Mori 5.49: The Girl Can’t Help It

Week 25/Friday

Dulce: Oh, I’ve finally found you two! So this where you’ve been since Thursday morning!
Banana: Well, I must say that I’d rather spend time over here with Yuki than with my brother Donato.
Yuki: Still, didn’t it seem like your reign was rather short, Banana?
Banana: Not at all, Gen2 achieved nine of the death types and Gen3 did the “10 children” goal, but we didn’t anything do anything that special.
Yuki: So now my beautiful wife and I mostly chill over here, awaiting nooboos to mentor.

Dulce: Why is the tent so close to the grill?
Yuki: That’s where it was “placed in world,” but now I don’t get the option to put it back in my inventory.
Banana: Why are you home from school, young lady?
Dulce: My young adult birthday’s on Monday so I’m taking the day off. You really forgot my birthday, Mom?

Miko: I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant! It would be great if Paolo gets his last promotion today!
Then I could hope for twins! Well, I better get the show on the road before I start showing.

Akira: Whoa, this is one bad room, Miko! At first, I was bummed that you’d moved out but now I totally see why.
If the Mori’s had asked me to move in, I would have said yes in a second!
Miko: Yeah, well, how have you been? (What did I ever see in him, anyway?)

Takumi: Today’s my first day of work and I earn a promotion to Level 4 and branch to the Internet Celebrity career, thanks to working from home yesterday.
You’re looking at a Simstagram Searcher, folks.
And yeah, since Miko didn’t come out to welcome me home, I figure she’s probably upstairs with someone.
I’ll just focus on preparing for work tomorrow… *feels a little distracted anyway
Whoa, I upload a video and it goes viral. I now have over 4.6 million followers!

Miko: Oh no, Takumi is home from work! I need to work faster. *wishes she could buy the Beguile trait
Okay, First Kiss #2, check!  Boyfriend #2, check!

Miko: Hey, Akira, let’s just be friends, okay?
Akira: Even if we’ve broken up, I’m glad we’re still friends.
Miko: Yeah, me too. Thank you and good bye, Akira. You can go home now!

Miko: I’m thinking that I should target elders because they won’t be around long enough to remember or remind me.
This elder is my third “strong romantic relationship.”

Miko: Awww, honey, have you been up here fishing all this time?
Takumi: I didn’t want to overhear you talking with any of your “friends,” you know what I mean?
Miko: Well, the good news is that I’m on the third milestone now and I just need to…
Takumi: Nope, I don’t need any details, Miko. Just do what you need to, but make it quick, okay?
Miko: Come on then, you adorable man, you! Let’s go home!

W: How are you two doing out here? Ready to go home and sleep? Yuki, you have an 8-hour Flirty moodlet!
Yuki: Yeah, every time Banana serenades me, I get a 4-hour Flirty +2 “Sweet Serenade” moodlet. I guess it stacks.


W: Very early in the morning, Miko gets the news she’s been waiting for!
Miko: I knew it! I’m eating for two! I must find Tak immediately to share the big news.

Takumi: Honey, that’s wonderful news!
Miko: Awww, I wish you looked more enthusiastic, sweetheart. I’ll take that as your very-happy-but-also-very-tired face.

Takumi: You’ve got it all wrong, Miko. Of course, I’m excited! You just caught me when I was deep in thought.
I’m so thrilled! We’re going to bring a new life into the simverse that shares a part of each of us!
Miko: That’s more like it! Thanks for the follow-up, sugar.

Paolo: Who rallied the troops in the middle of the night? I hardly got any sleep last night.
Ranma: Those portraits you did of Takumi and Miko came out super, Paolo! Where’s your portrait of, you know, Bethany May, the Primary Spouse?
Takumi: I renamed one of my unpublished biographies for her, so she’s covered, Ranma.
Paolo: Oh really? What’s the title?
Takumi: Let’s see….oh yeah, The Shocking Demise of Dr. Bethany May.

Miko: I realize that traveling will eliminate Ranma’s Very Inspired mood for work. Also, Paolo’s age bar is bubbling because today’s his adult birthday.
But, darn it, I really want to be done with Serial Romantic. Today, I’m up to 5/10 kisses and have had 5 boyfriends.
So, I’m traveling alone to the Romance Festival to see what progress I can make!
Aha, my first victim! I wonder what scattering petals over him does?

Miko: Totally worth attending the Romance Festival! All that’s left of Serial Romantic now is to kiss two more sims then go on three gold-medal dates with my hubby.
I give birth early Tuesday morning and I’d really love to finish Serial Romantic before then, you know?

Week 26/Sunday

Miko: I return from San Myshuno past midnight and, how fabulous, there’s still time to throw a party for Paolo!
Banana: I’d wish you a happy birthday, my beloved nephew Paolo, but I’m too busy envying Miko’s sushi dress!
Paolo: Whatever.

Paolo: So, I’m just half a tick away from maxing Master of the Real on Monday. Would you mind if I move out soon after?
Miko: I give birth 10 to 12 hours after your work shift ends, so that timing works great for me!
Paolo: Hey, I have twins I’ve never met yet! I can’t move out fast enough!
Takumi: Let’s see find out if the “On Ley Line” lot trait actually boosts the chance for multiple births!

Miko: My tenth kiss is with my former boss, the politician Victor Feng.
After all my flirting at the Romance Festival and now kissing the very-married Victor, I’m so glad I don’t live in San Myshuno anymore!

On the plus side, except for three dates with Takumi, I’m all done with Serial Romantic! Yay!

Takumi (sighs): Do you have any idea how hard it’s been to pretend that I’ve not been not seething with jealousy?
Miko: Well, we’re now just one woohoo away from earning my third and last gold medal, darling.
Takumi: And then, you’ll be mine, all mine!


Dulce: I get my “celebrate birthday” notice at 7:30 am. Uncle Paolo and Takumi both work from 10, but I don’t care.
I can’t wait to see Danny Shino-Miller again, but this time as a young adult! Awwww, he’s not available to invite to my party!

But Mom and I are looking fabulous, while Paolo—who just became an adult yesterday—is looking haggard and decrepit. He didn’t age very wel…
Banana: Why are you just standing there, Ranma! Go make the garden salad!

W: On another note, singing is now an officially banned club activity.
Yuki and Takumi are constantly in a flirty mood from Banana and Miko serenading them.
That’s fine for the unemployed Yuki, but not for Takumi, who doesn’t need to go to work flirty.


Takumi: Miko goes into labor at an unholy hour and so she decides to go to the hospital alone, to save time.
Miko: I don’t know how much the “On Ley Line” trait promotes multiple births, but here we are!
Yuki: I’d like to think that the fertility massage you asked me for last night also helped.

Takumi: I’m holding our first-born daughter, Maya.
Miko: And I’m holding our second-born daughter, Tami.

Dulce: Twins, bah! This does not bode well for my plan to raise my own child in this house.
Since the house is full, I can’t even get pregnant then move out, not that I have a baby daddy at the moment. Ahem!

I wonder who Watchette will move out next and when. Ranma’s only a Level 6 Chef, or I’m sure he’d be out the door already. That leaves my parents. Hmmmm.

And you know what? With my brothers’ jobs, Paolo moving, and the birth of the twins, I haven’t even had the chance to meet with Danny Shino-Miller since I aged up!
I ask, what kind of life is this? *phones Danny up to chat

Takumi: Another successfully negotiated bonus! But I’m still only Level 5!

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