Mori 4.44: Dulce Sweetens Up (Gen5 Heir Vote

Week 23/Friday

Banana: I don’t think I’ve ever seen two such undernourished teenage boys! Is this your influence, Yuki?
Yuki: *pretends not to hear
Ranma: Awww, come on, Mom. You know that we can just level up our fitness. Skinny is easier to fix than ugly.
Rina (internally): I really hope he’s not talking about me…

Takumi: A big thank you for sharing your thoughts, readers, about my wearing glasses.
Watchette and I waivered over the decision when I first aged up, but I like my new frames.

Yuki: What is it about massages anyway? Whenever I needed one for work, everyone took forever to get around to actually giving me a massage.
An unsolilcited, unwanted massage, however, is processed unbelievably fast.

Paolo: I know what you mean! The boys asked Dad and Auntie Banana to help them with their homework.
Auntie Banana was about to offer Ranma a sports massage instead, except Watchette canceled it in time.
W: Oh Banana, you’re one of my favorite sims! Please don’t turn into your mother Marci!

Banana: So what’s up for today?
Paolo: I’ve finished my daily task for Painter and the twins are done with homework.
Yuki: Let me just mail my books to the publisher, then we can be off to the gym for Project Sayonara Scrawniness.
Takumi: Nice! Ranma’s gonna be a chef but I want to choose one of the new City Living careers.
Meanwhile, I’d like to work on my fitness.

Yuki: I’m innately slender and, unlike Paolo, have stayed slim even after maximizing my body potential.
I wonder if I looked this scrawny when I was a teenager?
Ranma: Hey, would you quit with the “scrawny” word. It’s starting to hurt our feelings.
Donato: You two are so skinny that….

Takumi: Oh now, you’re going to insult us with a skinny joke? I can’t believe you’re thin-shaming us, Uncle Donato!
Ranma: And here, we’ve been polite and not mentioned how thick your waist’s grown since your adult birthday.
Donato: You did NOT just go there!
Takumi: Touche!

Banana: Donato, when you’re done harassing my boys, would you please send Paolo home?
Your son has bulked up more than enough on weightlifting machines!
Donato: What is this anyway? Body-shaming day? Just because Yuki and your boys are innately slim! *grumble mumble

Paolo: Trying to seem useful and thus avoid being sent home, I run outside to check out this beautiful lady for the twins.
Rowan Burke is a single young adult Scientist, who is a Gloomy, Goofball Glutton. Glutton’s not a unique trait, too bad!

Paolo: Norman Burke shows up soon after. I’m sure cousin Dulce would appreciate Norman’s good looks.
Norman: Odd we haven’t met before, hey? I live in the Partihaus in Downtown Windenberg. You live in Countryside Windenberg, right?
Paolo (to himself): He’s a Mean, Family-Oriented Art Lover. But daaaannng, the man’s got genes that won’t stop!
Norman’s flirty so I’m a little embarrassed to ask if he’s single. He is!
Well, Dulce teens up in 4 days so maybe he can be her elderly baby daddy when she’s a young adult?

Banana: What are you muttering about out here, Paolo?
Ooohhhh, hello there, Mr. Hot-as-Heck-but-Possibly-Too-Old-to-Become-My-Son-in-Law!
Paolo: Auntie Banana, meet Norman Burke. *whispers: he’s a young adult with three unique traits, too, Auntie.
Banana: Hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm. *schemes with a maniacal glee

Paolo: My fiancée Leann shows up looking very, very cute and very, very pregnant.
Oh wait, today’s her due date!

Paolo: Here’s hoping for twins, Leann!
Leann: Has this fertility massage actually worked for your family, Paolo?
Paolo: It’s unpredictable and more like wishful thinking, but still beats just twiddling our thumbs, right?
Auntie Banana had two sets of twins, one set with several fertility massages and one set without any at all.  *keeps massaging intently

Ranma: Takumi’s so lucky to have rolled Mansion Baron, which he instantly completed!
Mine is Master Chef so all I can do during my teen years is work on my cooking and mixology skills.

Ranma: Sure, go ahead and brew yourself some coffee, Leann.
(to himself) If she’s tired, why doesn’t Paolo send her home?
She should be preparing to give birth, not drinking coffee and photobombing me!
*texts Paolo, telling him to call Leann over and ask her to leave

Ranma: Wow, the Homey lot trait is waaaay overpowered!
I prepare five dishes to complete the Master Chef’s “Cook 5 excellent meals” goal in Very Inspired mood.
By the time I’m done, I’ve soared to L7 in both Homestyle and Gourmet Cooking!


Ranma: Dude, is your dad okay? Old age must really be taking its toll on him.
Paolo: Nah, we just rallied the troops so his Energy is maxed. Because he’s a Lazy sim, he loves his siestas.

W: Oh, look how cute, Dulce! You pucker your lips while gaming, just like your father Yuki does!
And go me! I figured out how to overlay a photo so we can compare Yuki and Dulce!

Dulce: Arrrgggh, game over! Didn’t Dad teach you not to distract someone during a boss battle?
W: Oops?

Week 24/Sunday

Takumi: Not to obsess or anything, but maxing Fitness hasn’t transformed my body yet, Uncle Donato.
I sincerely hope there’s a middle ground between looking like a straw and looking like Paolo the Hulk.
Donato: Don’t sweat it, Takumi. You’ll gradually grow into your body. No need to rush!
Takumi: Thanks for the advice, Uncle Donato! Whoa, I have so many aspiration points already!
*buys Carefree, Never Weary, and Professional Slacker

Donato: Oh and remember! No more than 90 minutes of epic weightlifting for you, or Watchette will skin me alive!

Dulce: Hey, the TV disappeared for a long time but now it’s back!
W: Yes, I put it back up to reward you for maxing all your skills except Mischief. Great job, Dulce!
Dulce: Why do you hide the TV, Watchette?
W: The adults are constantly try to watch the Comedy or Romance channel. Very Playful can be deadly, you know!

Dulce: Grrrr, this room has those irritating wind chimes! *gets an Angry +1 “Annoying Chimes” moodlet
W: You’re the first sim I’ve met that dislikes the wind chimes. (According to her moodlet, “If Dulce were taller, she’d rip those chimes down when nobody was looking.” )

Dulce: Nothing beats watching “Lost Dog’s Journey Home” with Daddy. I love him so much!
Yuki: Will you still be my little girl after your teen birthday on Tuesday?
Dulce: Oh Daddy, of course! You are my most favorite sim in the whole wide simverse!
Yuki and Dulce (in unison): Oh noooo! Watch out for the mummies, puppy!

Nao: Banana, you better stop offering everyone a massage! You’re turning into your mother Marci!
W: *cancels the massage and sends Banana to fish at the opposite end of the neighborhood

Paolo: I’ve noticed that Watchette is deliberately not letting Auntie Banana give me pre-work massages.
Donato: Still, she’s causing other family members to drop queues by offering them a massage!
W: I wonder what determines which sims will behave like this? It’s so disruptive and annoying!

Paolo (pumps first): Yahoo! Now this is what I’m talking about!
Donato: Congrats on earning two promotions in two days, son. You’re a Level 6 Painter now, correct?
Paolo: Yes, Negotiate Bonus definitely helped me out today! And, of course, your aromatherapy massage as well!

Donato: Glad I could help out, Paolo. It’s great to see you so motivated!
Paolo: Thanks, Dad. I’ve felt like such a loser after that whole detective debacle and I never got promoted even once!

By the way, Leann gave birth to a baby girl! We’ve named her Mikaela. Let’s go visit when she ages up!


Donato: Because he started out with Mansion Baron, Takumi completes a barrage of aspirations and amasses considerable points, while Ranma waits to join the Chef career.
Takumi: Thanks for mentoring me, Uncle Donato. That’s a wrap for Nerd Brain! Next, Bestselling Author.
Donato: Great idea, Takumi. I’ll mentor you in writing.

Ranma: Hey, I’m not just waiting around! I’ve maxed a few useful skills as well; I just can’t switch to other aspirations yet.
Since my teen birthday, I’ve maxed Mixology, Fitness, and Handiness.  I’m L9 Guitar and almost done with both Cooking skills, too.

Banana: See, Watchette? I can be useful, too! Do you like me when I mentor my kids?
W: Banana, I like you so much that I’ve moved the massage tables to an inaccessible part of the roof.
What a hassle to have to go into Build mode and move a massage table before every work shift.
But if this is what it takes to nip your recent massage obsession in the bud, Banana, it’ll be worth the extra trouble!


Dulce: Finally, 7 am rolls around and it’s time for our teen birthdays!
Ranma: Takumi and I take a vacation day from school to join in the festivities (and I may have a dinner party goal to complete for Master Chef).
Banana and Yuki: Happy birthday, Dulce!
Dulce: I’m now Gloomy and Childish with the Angling Ace aspiration.
W: Surprisingly, she ages up from blue cc hair to blue Maxis hair!

Banana: Rina doesn’t fare as well as Dulce in the genetics department, but we knew this was coming.
She rather resembles some of the less attractive female members of the Mori clan.
Yuki: Yup, that’s all you and the Mori genes, dear!

Banana: Hey! Are you asking to sleep on the couch tonight, Yuki darling?
Anyway, Rina is now Active and Loves the Outdoors with the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration. She’ll be moving out after this party.

Yuki: On the other hand, Dulce turns out to be the most beautiful female sim thus far born into the Mori clan!
This is due, no doubt, to her childhood resemblance to me!
W: As the fuzzy collage shows, Dulce is gorgeous even with very light make-up. *happy sigh

From left to right: Everyday, Formal, Athletic, and Party outfits

Vote for the Gen5 Heir, Please

As I mentioned previously (I think), the twin sons and Dulce will remain until space is needed to move in spouses, have children, and so forth.
I haven’t figured out yet the best timing to move Donato and his son Paolo out (Paolo, of course, needs to finish his career first).
I would love to see Dulce’s nooboos, but only the chosen Gen5 heir (Ranma or Takumi) can bring forth the Gen6 potential heirs. (I know you knew that, but sometimes I need to remind myself…)

You’ve seen enough screenshots of both Ranma (black/red) and Takumi (brown/glasses).
Below, therefore, I provide only their stats, including their adult trait which I rolled today.
The boys are equally matched in looks, skills, and traits, except that Takumi has had a huge head start in earning aspiration points.

Traits:          Art Lover, Geek, (Non-Commital)
Aspirations:  Rambunctious Scamp; Master Chef (can’t start, but necessary skilling already finished)
Career:        Culinary/Chef

Traits:           Neat, Creative, (Dance Machine)
Aspiration:    Artist Prodigy; Mansion Baron (done)
Career:         One of the new City Living Careers (Social Media/Internet Celebrity?)

For reference:
Traits:          Gloomy, Childish (Art Lover)
Aspiration:   Rambunctious Scamp; Angling Ace
Career:       I don’t know. Critic/Art Critic?

Thanks for reading! Please take a minute to post your preference, Ranma or Takumi! Or, if you really must, Dulce… (The vote closed in November, 2016).

Mori 4.45: Ranma’s Stalldar and San Myshuno


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