Mori 4.39: Dag Dag, Nooboo!

Week 21/Monday

Banana: This has to be a quick trip to the gym, folks. I start work at 5 pm today and don’t want to be late for my very first day!
Nao: Look at the three of you on your treadmills, each with your own mentor! You have no idea what a luxury that is!
Carlos: Focus, Yuki, focus!
Yuki: Oh c’mon, Carlos! Can’t I just peek at my gorgeous wife with her first-trimester baby bump?

Nao: *shares detox secrets
Banana: Thanks so much, Dad! I came home from the gym feeling so embarrassed!
Some weird guy stood next to my treadmill at the gym and kept flirting with me, but I wanted to finish my “Work out at gym venue.”
Nao: I’m glad to help you get over your embarrassment. Yuki looked pretty mad, too!
Banana: I saw that! Anyway, I should be Playful for work, but I’m going for Very Happy instead. *leaves for work Happy, not Very Happy

Donato: I recently completed Freelance Botanist while you were a baby, so I’ve set things up to help you finish faster.
Paolo: Thanks, Dad. My life would get easier with a few more reward traits!

Donato: First, go plant this cowplant berry. Growing a cowplant takes the longest to achieve.
On the other hand, no one’s requiring you to grow your own excellent garden from scratch!
Paolo: Well, that’s a huge relief! I guess that’s understandable, since I’m not an Immortal Dynasty heir.

Donato: Next, plant and water those rows of plants. Be sure to lock that gate for everyone except you.
Paolo: Thanks for setting this all up for me, Dad! My very own garden!

Carlos: Why am I mentoring you in Fitness, Yuki? Dad only requires me to help you max Handiness, Logic, Painting, and Piano.
Yuki: Didn’t you notice that dude flirting with Banana at the gym earlier?
Carlos: Of course, I did. You got jealous and jumped off the treadmill twice to go tell him off.
I had to drag you back to finish your workout so Banana could come home and prepare for work.

Yuki: Other guys will continue to make moves on Banana because I look scrawny and weak!
Carlos: Okay, okay. You win, Yuki! I’ll add Fitness to my list. But only because you’re a Quick Learner!
Yuki: Let’s just replace Painting with Fitness! And I don’t need to get all bulked up!
Carlos: Right, you just don’t want to remain one of those slender, effeminate males that our Watchette adores.
W: *whispers: How did they know?

Nao: Do you think we could try changing the club vibe from Happy to Playful for Banana’s sake?
Donato: Let’s give it a try!
Nao: *switches club vibe to Playful then immediately back to Happy
Whoa, that was an extremely close call! Banana became hysterical.

Donato: Probably because she has Eating for Two and other happy moodlets boosting her main mood.
Nao: Well, the good thing is that she’s now Very Happy instead of just Happy. Whew, what a near disaster!

Paolo: By the time I’m done planting and watering everything in my garden, I’m already Level 4 Gardening.
Donato: Yeah, that’s kind of the point! I could have added more plants so you’d reach Level 5 instead, but that’s enough for today.


Banana: I’m almost done with my daily task! Thankfully, my work mood changes to Inspired at Level 5!
Nao: Are you listening to Alternative music, Banana?
Banana: Well, yeah. After I was voted heir, Watchette changed our Gender law to Strict Equality.
That means the next heir cannot be the same gender as me; namely, the Gen5 heir must be male.

Nao: I see. We’ve alternated genders for the heirs up to now, so that makes sense. Is it okay to switch succession laws in mid-legacy like that?
Banana: Honestly, I doubt that our watcher even cares about things like that anymore.
W: Awww, when you put it that way, I almost feel bad. But not bad enough, hehe.

Carlos: Dude, don’t you have enough points to buy Savant yet? I’ve got places to go, you know!
Yuki: Oh please! I’m a Quick Learner so I spent my points buying more useful stuff. Anyway, I’m almost done with Logic!
Carlos: But what you need right now is a Lavender aromatherapy massage for your first day of work!

Yuki: What am I ever going to do without you, man?
Carlos: Haha, you’ll manage, I’m sure! Soon, work and family will keep you super busy!
Yuki: So, what’s it like being a father, Carlos?
Carlos: Me? I really wouldn’t know yet. I’ve spent all my time here since Ainsley’s birth two days ago.
Yuki: Awww, I’m sorry, Carlos!

Banana: What a relief to get promoted and choose the Musician branch! Now my work mood will be Inspired!

Paolo: Dad really knows what he’s talking about! I reached Level 10 Gardening on the second day.
All that remains is waiting for my cowplant to grow!

Yuki: Congrats on your promotion today, Banana. How are you feeling?
Banana: I’m in my third trimester now. Can’t you tell? I look like a whale!
Yuki: May I feel the baby?

Banana: I appreciate the fertility massage, Dad. Triplets would be ideal, but twins would be nice, too.
Nao: If you really want to try for triplets, we need Carlos to move out tomorrow afternoon.

Banana: I saw Ayaki earlier and she’s with child again. She’s positively glowing!
Nao: I heard that news from Carlos, too. I think he’d be overjoyed to move out tomorrow.


Yuki: Oops, you caught me dancing without music. I’m a dance machine, you know.
W: Well, you are certainly some kind of wonderful, Yuki! Two promotions in your first two days of work.
Yuki: Well, the bath soaks, aromatherapy massages, and cowplant essences certainly don’t hurt!
W: But one question, what the heck are you wearing? You look like a medical intern.
Yuki: Yeah, I complained about this work uniform earlier, too. The shoes are the worst! At least, I’m not wearing a hair net, I guess.

Carlos: I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you, buddy. After you max Fitness tonight, I’m outta here.
Yuki: Awww, man! But I understand you wanting to live with your family! I’d feel the same!
Carlos: Dude, I just spent two hours mentoring you on the weightlifting machine and you’re now Level 9 Fitness.
How can you still be so skinny?

Yuki: Oh, please, you mean “slim,” not “skinny,” right?  All I want is to be able to knock the living daylights out of anyone who macks on Banana or bothers my family.
Otherwise, I’d rather look like one of those slender, effeminate guys that Watchette prefers. *grins
Carlos: Oh yeah, sucking up to the boss big time!

Paolo: Remind me why I’m learning Handiness, Dad?
Donato: For your Detective career, Handiness will be useful for upgrading your evidence analyzer and repairing a broken computer.

Paolo: Okay, I see. By the way, I’m super relieved that I’m not responsible for completing Party Animal. Do you think I can keep that faux leopard-skin coat anyway?

W: What are you doing out here by yourself, Carlos?
Carlos: Yuki maxed Fitness but needs to work on his career-related skills, so I have nothing to do right now. As soon as Dad finishes Banana’s fertility massage, I can move out!

W: Are you glad to be leaving?
I’ve enjoyed my life here and learned so very much, but I’m ready to start a family of my own. My Ainsley aged up into a pretty little redhead today, you know.
And, hey, we live right down the street so I hope everyone comes to visit!


Banana: When I go into labor around 1 am, I decide to have the baby at the hospital and Yuki of course joins me.

Banana: Where are you, darling? I can’t see you?
Yuki: I’m over here on the computer, making sure you’re getting the most cutting-edge medical care!

W: Hey, isn’t that heart-shaped hot tub from “Sims Forever”?

Yuki: Sshhh, I need to reach Level 5 video gaming for my next work shift.

Yuki: My gorgeous wife, I was so sick with worry but you look fabulous! (Whew, I’m glad she didn’t notice!)
Banana: Let’s go home and see our family, darling! (He thinks I couldn’t hear the hot tub music from Sims Forever?)

Yuki: We are now the proud parents of twin sons!
Banana: I’m holding our first-born Ranma, named after that wonderful manga “Ranma 1/2.”
YukI: And I’m holding our second-born Takumi, which means “Artisan.”
Banana: What do you think, dear? I’m of the opinion that we still need a daughter!
W: Yay, twins! Still, Zach’s left-eye squint is a really persistent genetic trait!

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