Mori 5.47: Marriage, Death, and the New Heir

Week 24/Saturday

Dulce: Lol, look at Dad struggling to eat with his chopsticks!
Ayaki: I don’t know, Dulce. Your father may lack control but he holds his chopsticks perfectly.
On the other hand, I saw you shoveling down your food earlier, while clutching your chopsticks in your fist. Tsk, tsk.
Dulce: Oh, you saw that? *suddenly wants to climb into a hole somewhere

W: I suddenly notice the Build mode icon and eagerly click it, prepared to add two or three picnic tables to the “food court.”
Alas, Myshuno Meadows’ only editable section is the squarish Center Park enclosed by fencing, which contains the wedding area and two-story building.

Takumi: While the rest of the household dines over at the “food court,” I’m still over by the two-story building.
I’m trying to make friendly inroads with a certain older woman named Miko Ojo.

Takumi: She’s a Politician working for the Concerned Citizens of San Myshuno, which rather surprised me.
With her torendi clothes (a Japanese neologism for “trendy”), I’d incorrectly assumed that she’d be working in either the Critic or Social Media careers.

Miko (to herself): This boy is awfully cute and very sharp. And he’s not hard on the eyes, either!
(to Takumi): So….did you mention that you’d be having a birthday anytime soon, my new friend who is adorable but nonetheless still underage?

Ranma: We stop by the Arts Quarter one last time on the way home so I can check for wasabi, but both stalls are gone.
W: I click on Ranma to stop that awful singing and find a new option: “Read Guide about Art Quarters.”

Ranma: It says here that a Humor and Hijinks Festival is held here every other Monday.
Dulce: Huh, I wish we’d known about the guides three days ago! By the way, have any of you met that cute Asian guy from the City Living trailer?
He wears a short brown leather jacket and a light yellow hoodie with a koi stenciled on the front. I got my eye on him!

Schedule of Festivals
Flea Market (Spice Market, every other Sunday)
Humor and Hijinks Festival (Arts Quarter, every other Monday)
Geekcon (Fashion District, every other Tuesday, 10 am –  4 pm)
Spice Festival (Spice Market, every other Friday, 5 pm – 1 am)
Romance Festival (Fashion District, every other Saturday, 5 pm – 1 am)

Donato: We just got back from the City. Why are we jogging over by the Shrieking Llama Bar?
Banana: Not sure, but you and I must have gotten the same urge at the same time!

W: This is my new way of keeping unruly sims out of my hair. Banana and Donato will just stay out by the Shrieking Llama Bar, chatting.
No crafting unneeded dragon sculptures, no watching playful-inducing TV, no massage-related urges, and so forth.
They simply stay out here, happily chatting away together, until I have them return to the house. There’s a grill, picnic tables, and bush–they’re all set.

Week 25/Sunday

Banana: I know what you’re all thinking: “What? They’re visiting San Myshuno for the fourth day in a row?” We do have a very valid reason for coming back!

Donato: First, we drop by Spice Market by mistake and find a Flea Market offering nothing of interest. Where was that Produce stall?

Takumi: We find the Produce stall in Arts Quarter, and it’s finally open.
Wow, being able to buy pomegranates, blackberries, and tomatoes right off the bat would be so handy for a novice gardener or an immortal dynasty founder!
Ranma: But no wasabi! Do you think I’ll only be able to buy wasabi at the Spice Festival?
W: Yes, you’ll be able to buy some at the Swag Stall then.
We’ve still missed several stalls: Moroccan Food, Vietnamese Food, the Uptown Gourmet Food Stall, and the Uptown Cupcake Stall!

Yuki: Some dude shows up next to the Produce stall to sell MySims trophies, including the rare Carl the Zombie that’s missing from our collection.
Of course, I snatch it up! Now we’re only missing two rare MySims trophies!

Paolo: And now we come to our main goal for visiting the City today—Leann and I are getting married!
W: The arch is a very nice touch, but Dulce keeps running off to use the Observatory while other guests keep running off to the bar, even during the ceremony. What an unruly bunch, lol.

Banana: I try lighting the White Battery Pack behind the wedding arch, causing a series of fireworks that’s triggered when confetti falls over Paolo and Leann. Woo!

Takumi: Since the patch, party guests seem to have difficulty distinguishing between cutting a wedding cake and blowing out birthday candles.
The horn-blowing hardly seems appropriate at a wedding reception! *looks on with Morris-esque disapproval

Carlos: I’m so happy to be invited to my nephew Paolo’s wedding along with my wife and daughters!
But the sunlight is very harsh this afternoon. I’ll need to shade my eyes.
And I’m suddenly feeling so tired. Maybe I should just lie down here and rest before joining the reception.

Dulce: I know Uncle Carlos has died, because I caught a glimpse of him from the porch.
And it’s been close to two hours since his death, yet the Grim Reaper still hasn’t arrived.
Seems a pity to do this in my gown, but I have Dad mentor me while I upgrade the toilet for the Nerd Brain aspiration.

Banana: Looking out the second-floor window, I see that Grim has finally arrived.
I wonder if Dad will plead for the life of Donato’s twin brother Carlos.
Rest in peace, dear Carlos! You were a supportive brother, an amazing mentor, and the most gentle soul.
W: I must confess that I’d begun to entertain doubts that Grim would ever show up… 

Dulce: Having completed the toilet upgrade, I go downstairs to console Grandpa Nao on his loss.
Then, at long last, we all head for home.

Yuki: As soon as we get home, Takumi invites over a young adult he discovers among his contacts.
Akira Kibo’s in the Tech Guru career and a roommate of Miko Ojo.
Dulce: I learn that he’s Romantic, Jealous, and Self-Assured. He’s wearing the same jacket as the man of my dreams but in different colors.
W: There’s no hurry, Dulce. We’re just exploring your options, okay?


Yuki: Before calling it a day, Banana and I ask Donato take photos of us using the Photo Studio.
Banana: Have I told you lately how crazy I am about you, Yuki?
Yuki: Awww, you are the sunshine of my life. That’s why I’ll always be around you. You are the apple…
Banana: Wait, wait! Are you channeling Stevie Wonder now?
Yuki: Oh no, busted again!


Dulce: I’m so bored lately! I don’t want to spend my whole life skilling away, and there’s nothing fun to do!
Paolo: I know! Watchette’s put away the TV and the woodworking table. Also, all the computers are turned so we can’t play video games!
W: About the TV, you all tend to like comedy programs and I worry that you’ll get too playful. It’s for your own good.
But hey, look what I got for y’all today!

Yuki: Ranma and I are Geeks and all four of us have Level 10 Video Gaming skill. If this multiplayer video gaming console doesn’t fill our Fun meter, nothing will!
Paolo: What’s Takumi doing? Why doesn’t he come play?
Yuki: Leave him be. He just needs to write one more bestseller.

Banana: Just look at you, Yuki! You’re as bad as the kids!
Yuki: Sshhhh, let me focus! Right this moment, I’m winning!


Yuki: A little past midnight, I phone in a dinner party to celebrate the birthdays of Ranma and Takumi.
Banana: Ranma ages up and adds Non-Committal to his Art Lover and Geek traits.
Ranma: After blowing out my candles, I immediately join the Culinary career. I only need to reach Level 8 Chef to complete my Master Chef aspiration. About time!

Takumi: After blowing out my candles, I add Dance Machine to my Neat and Creative traits.
Banana: Takumi, I officially turn over to you, as the fifth-generation heir, the mantle of the Mori Legacy.  Why are you looking so serious, son?
Takumi: I’m thinking of my first duty: choosing a Primary Spouse.

Nao: I really love my Day of the Dead outfit, especially the hat! I just wish I had more chances to wear it, you know. Donato, is it true that you moved to The Lighthouse?
Donato: Yep, I move there Wednesday afternoon.  Well, Goofball Klepto Madeleine Sweeney, you’ve aged up to young adult with the Loves the Outdoors trait, which disqualifies you as Primary Spouse material.

Paolo: Looking through my contacts, I find a young adult woman with three unique traits: Dr. Bethany May.
But where do I know her from? Oh right, she was stalking Dad and me at San Myshuno’s Skye Fitness a few days ago.

Paolo: Despite the late hour, I invite Bethany over so Takumi can meet her.

Takumi: Mom is so lucky! She married Dad as her Primary Spouse and they’ve remained so madly in love.
On the other hand, I must choose a Primary Spouse out of duty. It can’t be helped. *sighs heavily
Bethany May is Mean, Childish, and Clumsy as well as a Level 9 Doctor. I befriend her and then ask her to move in. *shudders involuntarily

Yuki: Son, what comes next will be easier if you don’t particularly know or like her…

W: I’m a little tempted to try to complete the Doctor career with her by correctly treating 5 patients, but no.
Instead, we’ll be replacing Detective and Doctor with four of the new City Living careers.

And so it begins.

My name is Takumi Mori and I have just assumed leadership of the Mori Legacy as its fifth-generation heir.

I have started out by joining a career and moving in a Primary Spouse with three unique traits.
Make no mistake: I am ready and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the continuing success of this legacy.

However, don’t let the glasses mislead you. You haven’t seen much of me lately because I’ve been busy completing Bestselling Author.
I may appear to be dark and serious but I am, after all, a creative dance machine!

Mori 5.48: The Electrifying Dr. Bethany May

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