Mori 4.43: Bye Bye, Bananas!

Week 23/Monday

Takumi: I know, I know. We aren’t supposed to meet back until Tuesday.
Ranma: But Watchette is so happy to catch all four of us leaving for school together.
Dulce: And besides, Ranma and Takumi become teens this Friday, so it’s a rare shutter opp!

Paolo: I’d like to catch up with my girlfriend Leann before I get too busy with work. She’s a young adult now, too.
She’s unemployed but has great traits: Neat, Childish, and Family Oriented.
Maybe she should be “reserved” for Ranma or Takumi? Nah….

Leann: Well, now that we are BFFs, maybe Paolo will stop with the friendly socials and let nature take its course!

Paolo: Let’s make a quick trip to the closet between dates!
Leann: Oh closet? Wait, you’re not joining me in the closet?
Paolo: *watches Leann try on different outfits
Wow, Leann, you’re gorgeous! Who could resist you when look like this! *feels impatient to put a ring on it

Leann: Yeah, thanks! My other outfit was so high school!
W: In summary, Paolo proposes and Leann accepts, then he moves Leann and her mum into The Lighthouse with elders Brennan Bjergsen and Sora Mori.


Paolo: My first day at the Police Station. First, I get a case assignment, then I travel to the crime scene.
What a surprise that it’s the Munch Haus, home of Grandpa Nao.
Thankfully, or oddly, Gramps and his family are nowhere to be found today.

Paolo: I interview some witnesses, including a ghostly blue Wendell Behr who—if you recall–was The Founder Kaoru’s love child with Candy Behr.

I search for clues, snap photos of evidence, gather samples, and dust for fingertips.
When that’s all done, I return to the Station.

Thanks to Nerd Brain, I’m able to Insta-Upgrade an analyzer before attempting to analyze any evidence.

At noon, to my disappointment, I’m told to turn over my findings to the lead investigator.
My next promotion requires that I solve my own case. I wonder when I’ll get to do that!
I spend the rest of the day processing suspects at the booking station and doing other busy work.
By the way, I’ve slathered the Station’s walls with surplus Space Prints from home to boost my Focus.

My biggest shock of the day? The Chief of Police is my uncle, Fabio Mori!

Elderly policewoman: You there, young man! By chance, is your name Paolo Mori?
Paolo: Yes, that’s me. May I ask who I have the pleasure of speaking with?
Kaila: I’m Kaila Damico, the mother of your fiancée Leann. I just wanted to introduce myself to my future son-in-law.
Also, thank you so much for moving Leann and me into that breathtaking house by the sea!
Paolo: Wow, it’s certainly a small world, isn’t it? (How did Leann forget to mention her mom worked here, too?)

Donato: After Banana gets home that night, the family throws a small dinner party to celebrate my adult birthday.
Banana: You’re older and wiser now, big bro, but still handsome as heck!
Donato: My baby face gone forever! *weeps
Takumi (in brown): Dad, is Uncle Donato for real?

Yuki: You are no doubt wondering why I stand here before you, looking fly in a Senior Detective’s uniform.  Well, Wednesday is the day our legacy started going downhill.
To shorten a very long story, Watchette did a factory reset and deleted relevant cache files, then started a new game with yours truly in the Detective career.

Thanks to my superb investigative skills, I narrowed the culprit down to Banana’s new high-waist banana shorts.
Or so we thought. On Thursday, we get stuck trying to reach a crime scene as well.
Consequently, we’ve taken out the entire Mods folder and will replay from Wednesday morning.
W: And if even that doesn’t work, Paolo will need to change careers. Thanks, Yuki!


Paolo: On my second day of work, I’m immediately sent off to patrol my own neighborhood.
For some reason, Jasmine Holiday appears with a new hairdo and the symbol on her jacket is an arrow, not a sugar skull.
I secretly pray that someone will kick her butt for constantly lurking around our lot.

Paolo: Uncle Carlos picks a fight with Jasmine and emerges the victor! How do I know she’s Jasmine, you ask?
When I try to issue her a citation, I only get the option to “Ask about the Day of the Dead challenge.” Dommage!

Paolo: After successfully visiting a crime scene and arresting the suspect, I’m back at the Station.
W: Overly excited about Paolo finally visiting a crime scene, I forget to take a single shot!
Paolo: Half the clues I received were wrong! They told me to pursue a black-haired male teen in a jacket.
But the correct suspect was an adult male in a denim jacket with a red-haired mohawk. Luckily, I’d read online that receiving incorrect clues is not uncommon.

If I get my own case tomorrow and solve it, I’ll be promoted to Level 5 Senior Detective on my third day of work.
This is going to be a difficult, time-consuming career to complete, yo!
W: Gah! We barely make it through Paolo’s first two days of work.

Yuki: And what are you two rascals up to tonight?
Ranma: Nothing! We got nothing to do! We’re bored!
Yuki: Really, you both have nothing at all to do?
Takumi: Well, we’ve maxed every skill we can, except Mischief. Shall we start leveling our Mischief?
Yuki: No, no, boys, no mischief. Just carry on enjoying the final days of your childhood, doing nothing.

Donato: Congrats, little sis, on completing the Musician career.
Yuki: You look gorgeous in that gown, too, darling.

Banana: For some reason, I was bald for half my work shift. I’m glad I got some hair back!
Aaaand, I still prefer “no cc” over all of us being thrown out to the bin! *phones in to quit her job


Yuki: Yo, what’s going on?
Paolo: Dad’s giving me a Lavender aromatherapy massage. What’s up?
Yuki: You both have little lightbulbs and plus signs circling your heads. Is that normal?
Donato: I assigned “Bracing Breezes” as a lot trait last night. Maybe that?
Yuki: Cool.
Paolo: Not cool! I have an Energized +1 Bracing Breezes moodlet, but I need to be Focused for work.
Donato: Just relax, Paolo. If the Detective career doesn’t work out after all, it’s not a big deal, okay?
Paolo: Easy for you to say! I feel like I’m just treading water, without making any progress at all!

Ranma: Wow, look at Uncle Donato do a cannonball into the pool!
Takumi: Yeah, he’s so awesome! He always has perfect form! Have you seen his swan dive?

Some time later…
Takumi: Um, Ranma? Why is Grandpa swimming in there?
Ranma: I dunno. Maybe he’s losing his memory and forgot about our backyard pool?
Takumi: Speaking of old, Dad’s supposed to have his adult birthday today but I overheard him talking about Potion of Youth.
Ranma: Oh yeah, I heard that, too! He was yammering about preserving his youthful charm. What charm?

Paolo: You’ve already guessed why I’m home mixing drinks instead of at the Police Station, right?
Even after removing all cc, I made it to the crime scene but–after issuing an APB–couldn’t travel to arrest a suspect.
Since the Detective career is too broken to play after 9+ hours of troubleshooting, we’ve restarted today (Thursday) from 7:30 a.m.

I’ve switched to the Culinary career because, among the careers left, it’s the only one with weekend shifts.
I definitely don’t need to be off work until next Monday, amirite?
On the plus side, we’ll get all our cool hair and clothes back.
W: Weird Paolo! You dance in front of the dresser for 20 sim-minutes instead of picking “Plan Outfits.”
The kids almost miss school again because of you! And yes, this lot has the Homey trait, too.

Yuki: Seriously, dude? You’re a young adult now, but your favorite drink’s still Cream Cola?


Banana: We’ve all waited up to receive the notices about celebrating the twins’ birthdays, which arrive around 2 a.m.
Yuki: They age up into identically handsome scalawags, though unbelievably skinny. Not slim, skinny as beanpoles!

Ranma (in red/black): Hey, we heard that! I’m an Art Lover Geek with the Master Chef aspiration.
Paolo (sighs): I phone in right away to switch from Culinary to the Painter career. The fates have deserted me!

Takumi (in brown): I’m a Neat, Creative sim with the Mansion Baron aspiration which I insta-complete.
By the way, I stopped wearing cosmetic frames, since Ranma always wears red/black and I’m always in brown.

Banana: Here’s a collage of me with my gang.
On the very left is Dad as a teenager. Our sons resemble him quite a bit, except their eyes are a little bigger and set wider apart.
Yuki is so cute, yet I can’t find a portrait that does him justice. The boys seem to have inherited little from Yuki besides his skintone.
I wish they’d turned out looking more like him than like my father, really.
Yuki: Oh come on, look how handsome they are! They’re the best-looking guys in the legacy so far! You can’t say that’s not partly my influence, right?



About Paolo, just two words. Poor Paolo. But he’s maxed painting already so he should be okay with the Painter/Master of the Real career.

Dulce and Rina will age up to teens in four sim-days (on Tuesday). Unless she drastically changes between now and then, Rina will be moved out soon after their party.
At that point, I’ll be asking for your thoughts on who should become the Gen5 heir, Ranma or Takumi.
Now that the Paolo/Detective drama is over, I can focus more on showcasing the potential heirs. They’re really cute!

Mori 4.44: Dulce Sweetens Up (Gen5 Heir Vote

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