Mori 5.48: The Electrifying Dr. Bethany May

Week 25/Thursday

Dulce: I don’t mind that my brothers’ birthday party lasted so long that I missed school, but what’s she doing here?
I remember her drooling all over Uncle Donato while he was mentoring me at Skye Fitness Gym last Friday.
And she’s twice my size!
Bethany: I can’t believe my luck! I’m living here in this House of Hunks? Life can’t get better than this!

Takumi: While Dulce is busy dissing my Primary Spouse, Ranma and I both get additional everyday outfits.
That’s odd! I have Connections but I’m only Level 3 in the Social Media career.
W: I think that’s because the career branches at Level 4, dear.
Takumi: Makes sense. Let’s see, my career requires me to level up Mischief or Comedy, and we all know how this family feels about Comedy.
But Mischief? I have the perfect victim–I mean, friend–for building Mischief. *gives fake bad news

Takumi: Yay, Level 3 Mischief! I’ll need to visit the Spice Market later today, but I’ll wait for Paolo to bring home his L9 promotion.
Well, Bethany, thnxkbye!
W: Takumi, you’ll need to wait a little longer than that. Not too much longer, I hope.

Ranma: Takumi and I both start work tomorrow, so I phone in to Negotiate a Bonus. Oh yeah, the boss liked what I have to say!
Dad, I’m grateful that your “Recommend Self-Esteem Exercise” social helped boost my confidence.
But you didn’t have to photobomb my moment in my new red/black threads!

Bethany: It’s nice to meet you, too, Watchette. So let me get this straight.
I live here in this luxury mansion with that scrumptious Takumi as my spouse and the family’s so stinking rich that I don’t need to work?
W: Yes, Bethany, that’s the gist of things. We just need you to use your brilliant mind to help out with a special project.
Bethany: Well yes, people often say I’m brilliant. Oh, simply fix a few things? Piece of cake!

Bethany: And you’ve even prepared a separate room so I can better concentrate on the project? Nice!
Wow, you people must listen to music a lot! Awww, the flooring and chair are color-coordinated with my pants! Oh, what’s this drink here?
W: Don’t forget to drink that, Bethany. It’s a special potion to help you make repairs faster!

Takumi (whispers): What does that potion actually do, Watchette?
W: It’s an Essence of Dazed, provided by a certain blue Criminal/Boss long ago during Nami Mori’s era.
Takumi: *crosses fingers
W: Oops, I better remove the Homey lot trait or she’ll get a Handiness boost!

Bethany: Well, Paolo’s back from work, so I might as well get started. Thanks for the hat to keep my hair out of my eyes.

Takumi (whispers): What happened to all the other broken stuff?
W: I had to put it away. It was giving her an Uncomfortable moodlet that was over-riding her Dazed moodlet.
Takumi (still whispering): And that ridiculous bear hat?
W: It gives her a Dazed mood. It’s just a little extra insurance against her other moodlets.

W: Oh yeah, she finally gets the Seriously Fried moodlet while fixing the computer!  *pumps fist victoriously
Takumi (reads description): Something about not messing with anything electric for the next three hours.
W: Yep. She also still has her moodlets from the cowplant essence and the animal hat.

Takumi: And after repairing three Kaboom Boxes, getting Seriously Fried from repairing a computer, then fixing a Slick Beats radio, my Primary Spouse kicks the bucket.
W: All in a day’s work, son, all in a day’s work!
Takumi: Dad was right! I don’t care much about a stalker from the gym, but I wouldn’t want this to have happened to someone I’ve known since grade school, like Adrian or Madeleine!

Grim Reaper: Congratulations, Takumi! Death by electrocution is this legacy’s 11th and final death type.
Fantastic work on your first day as heir! Very impressive!
Takumi: Well, I did befriend her and move her in but, after that, I only provided moral support to Watchette who handled all the setup.
Grim Reaper: Whatever. This seems to be one of the hardest deaths to make happen, so take pride in the achievement!
Takumi: *basks in the glory

Takumi: And now, I’m ready to start on my Work-from-Home task: Get to Know 3 Sims in Spice Market. We’re off to San Myshuno (again).
W: Look who FrancescaFiori helped us find in the Gallery! He and his roommate have moved into The Old Salt House.
Takumi: Hey sis, come over here and introduce yourself to Danny!

Dulce (to herself): Oh nice! I was thinking of moving over to sit next to him, but he scoots over first!
Danny: Hi, my name’s Danny Shino-Miller. Takumi was saying he had a sister named Dulce,  but….wow!
Dulce: Shino-Miller’s your family name? I just knew you were part Japanese!
Danny: You know me already?
Dulce: I mean, when I first saw you, I thought you….never mind. I’m really glad to meet you! *smiles cutely

Takumi: To give Dulce some space, I get up to go meet Danny’s roommate, Chad LeBeouf.
Oh heck no, Ranma! Why are you doing an Enchanting Introduction on him? Next time, you’re not coming with! Ugh, how awkward! Now Chad’s feeling very flirty…

Takumi: My third “Get to Know” involves Tech Guru Arun Bheeda. He’s Family-Oriented, Ambitious, and a Vegetarian.
Anyway, Arun and I agree to meet again. I’m looking forward to meeting his wife, too.

Takumi: I’m done here in Spice Market, Dulce, so we need to get you home to do your homework.
But first, one more short stop in the Fashion District.

Dulce: Uh yeah, Danny, I’m in high school now, but my birthday’s in four days. *starry-eyed grin
Danny: Girl, you better not forget to invite me to your birthday party!
Dulce: Never! *squees very, very discreetly

Takumi: Miko isn’t at home, but I do make the acquaintance of Darling Walsh, the third member of the Karaoke Legends household.
Reading the household description, I learn that Miko has a secret crush on Akira. Seriously? We’ll see about that!
I meet up with Miko by traveling with her to the Fashion District’s karaoke bar.

Takumi: I already have the “Ask to Move In” option with Miko, but what should I do?
If she has the City Native aspiration, she will never complete it if she chooses to move in with me.
Well, I guess I should leave that decision up to her and take the plunge.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

Miko: Sure, you’re pretty cool, Takumi. I’d love to live with you in the Windenberg Countryside.

Takumi: Now that you’ve moved in, I can be honest with you and say that I fell in love with you at first sight!
Miko: You’ve always attracted me, Takumi, so I’m glad that you’re a young adult now. I’d been feeling a little odd crushing on a high school student.

Takumi: So, I know that you’re in the Politician career, but what’s your aspiration in life?
Miko (glumly): I’m a Serial Romantic.
Takumi: *at a loss for words

Takumi: Oh baby girl, if your heart belongs to me, I think I might be able to tolerate you finishing your aspiration.
Miko: Seriously? *face brightens
Takumi: Obviously, I draw the line at woohoo with other sims, though. I’m not interested in that open of a relationship.
Miko: Of course, of course. Just a first kiss, ask to be girl/boyfriend, then ask to be just friends. And all the required dates are with you.
Please don’t say no, Takumi. You know I had no control over choosing my aspiration.

Takumi: I just ask that you go about completing Serial Romantic in a manner that won’t trigger my jealousy.
Can you do that? Or shall I also do Serial Romantic at the same time, so I won’t feel so jealous?

Miko: My adorable Takumi, let me teach you why you want to wait for me instead, so we can later do Soulmate together.
Takumi: I’m learning, I’m learning!

Takumi: I’ve been waiting to ask you this question ever since high school, Miko, but would you be my girlfriend?
Miko: Yes, of course, I most absolutely want to be your girlfriend!
Takumi:  I could live without your Serial Romantic aspiration, Miko, but I definitely do not want to live without you!

Miko: Don’t you worry, Takumi. I’m going to make sure you always know that you’re the only one in my heart.
Takumi: And I’m going to love you so much that no one else will be able to squeeze their way in.
Miko: We’re going get through this, right?
Takumi: Yes, we will. You can bet your cute little bottom, we will!



Yay! All of the eleven types of death are now complete!

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed by Miko’s Serial Romantic aspiration, but I’m hoping that she can complete it quickly.  Too bad the “Erase memory” social is only available for aliens.

As for the cutie-pie Danny Shino-Miller, his aspiration is City Native which can be replaced with another randomized aspiration.

Mori 5.49: The Girl Can’t Help It


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