlos. You’re free to go once you help Yuki max 4 skills: Logic, Handiness, Painting, and Piano.
Carlos: Thanks so much, Dad! *rushes off to find Ayaki again, still forgetting to change out of costume

Ayaki: What wonderful news, Carlos! (Why doesn’t he just confess that he delivers pizza part-time?)
Carlos: And if I can convince Yuki to drink moodlet solvers, I should be done mentoring him in a week!

Carlos: When is your due date? Did you conceive last Thursday?
Ayaki: Yes, I believe our baby will arrive either Sunday night or Monday morning.

Carlos: Ayaki, my family’s really busy now ensuring the smooth transition to the new heir. Yet I’m so impatient for us to tie the knot. Would you mind terribly if we eloped?
Ayaki: It would be wonderful to be married already when our baby arrives, Mr. Pizza Man!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
Banana: *compliments outfit
Yuki: I’m all yours, Banana. You know that, right?
Banana: Yes, but your “gifts” are quite overwhelming, even without the smaller censor mosaic. Please put on some clothes!

Yuki (throws caution to the winds): I can’t wait another moment to ask you to be mine. Will you marry me, Yuki?

Banana: We’re so meant to be together! So, yes, of course. Um, are you a nudist or something, Yuki?
Yuki: No, I just got so nervous about proposing on the same day you became my girlfriend that I forgot to get dressed.

Banana: Clothes are so overrated!
Yuki: Agreed!

Week 21/Sunday

Yuki: As a Renaissance Sim, I begin the early morning by reading three skill books. Did I just hear the door lock?

Yuki: Moving in with zero aspiration points, I start climbing the steep slope toward earning 3,000 points because both my aspiration and my career require the Connections trait.
I’m mostly only fulfilling two types of whims: cooking whims (25 or 50 points) and “Level up xx skill” whims (100 points).

Carlos: Now that Yuki and Banana are engaged, I paint a memorial portrait of Banana. It’s a masterpiece!
Banana: I paint Yuki’s portrait which turns out Excellent. I wish our portraits didn’t come out so fuzzy.
If we max Photography first, can we paint portraits with sharper clarity?

Paolo: Ever since Banana met Yuki, I’ve been completely ignored! Does anyone even remember that my birthday’s tomorrow?
W: Of course, everyone remembers, Paolo! Your father already wrote you an excuse note for school! Are you excited?
Paolo: Oh yeah, I’m so ready to become a teenager! But also, I’m running out of skills to level!

Banana: Since I’m a Music Lover, it’s no surprise that I’ve joined the Entertainer career.
While I learn to write, Dad gives me a boost with his double whammy: Mentoring + Patriarch trait.
Nao: The Founder Kaoru also had the Patriarch trait, you know.
To this day, nobody has beaten the records of his children Nio and Nami for maxed aspirations and skills, respectively.
Banana: Thanks to Gen2 being so gung ho, my Gen4 and Gen5 can take it easier!

Paolo: In a cheap ploy to garner more attention to yours truly, I reorganize my club to introduce you to my half-siblings.
Sitting with Dad are Kim Dowdy who’s Good (left) and Cade Dowdy who Loves the Outdoors (right).
Sssshhh, don’t laugh too loud but Gramps told me their mother gave Dad his first sugar skull!

Paolo: Sitting next to me is my youngest brother, Baby McDaniels, who also Loves the Outdoors.
What kind of parent chooses a name like that? Oh right, an evil, slob, perfectionist mother!

Carlos: It’s Sunday evening and it seems Ayaki had a 3-day pregnancy, even without a pregnancy test.
I now have a baby daughter named Ainsley Park!

Ayaki: I’m glad you phoned me, Carlos. I’ve been wanting to ask you. Shall we have another child?
Carlos: That’s exactly what I invited you over to discuss! (She looks too adorable in those socks!)


Banana: Around 1 am, I notice that I have the Eating for Two moodlet and run off to tell Yuki.
We’re going to have a child, Yuki! Squee! *jumps up and down and looks generally adorable
Yuki: We’re going to be parents already! So soon! What a blessing! *looks pretty thrilled himself

Yuki: I buy Connections, join and quit two jobs for Renaissance Sim, then finally join Tech Guru.
For a geek like me, the eSport Gamer career would be ideal. I don’t start work until tomorrow.

Carlos: Wow, you maxed Homestyle and Gourmet Cooking while earning points for Connections!
First, let’s get 4 more of your skills to level 8 to complete Renaissance Sim, so you can buy more traits.
Next, we’ll go back and max those skills so you can later mentor your own children.
Yuki: What perfect planning, Carlos. I really appreciate your sticking around to help me!

Carlos: You know what, Yuki? We make an awesome combo! We’re done with Renaissance Sim in half a day.
Yuki: To be fair, I already had Level 7 Handiness and Painting, Level 5 Logic, and Level 2 Painting when we started. Still, we made great time.
Carlos: Well, what are you waiting for, bro? Go ahead and insta-complete Mansion Baron and Fab Wealthy!

Donato: Paolo, it’s time for you to cake up! No party because we want to take you and Yuki to the gym before Banana leaves for her first day of work, okay?
Paolo: It’s cool, Dad. Here I go!

Paolo: I am Outgoing and Cheerful, just like Dad. And I share the same aspiration as Great-Grandpa Zach: Freelance Botanist.
Banana: Paolo has such clean, wholesome features! He looks so intelligent and thoughtful, too.
W: *says a little prayer of thanks that Paolo didn’t roll Outdoor Herbalist…

Paolo: As the first member of Gen5, I hear that I have to choose between the Detective career and the Party Animal aspiration.
I wonder which would suit me better?



Whims: The use of cooking whims to earn aspiration points is a strategy shared by Queen Nutella after she won the 2016 Baby Boomer Challenge on Carl’s Forum.
Yuki also randomly spawned “Level up xx skill (from Renaissance Sim aspiration)” whims for various skills, which I pursued only for mentor-able skills.
I canceled most other whims immediately.

Pregnancy: Used to last three days with a pregnancy test (plus a 3-day infant stage) or four days without a pregnancy test (plus a 2-day infant stage).
Recently, I’ve noticed sims having 3-day pregnancies even without the pregnancy test. However, I’m too lazy to track this systematically now.

Gen5 Objectives: The fifth generation’s objectives will be to complete the Detective career, complete the Party Animal aspiration, and start a restaurant.
This chapter’s last image is just a joke. As an outgoing, cheerful sim, Paolo will make an excellent detective.
Due to staggered births, Paolo will enjoy several weeks of his active career as the only working sim in the household. Good luck, Paolo!

Party Animal: I repaired my game but my Party Animal aspiration’s party counter still isn’t working.  I’ll just need to track the party number manually.

Mori 4.39: Dag Dag, Nooboo!


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