Mori 4.42: Name Dat Song

Week 22/Wednesday

Yuki: Day-o, Day-ay-ay-o! Day is breakin’ and me wanna go home.
Banana: Sweetheart, would you mind not singing? I’m trying to concentrate on this yoga routine.
And please tell me you’re not singing that Banana Boat song!
Yuki: Oh come on, who doesn’t like that Jamaican folk song? And anyway, there aren’t any good banana jokes.

Banana: Changing the subject, I’m glad completing the Bodybuilder aspiration didn’t transform you into the Hulk.
Yuki: My arms are noticeably more muscular, but I can still squeeze into my slim jeans!

Donato: My son Paolo, on the other hand, really put on the muscle to maximize his full body potential. I barely recognize him.
Banana: He hardly looks like a teenager anymore! By the way, did you hear the news? Grandma Nami passed away last night.
Donato: I guess saying that someone’s lived a long life seems to end up jinxing them, doesn’t it?

Ranma: I’ve invited my clubmate Madeleine Sweeney to become my final child-stage friend for Social Butterfly.
The family’s quickly lost all interest in her since learning that she’s a Goofball.
Paolo explained to me what happened to his mother who was also a Goofball. How very sad!

Donato: Why is that horrid nanny back in our house?
Takumi: Sorry, Dad. Ranma and I need one more adult friend.
Besides family, Ranma and I knew the nanny the best, so she’s just here until we both befriend her.

Dulce: Dad keeps telling me that we look alike. I hope that means he’s gonna spoil me rotten.

Rina: So what am I, anyway? The ugly stepsister? Everyone else is working on their aspirations for real.
But not me! I’m here just leveling my Social skill.
Banana: Sorry, hun. Helping three children complete Social Butterfly at the same time is just too much work.
W: Hey, Rina. Do you like the beach? How would you like to live on an island?
(The plan is to move her out right after her teen birthday. Four kids is too much to handle.)

Takumi: Now that I have two adult friends, I ask the nanny to leave.
Seeking new club members again, I find Adrian Bateman, who’s an Art Lover. She’s cute but a bit boring.
I hope I can befriend her quickly! I still haven’t done my homework for tomorrow.


Yuki: Four children is so much work! Banana and I are quite grateful for all the help from the family, especially Donato!

Whoa, I better focus! This is a particularly nasty scenario and that berserker nearly decapitated my double-blade rogue!
Where the heck is Solas when you need him?

Dulce: After all the time we’ve spent together, I can’t believe Uncle Donato rejected my first request to be BFFs!
What’s with that “Nuh uh uh” response? Why would he play hard to get with a six-year-old? Sheesh.

Ranma (strutting): It feels great to be done with all our aspirations, right, bro?
Takumi: You bet! And once we’re done with Charisma, we can move on to the fun stuff!

Rina (off screen): Ugly Duckling here, bringing up the rear…

Dulce: Sshhh, I hear Paolo will soon join the Detective career so we’ll keep this a secret from him, okay?
Yes, Snow Kitty, take a good look at my beaker. I’m on the verge of a scientific breakthrough.
Gloomy genius that I am, I’ve figured out how to design synthetic Essence of Happiness! Cowplantz, your days are over!

Donato: Congrats on maxing the eSport Gamer career, Yuki!  It’s the perfect career choice for you, too.
Yuki: Yeah, I’m glad it’s done. Now I can help support Paolo in his detective career.
Donato: Paolo’s young adult birthday is on Sunday, so your timing is impeccable!

Banana: Only thing is, my beloved, you’ll need to quit your job.
Yuki: Oh why? So I can spend more time with the kids? I’m planning to do that as well, darling.
Banana: Well, the kids, too. But more importantly, that career outfit is not a good look for you! Change back to your new everyday outfit, please.

Banana: Honey, I know that we’ve started the Soulmate aspiration and that you’re a big fan of Pharrell Williams.
But don’t you think humming that song “Get Lucky” right at this moment is blatantly presumptuous and crassly over-confident of you?

Yuki: Um…maybe? *smiles innocently


Yuki: Today, we both take the day off to host our wedding, which we’ve postponed for weeks.
Banana: In keeping with the banana theme, I really want a Carmen Miranda headdress or a lovely yellow gown. My search bears no fruit. (hehe, sorry!)
In the end, I give up and let the game dress me. A black bridal gown, huh?

Yuki: Oh, my love! A million days in your arms is never too much!
Banana: Sweetheart, aren’t those words from “Never Too Much”? Which do you prefer? The original by Luther Vandross or Mary J. Blige’s tribute to Luther?

Yuki (to himself): Ooooh, busted! I guess it’s no surprise that we like the same music.
I’ll just make a cute face and let the moment pass…

Banana: From beginning to end, 365 days of the year, I want your same ole love, baby. And all I wanna do is keep on loving you.
Yuki: Hey, don’t you be looking like you made that up!
That’s my jam—“Same Ole Love” by Anita Baker!

Banana: Haha, I guess that makes us even! I’m not good at composing wedding vows, either!

Yuki: We spend most of our wedding night hard at work.
Banana: Uh yeah…working hard on Soulmate, that is. You can imagine what a pain that was! *winks impishly

Week 23/Sunday

Paolo: To celebrate my young adult birthday, we throw a small dinner party.
I am Outgoing and Cheerful like Dad, and now I’m also a Perfectionist like my dearly departed mother.

I don’t really look much like Dad, except for my eyebrows. I wonder where I got the cleft chin?
As soon as the party’s over, I join the Detective career but I don’t start work until Tuesday.

Yuki: Initially, I thought the twins looked more like Donato than me, but today I see a little of me in Takumi. What do you think?

Dulce: For my second adult friend, I invite over Grandpa’s brother Sora and ask him to mentor me in Piano.
Making friends with one more child won’t be hard.
Nao: My daughter with Dr. Lime in de Coconut is in grade school now. You should go for a visit and meet her!

Dulce: I visit the Munch Haus with Mom and Dad. Grandpa Nao’s wife is an Insane, Gloomy Genius.
Their self-assured daughter is technically my Auntie Jane. She has her mother’s green eyes.
I invite her over to our home to befriend, and the Social Butterfly is now free to fly.

Yuki: Later that evening, Banana and I complete the Soulmate aspiration at the same time.
Banana: Of course, we get the notice at the very moment that neither of us is doing anything remotely romantic.

Banana: Two days from now on Tuesday, Paolo goes to the Police Station for his first day of work in the Detective career and Donato celebrates his adult birthday.
Nothing much will happen here until then so let’s meet next on Tuesday.
Before closing this chapter, however, I’d like to share some banana-themed images..

And yes, those are little bananas on my waist-high shorts! Cute, are they not?

Banana: I would kill for this skirt by Prada. It’s from five years ago so where could I find it? Watchette, why don’t you learn to recolour?

Banana: I leave you, dear readers, with a long shot of Carmen Miranda—Brazilian bombshell, singer, and dancer—from the first color film choreographed by Busby Berkeley (known for his musical extravaganzas), titled “The Gang’s All Here” (1943).
Actually, not THE first color film, but the first color film for which Busby Berkeley did the choreography.

Ahhh, my little shorts seem vastly insignificant in comparison with Carmen’s headdress! I’m experiencing a bout of banana envy!

Mori 4.43: Bye Bye, Bananas!

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