Mori 4.45: Ranma’s Stalldar and San Myshuno

Week 24/Tuesday

Banana: Rina has moved to the Landgraab Estate to live with four of my siblings: Arlo, Ethernet, Fola, and Fabio Mori. Arlo and Ethernet are already elders.
Yuki: We should all go somewhere today, people. Paolo has the day off from work and you three kids don’t go to school today either.
Dulce: I have the Angling Ace aspiration, so I vote to go somewhere I can start fishing.
Banana: Let’s go to Granite Falls! I heard about the place from Mom and Gramps, but none of us have ever been there!
Yuki: Papa Nao recommends that we stay at Granite Falls Luxury villa.

Ranma: This isn’t exactly “roughing it,” is it?
Banana: What’s great about this villa, Ranma, is that it gives the family so many options.
If you want to commune with nature, go outside. If you have work or skilling that requires objects, you can do that in the house!
Donato: Banana, let’s upgrade this villa!

Yuki: Uncle Donato, Mom, and cousin Paolo proceed to upgrade the kitchen and plumbing appliances.
Meanwhile, Takumi and I fish alongside Dulce, our resident Angling Ace.

Banana: Everything in our home’s been upgraded already, so this villa with all its bathrooms lets me finally finish Nerd Brain!
I wonder if it’s possible to assign lot traits to a rental?

Banana: I hear that our insect collection consists mostly of bugs that Uncle Sora swiped from the Ranger Station.
I wonder if my generation could complete the collection. Oh, bees!

Paolo: Auntie Banana, are you still preening about catching those bees?
Banana: Yep.

Banana: Okay, folks. We’re off to the National Park. I just rolled a whim to collect a new insect.
Dulce: Whatever, as long as I can fish.
Ranma: Mom ropes me into helping her catch insects, because geeks are supposed to like collecting.
I hear no family under Watchette’s watch has ever completed the insect collection. I’m sure we won’t be the first!

Ranma: Hey, check it out! All the insects that Great-Uncle Sora swiped have been replenished.
Donato: That would be important info, Ranma, except that we have a cloning machine.

Ranma: You know, I really like when Dad, Takumi, and Dulce go fishing.
Paolo: Why? Who cares?
Ranma: Watchette can only show so many fishing shots, so she ends up taking more shots of the rest of us.

Paolo: Speak for yourself, Ranma.
Ranma: Dude, you totally overdid it with the weightlifting! Maybe if you drink an Insta-Lean potion, Watchette would like you more.

Banana: Heads up, people! We’re traveling back to the villa. I now understand why the insect collection’s never been completed.
Yuki: Because?
Ranma: Because it’s boring, that’s why. To be honest, though, I don’t know where the spawners are and lack the patience to look for them.

Donato: Now this is what I call relaxing! Ranma, you make the best Monte Cristo sammies! *sighs happily
Banana: It’s nice to get away from all the legacy work and just enjoy each other’s company!
Yuki (whispers to Dulce): Good thing this villa has no massage table!

Yuki: Did you hear there’s a new subway line to the city of San Myshuno? What say we hop over there right now?
Banana: Oh Yuki, you’re such a city boy!
Dulce: What’s the big rush?
Yuki: City Living is ready for download, but Watchette need us to go home first.
Dulce: Yay! Are we all moving to San Myshuno?
Banana: No.
Dulce: Oh.


W: So, Banana, Fourth-Generation Heir of the Mori Legacy, what’s up?
Banana: I’m just watching a new TV channel called “World Cultural Network.” Wanna chat?
W: Yes, I’d like to discuss spouse candidates. The boys become young adults in eight days.
Seems like a long way off today, but their birthdays will creep up faster than you think.

Banana: At this point, we know three teenage girls with two unique traits each.
The oldest is Madeleine Sweeney. She’s a Goofball and Kleptomaniac. After Donato’s wife, we don’t want another Goofball…

Yuki: Second, Mikaela Dotson who’s an Art Lover and Snob. With those traits, she might make a good art critic.

The youngest is Takumi’s friend Adrian Bateman. She’s a Clumsy Art Lover. Currently, Yuki and I favor Adrian, but it all comes down to the three girls’ third trait, right?

Yuki: You know, Banana, I’m really impressed with the looks of that Norman Burke.
Banana (to herself): Better not show too much enthusiasm here or I’ll deflate Yuki’s fragile ego.
(to Yuki): Oh yeah, Norman wasn’t bad. He’s not as cute as you, darling.
Yuki: Well, of course not! But what would you think of one of your sons pairing up with Norman?

Banana: Well, that would be…a big change for this legacy. Ultimately, however, it’s up to the heir to choose among the candidates with 3 unique traits.
Yuki: You’re always right, dear. We’ll let the heir decide.
Banana (to herself): Yuki just said I’m always right? He must be trying to butter me up to ask for something…

Takumi: How disappointing! Dad says the Social Media career’s optimum mood is Playful, at least at Level 4.
I’m not sure if I still want to become an Internet Personality. Anyway, I go ahead and create a social media profile.
And as soon as I finish Bestselling Author, my next goal will be to start building an online following.


Paolo: After my promotion today, I branch to the Master of the Real career. Everyone’s been waiting for me to get home so we can visit San Myshuno for the first time.

Yuki: We start out in the Fashion District where I have some drinks at the karaoke bar.
Takumi: I spy a lovely spouse candidate outside. Her name is Miko Ojo—Neat (like me), Geek (like Dad and Ranma), and Good.
Ranma: Awww, too bad Dad already claimed the Geek trait as the Gen4 primary spouse.
If not for Dad, Miko would be a nice match for either of us!

Ranma: Uncle Donato and Mom run over to join some political demonstration.
Donato: Thanks for joining me in this demo, sis!
Banana: Remind me again what we’re protesting about?
Donato: Huh? I thought you knew…

Dulce: I’m hoping to kick off the Mori Snow Globe Collection, but all I find is a Romance Festival Roman Candle.

Ranma: Seriously? The Fashion District’s only open stall sells hamburgers, hot dogs, and their vegan versions?
This other stall looks like it might sell ramen noodles or pho. I wonder when it opens. Is it a festival-only stall?
Dulce: You think this closed stall might sell sushi, too? I’d only eat sushi from a stall if the fish were super fresh!

Ranma: I drag everyone with me over to the Spice Market district, which apparently has the city’s most affordable housing.
I find one open stall offering deep-fried samosa, the Mumbai snack called Bhel Puri, and curry. Oh yeah, I’ve been hankering for spicy Indian food all day!

Takumi: Hey, I wonder if that stall next door sells chai and lassi. Too bad it’s closed!

Ranma: Let’s go visit the last two districts before returning home! Well, I’m actually only visiting the food stalls.
Dulce: Boo! I liked the Spice Market district—it had a few fishing spots!

Ranma: We next visit the Art Quarters district and the only open food stall sells, to my surprise, Filipino snacks and dishes.
It offers Siopao which is a Chinese-Filipino “steamed buns” snack; Lumpia spring rolls; the sweetbread Ensaymada which originated in Spain; and the ever-popular Pork Adobo.
Dulce: That other closed stall looks like it sells produce. How convenient for city denizens with no room for a home garden!

Ranma: I’ve saved the ritziest quartier for last, the Uptown district. We ignore the Stargazer Lounge with its Romantic aura to visit the rooftop of another skyscraper.
Here, we find the Skye Fitness Gym and a public speaking area. And hello there, it’s a food stall!
Takumi: I do believe that you are cultivating your inner stalldar!

Dulce: I really can’t see us spending much time up here!
Ranma: Me neither. I was expecting more from an Uptown food stall. You can order Fruit & Yoghurt Parfait, Caprese Salad, Spinach Fritatta, and Pasta Primavera. Meh!
Dulce: Still better than burgers and hot dogs! I bet the last stall is at Myshuno Meadows, which we haven’t visited.

Yuki: We end up at the rooftop Stargazer Lounge after all to enjoy its panoramic view of the city.
I can almost see Oakland and Berkeley on the other end of the suspension bridge!
Ranma: Stupid aspiration randomizer! I wish I could have been a Food Critic instead of a Chef!

Banana: This city would make a great venue for a rags-to-riches story, but legacy rules prevent us from relocating and we’re already obscenely rich.
Yuki: I agree. Since we’ll never live here (unless the rules change), we’ll probably only visit during festivals or if one of us joins one of the new careers.

Dulce: You should start a new story set in San Myshuno, starring that heavenly pink-haired Albert Kaneda! I wouldn’t mind at all being a couple with him! *squees


The family’s daily life is very mundane lately. They were running out of things to do in Granite Falls when City Living unlocked.
Not much happens in San Myshuno, though, though, unless you live there or a festival is going on, I imagine. Of course, there are new NPCs to meet.
The lot traits that come with the EP are very cool! I’ve already assigned “On ley line” to my home lot to boost the chances of multiple births.

Here’s what everyone in the household is up to, from oldest to youngest.

•   Donato (11 days to Elder): Drank a Potion of Youth already; supporting Paolo and the kids. Will move out before the twins’ next birthday.
•   Banana (1 day to Adult): After imbibing a Potion of Youth sim-tomorrow, she’ll continue supporting Paolo and the kids.
•   Paolo (8 days to adult): Needs 3 more promotions to max Master of the Real, then he’ll move out.
•   Yuki (12 days to Adult): Drank a Potion of Youth already. Toying with the idea of play-testing Internet Celebrity for Takumi; supports Paolo and the kids.
•   Ranma (6 days to YA): Dabbles in various skills while waiting to join the Culinary/Chef career
•   Takumi (6 days to YA): Needs 5 excellent books + 3 bestsellers to complete Bestselling Author; wants to join either the Social Media/Internet Celebrity or
Critic/Food Critic career.
I guess he better learn to cook first!
•   Dulce (10 days to YA): On Tier III of Angling Ace. Planned to replace Party Animal with the new City Native aspiration, but it requires actually living in an apartment in San Myshuno, so no go. Paolo and her brothers will max 3 careers for Gen5, so she doesn’t need to work. Live-in nanny?

Mori 4.45: Ranma’s Stalldar and San Myshuno


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