Mori 4.46: Chopstick Dexterity and More Food Stalls

Week 24/Friday

W: What are you watching, Donato? World Cultural Network?
Donato: No, there are two other new channels: Civic Public Access and PolitiSim. I’m watching Civic Public Access. What’s up?
W: I’ve been wanting to talk to you about your life here as Cadet to Banana.
A new heir takes over in 6 days and you’ll be an elder in 11 days. Any thoughts about what you’d like to do?

Donato: I’m so bored lately. Banana and Yuki don’t work and they’re skilled enough to mentor their own kids.
I’d like to move out to The Lighthouse, when Paolo maxes his career or the Gen5 heir takes over, whichever comes first.
W: Any plans for remarrying, Donato? You’re still an adult.
Donato: Nah, Stevie will always be the love of my life. I’m happy to settle into a grandpa role in Paolo’s family now.

Takumi: In her infinite leisure, Mom has taken up singing. She’s presently Level 2. It’s hard to believe she’s a Musical Genius.
Unfortunately for me, Mom practices singing in the room where I’m writing

Dulce: So, how’s the heir vote going, Takumi?
Takumi: Well, so far, I have four votes and Ranma has zero, so I’d say I’ve pretty much clinched this.
Dulce: Have you given any thought to your Primary Spouse?
Takumi (coughs): Now that would be counting my chickens before they hatch, wouldn’t it?
However, I do kind of have my heart set on a certain someone…

Yuki: I know that Paolo plans to move out after he clears his career, but I hear this morning that Donato’s also leaving in less than a week.
That’s why I’ve taken up gardening lately.

Paolo: I have today off, so I’m really happy when Leann comes over to visit. *kisses Leann autonomously
Very, very happy, indeed. Depending on my work schedule, I’m hoping Leann and I can get married this weekend.

Dulce: Fishing alone up the hill from the house is definitely not as fun as fishing with Dad and Takumi.
But I maxed Fishing as a child and our Fish Collection is complete, so I only need one more Great Catch.
Come on, fishies, a little cooperation here, if you please!

Banana: After receiving that “celebrate birthday” notice, I drink a Potion of Youth.
No use waiting too long, since I’d like Yuki and I to remain close in age. And now, back to my singing!

Takumi: Paolo, how can you paint while Mom’s singing?
Paolo: What? I can’t hear you, Takumi. I’m wearing ear plugs.

Dulce: Hey, I’m done with Angling Ace!
Ranma: I’m so jealous, sis!
Dulce: After completing Fab Wealthy and Mansion Baron, I switch to Bodybuilder. I’m surprised to see that I’ve already completed “Work out for 8 total hours.”
As a child, I started out as a Rambunctious Scamp. Did all that swimming count toward Bodybuilder?

Anyway, we’re off to the Skye Fitness Gym, just to see what it’s like inside.
Seriously, how many high school girls can say that a former Mr. Solar System as their private trainer?

Norman: Paolo invited me along to the gym with his family. Wow, his cousin Dulce is a knock-out for a high-schooler!
Ranma: This rooftop basketball court is awesome!

Ranma: I look around the area, feeling a little peckish, and notice a new stall.
Looks like different stalls are open during the day and at night. This one sells Japanese food.
Ramen noodles, dango (a dessert snack of dumplings made of glutinous rice flour), nigiri, and pufferfish nigiri.
I order nigiri to check if it refers to nigiri-zushi (hand-pressed sushi) or o-nigiri (rice balls).

Ranma: Turns out to be nigiri-zushi as I’d expected.
Takumi: Why are we getting a notice that Ranma needs to develop his chopstick dexterity?
Ranma: Eh? I have an Embarrassed +1 Butter Fingers moodlet due to “poor chopstick control.” What about you, sis?
Dulce: Not me! I get a Confident +1 Clever Fingers moodlet due to “successfully eating with chopsticks.” That’s pretty funny!


Ranma: The next day, I try making nigiri-zushi at home with fresh fish.
The recipe calls for wasabi, which I don’t have. I wonder if it’s sold at the produce stand in Spice Market?

Ranma: Here’s my first attempt at making nigiri-zushi at home. Go on, admit it! Impressive, right?
I would really love to be able to grow my own wasabi, but it needs to grow in a stream bed.

Takumi: I take a moment to update my social media status: “Only one more Excellent book to go for this milestone!”
When I check my followers, I’m floored to learn that I already have a total of 1,200,045 followers!
Where did they all come from? I must be a natural!

Ranma: After Paolo returns from work, we head back to San Myshuno for the third evening in a row.
We make a quick stop at the Art Quarters on the way to Myshuno Meadows so I can check the produce stand for wasabi.
The food stalls must rotate on a schedule. There’s the produce stand, but the Filpino food stall has been replaced by the burgers & hot dogs stall.

Banana: Arriving at Center Park in the Myshuno Meadows district, we first check out the wedding area. It’s simple but charming.

Banana: Between Center Park’s entrance and the wedding area stands a large two-story building.

Yuki: The first floor holds a bar and little seating.
If tables and chairs were added, this spacious room could be used for the wedding reception.

Ranma: There’s also a small kitchen with two fridges. Personally, I’d prefer two stoves over two fridges.
Of course, ideally, there would be two stoves and two fridges!

Dulce: Center Park also boasts two fishing spots, one which has nearby public restrooms.
Now that I’m done with Angling Ace, though, I could care less about access to fishing.
Paolo: I’m still curious which fish we could catch here.

Ranma: Well, you know by now that I’m a hardcore foodie! Myshuno Meadows has not two, but four food stalls!
The one on the right features Chinese food: Egg Rolls, Mapo Tofu with Pork, Sweet and Sour Pork, and Sweet and Sour Eggplant.
I’m not amused that the stall displays an image of a take-out food container to advertise that it sells Chinese food. That’s so tacky!
On the very left with its image of Lumpia spring rolls is the stall that sells Filipino foods.

Ranma: The Tex-Mex food stall on the opposite side (with the cactus image) has the largest menu of all the stalls we’ve seen so far.
Taquitos, Empanadas, Bean & Cheese Burrito, Chicken Burrito, Spinach-Wrapped Veggie Burrito, and Tomato-Wrapped Veggie Burrito.
Behind the stall to the right, you can see another area with a basketball court and a pirate gym. Something for everyone here!

I return to the other stall for spicy Sichuan food: Mapo Tofu with Pork for me! Odd that it costs less than Sweet and Sour Eggplant!

Ranma: This area is like a wannabe food court with its four food stalls and yet there’s only seating for three sims.
Do you know how hard it is to eat with chopsticks while standing!? I wonder why there’s so little seating.

Takumi: Poor Dad! Looks like that spicy Sichuan dish was too much for him!
Dulce: And like everyone else, including Ranma for the second time and me for the first time, Dad gets the “poor chopstick control” moodlet.
Yuki: Talk about adding insult to injury!

Mori 5.47: Marriage, Death, and the New Heir

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