Mori 4.40: Put de Lime in de Coconut

Week 21/Thursday

W: Good morning, Banana! You look very lovely and heiress-esque in your formal wear!
Banana: Oh, is that why you had me change out of my PJs? So, what’s up?

W: Well, you’ve been Gen4 heiress for six days now. Impressions?
Banana: As the Gen4 heir, I’ve enjoyed so many fantastic opportunities that my siblings never see.
Instead of being shipped off to Willow Creek, I meet an incredibly adorable sim from the Gallery.
That irresistible Yuki is now my husband and we have twin boys!
I absolutely can’t wait for their birthday on Saturday!

W: Any concerns?
Banana: Only one. The entire household’s terrified of the Party Animal aspiration.
We’ve even read  online that the devs released a patch fixing the party counter, but it’s obviously still broken.

W: I read a post this morning about changing aspirations, saving and exiting the game, then rebooting and selecting Party Animal again.
I tried that and all the other suggestions (except re-installing). I’ll just keep track for you manually. *shrugs

Paolo: While practicing yoga before school, I spy my full-grown cowplant in the periphery of my vision.
I’m now a full-fledged Freelance Botanist!  Off you go into the family inventory, cowplant!

Donato: I don’t know about you, Dad, but I’m starting to get bored.
Nao: In my case, I’m waiting for Banana to finish her Bestselling Author aspiration.
Donato: You and I need to mentor more efficiently. Carlos and Yuki optimized mentoring because they had limited time together.

Nao: I agree. Banana’s Writing is maxed, so she could work on Bestselling Author later.
Donato: Exactly! Let’s prioritize the mentor-able skills, like Carlos and Yuki did.
No letting Banana and Paolo practice yoga and such while we sit around waiting!

W: So, Yuki, how do you like living in the Mori household so far?
Yuki: Are you kidding me? Every day, every moment, I’m living the dream here!
But do you mind if we chat later? Because of the babies, I’m still not finished preparing for work today.

Paolo: Watchette, I’ve been meaning to ask you…
W: Yes? 
Paolo: In 10 more days, I become a young adult and start the Detective career. When I complete it, do I live a life of service in this house forever, like Dad?
W: Not unless you want, Paolo. For Gen5, one of your cousins will assume your dad’s Cadet role. It’s not hereditary.
If you meet someone you like, you can move out and start a family, like Carlos did.

Paolo: Thanks for letting me know! I’ve been really curious about what’s expected of me here as Cadet Child.


Banana: Early Friday morning, I receive the Eating for Two notice. It’s official!
Nao: You don’t look very happy about it, Banana. What’s wrong?
Banana: Oh, I’m really pleased that we’re having another baby. But ever since Watchette mentioned that I squint my left eye, I’ve realized that I do it a lot.
I’m deeply unhappy about that quirk!

Paolo: As I prepare to leave for school, I spy a little redheaded girl across the street and run over to meet her.
Good morning, my name’s Paolo Mori. Are you, by chance, my cousin, Ainsley Park?
Ainsley: Yes, that’s me! I was so hoping to meet you!
W: Seeing how cute Ainsley is makes me want to have a pollinator in the Mori household, just to pass on any good genes in this simverse!

Donato: Hi Grandma Nami. It’s always fabulous to see you looking so well!
Nami: Ahhh, and how is my favorite grandson this morning?
Donato: Actually, I got a text from Mom’s ghost earlier and wanted to ask you how she died.
Nami: She died of old age last night, Donato, while she was staring at the massage table. My time is coming, too. I can feel it!

Donato: Well, we’ll have to invite you over real soon. You have two more great-grandsons!
Nami: I still regret what happened to Stevie, Donato. I hope you’ve come to accept your tragic loss.
Donato: Thank you, Grandma. Paolo’s presence is a comfort and a blessing!

Banana: While I’m taking advantage of Dad’s Patriarch trait to learn Gourmet Cooking, he suddenly leaps up and becomes an elder. Oh Dad, I’m so sorry!
I’ve been so caught up with marriage, work, and babies that I missed your birthday notices!
Donato: And since Grandma Nami is still around, we just thought…
Nao: I’ll be moving out as soon as Banana finishes work tonight. Donato, you’re now the household elder.

Paolo: I invite my classmate Leann Damico over after school today. Uh Dad, you can leave any time, okay?

W: She’s one of the infants that appeared when I first tried the “adopt-then-cancel” trick.
I should do this whenever the household gives birth to potential heirs, I think. Like now, for Ranma and Takumi.

Donato: Paolo’s not the only one to invite a “friend” over. That’s Dr. Lila McBride who recently delivered Banana’s twins.
Dad must be having a mid-life crisis. He even took over Paolo’s Amigo Club! That ole geezer better not over-exert himself!

Nao: Doctor, ain’t there nothin’ I can take? I say, Doctor, to relieve this bellyache?
Lila: Put de lime in de coconut and drink them both together. Put de lime in de coconut, then you feel better.

Leann: I’ve always had my eye on you, Paolo, so I’m really glad you invited me over. But what’s with that outfit?
Paolo: I’m not sure. A few hours ago, Grandpa stole the club I’ve had since I was a kid. So my dad turned over his own club to me.
I guess he forgot about the club uniforms. The club’s named Eduardo, so I’ll have to rename it as well as switch up the uniforms.

W: I’d completely forgotten about the uniforms! Paolo’s too thin to pull it off but I giggle anyway.

Donato: Dad, you ole dawg, you!  I took the Amigos Club back so we could get you ready to move out.
Looks like you really didn’t need a club to help you win over Dr. Lila McBride. I’m impressed!

Nao: Well, son, I’ve been thinking. I wouldn’t mind living with Mom and cousin Lukia at the Munch Haus if Lila were there, too.
Donato: Okay, Dad. We’ll make sure that happens.

Donato: Looks like the doctor is really into you, too, Dad!
Nao: What can I say? It’s not like we Mori’s lack charisma and charm!
Donato: I’m just glad my son Paolo isn’t around to see you behaving this way, Dad. He’d be so shocked!

Paolo: The neat and childish Leann and I share our first kiss!

Paolo: No, we’re not moving too fast! Leann’s been in my Amigos Club since forever. But now, she’s my girlfriend! Izzat awesome or wut? *grins widely
Leann: *squees
Paolo (whispers): But I’ve decided to hold off on exchanging Promise Rings…

Leann: Hey now, Paolo, pay attention to where you place that left hand!
W: You’re so right, Donato! Paolo would be devastatingly shocked!

Donato: This update has turned into such a kissy chapter, but all I get is dirty-diaper duty! *sighs

Donato: I’m also in charge of checking adoptions but have to wait for Dad to leave because we have a full house.
Let’s see, there are 2 baby boys and 1 baby girl; also, there are 4 grade-school girls and 2 grade-school boys.
If Banana and Yuki’s kids can just meet these kids, they’ll fly through Social Butterfly!


Banana: After I get home from work at 10 pm, we move Dad out then wait for the twins to age up.
It’s well past midnight when they finally do!
Yuki: That’s Ranma next to Banana, and Takumi next to me. Do they look like identical twins to you?

Ranma (right): Hi! I’m an Art Lover and a Rambunctious Scamp. My colors are red and black.
Takumi (left): Hi! I’m Neat and an Artistic Prodigy. My colors are brownish tones. My vision’s 20/20 but I wear cosmetic frames so you can tell us apart easier. *grins

Ranma: So when will our sister be born?
Takumi: On Monday around 6 am. How do you know we’re going to have a sister?
Ranma: I don’t. But Mom and Dad keep saying they want a daughter.

Nao: Though Banana has just recently taken the helm as Gen4 heir, the entire household has shifted gears in preparation for supporting the fifth generation.
As a Legacy Club member, I return to help Takumi with his aspiration.
Banana: I continue writing. I need to write 3 bestsellers before I can write Books of Life.
Yuki: Painting is a useful skill for mentoring the children and producing memorial portraits.

Ranma: Thanks for coaching me in swimming, Uncle Donato. Playing on the space gym alone wasn’t fun at all.

Paolo: Since Dad’s busy with Ranma tonight, I’m reading skill books for the Nerd Brain aspiration.
I figure Nerd Brain’s insta-repair action would be handy wherever I go.
It’s crazy how quickly things changed around here, don’t you think?
Suddenly Grandpa Nao has moved out and Dad, who’s still a young adult, is the elder of the house!

Grandma Marci died just a few days after moving out. And Grandpa Nao lived here his whole life.
He didn’t even get a new girlfriend until he was old and grey.
That’s not the life I want for Dad or for me, either. That’s why I need to get my act together! Operation Get a Life!

Mori 4.41: Strawberry Fields Forever

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