Mori 5.52: Hustlin’ to Be Heir

Hello, folks! Tami here! Watchette wants to return to the narrative style she used in her earlier multi-generation challenges.
That is, a single narrator will primarily take charge of an entire chapter.
I’m up first, since I’m the reigning Curry Champion. And Maya will be with you next week!

Week 26/Saturday

Tami: Maya and I need to earn an A in grade school to complete Whiz Kid, so Grandma suggests we level our Motor skill this weekend.
But Uncle Ranma gets off work at 5 today, so we’re all going out after he gets home.

Auntie Dulce is only engaged to Danny Shino-Miller, so he’s technically not our uncle yet.
But Auntie Dulce insists that we start calling him Uncle Danny now anyway.

I hear he needs 8 more friends, but Maya and I are avoiding him for now.
We’re saving him to be our adult friend when we start on Social Butterfly. Clever, huh?

By the way, did you notice the new poster in my bedroom? That’s V from BTS.
Yeah, I know I was initially planning to marry Jungkook but I’ve changed my mind.
Why? One, Maya’s decided to marry Jimin.
Two, V personally replied to a tweet I posted to his Twitter account the other day.

So, anyway, I’ve dumped Jungkook for V. I feel bad about breaking Jungkook’s heart but I hope he can get over me eventually.

Mom comes into the living room to check on what we’re doing.
I tell her that the four of us are getting ready to watch a cooking show. *adjusts halo
Incidentally, I believe Maya and I are the only kids in our school whose grandpa can still pull off wearing a speedo!

Yuki: Beef patties are an essential ingredient of burgers. Who’s the idiot who let them overcook and started the fire? *exasperated
Banana: Arrgggh, how the heck do you use this fire extinguisher? *madly runs around with extinguisher
Maya (running around uselessly): The fire’s spreading! The fire’s spreading! What do I do? What do I do? *loses it

Yuki (to Banana): You goob! Just press the X button and spray in the direction of the fire.
Banana: Don’t you call me a goob, you idiot!
Tami: I’m just going to stay bottom left to chop lettuce and tomatoes. *stays calm and out of the crossfire

W: This a screenshot from the 4-player couch co-op game called Overcooked.  The Youtube videos where players start yelling at each other are especially funny.

Yuki (upper left): Okay, stay calm. I’ll get some buns and put them on the plate over there. Why isn’t the other pan on the burner?
Maya (upper right): I’ll do it, I’ll do it! We need more patties and more sliced lettuce and tomatos! What are those slackers doing down there?
Tami (lower right): Grandma, let go of the stupid extinguisher and get out of my way. I need to take out some tomatos! *feels annoyed
Banana (lower left): Gahhh, I forgot which buttons to use to let go of items! How do I move? *panics
Tami: Get outta the way, Nana! Before our trucks line up again, we need to slice more veggies and make more patties! Get a grip, sheesh!
Banana: This is a stupid game. I don’t want to play anymore! *pouts

Auntie Dulce gets the Eating for Two moodlet around 3 pm, then goes to share the news with Uncle Danny.
I hear Uncle Danny remarking that he’s unemployed and whinging to Auntie Dulce about “protection.”
Protection from what, I wonder.
Doesn’t Uncle Danny realize that the family’s so rich that no one actually needs to work?
On the plus side, Maya and I will have a baby cousin on Tuesday afternoon!

Week 27/Sunday

Tami: Dad, Uncle Ranma, Uncle Danny, Maya, and I all celebrate birthdays 10 days from now.
Dad, Uncle Ranma, and Danny become adults, while Maya and I obviously become teens.

Today’s a big day for Uncle Ranma! He earns his Level 8 Chef promotion and completes his Master Chef aspiration.
He’s held onto that aspiration for 23 sim-days, so it must be a huge relief!

Recently, Watchette realized that Uncle Ranma could complete his Chef career’s daily task by baking.
Super news for Maya and me because he’s been learning to bake new types of cookies and other sweet snacks!
But I can’t wait for Uncle Ranma to max his career! He has to work on Saturdays and Sundays, which totally destroys our weekends!


Maya and I started school last Friday with the Whiz Kid aspiration, which is absolutely the worst timing!
After working hard all weekend, we have L10 Mental and L9 Logic, but we just earn a B in school today.
At this rate, we won’t be done with our first aspiration until Wednesday. Grrrr.
We actually don’t mind so much, except Dad’s not letting us make friends our age until we start Social Butterfly.

Mom’s been having Grandma mentor her in violin but she sounds pretty awful.
Don’t tell Mom, but I’d rather have Dad, Uncle Ranma, or Auntie Dulce mentor me.
The three of them are Creatively Gifted, so I think they’ll be better mentors and I’ll learn faster.
If you ask me, if Mom has time to learn a skill that Dad, Uncle Ranma, Auntie Dulce, Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Paolo have already maxed, she should just get a job!

Maya: Ouch, Tami! That’s harsh!
Tami: Hey, just telling it like it is, sis!

Dad’s mentoring me in Logic when we get the notice about the Humor & Hijinks Festival being held this evening.
He’s almost a Chief of Mischief. That’s why he looks so sad about not being able to go. I wanna go, too!

But we all need to stay home tonight because Uncle Ranma starts work at 8 pm.
Dad’s so conscientious about making sure Uncle Ranma works under optimal conditions in the ideal mood!
And does anyone else think it’s a little creepy that Grandma Banana and her three kids are all young adults?

So, Dad, I’ve been really worried lately. It’s like Watchette doesn’t care about us anymore!
Our legacy has virtually grinded to a halt lately. Last I’d heard, she’d created a surprise for my teen birthday and then…nada.
Takumi: Don’t you fret, Tami. Watchette will probably return and play us at Speed 3 any day now.
Don’t tell Auntie Dulce, but I think Watchette’s annoyed with so many unemployed young adults at home with nothing to do.
Tami: Oh yeah, and  Uncle Danny still needs 13 more friends to finish Friend of the World. Ugh, what a pain!


Tami: Are we awesome or what? We leave home this morning with a B and come with an A! Sayonara, Whiz Kid aspiration!
Maya: Don’t forget all the help we got! Bath soak with incense, Essence of Focus, and Wellness socials.
Tami: Yeah, it was like we were grown-ups getting ready for work or something!
M: Dad and Uncle Ranma are both off work today.
T: I know! As soon as Auntie Dulce is finished over there, we’re outa here!

Oh right! Folks, we’re happy to announce a new addition to the Mori household!
Kenta Mori, the son of Auntie Dulce and Uncle Danny!
What do you think, Maya? He’s our cousin but we can treat him like our little brother, right? It’ll be cool!

Dulce: There you go, Kenta! Give mommy a big smile!

We complete our first two Social Butterfly milestones in the public restroom at Willow Creek’s Magnolia Blossom Park.
This must be where all the cool sims chill, including us!

Next, we visit The Lighthouse. The adults all go inside, where Dad starts mixing drinks and Auntie Dulce prepares dinner.
I love how spacious this house is!

Meanwhile, Maya and I are still outside, getting friendly with Uncle Paolo’s twin sons.
Uncle Paolo’s not really our uncle—he’s Dad’s cousin so that makes his sons our…what? Second cousins? Who knows?
Chubby Gilbert on the left is a slob. Curly-haired Mallory on the right is a vegetarian.
Oh, good thing that Auntie Dulce is making Meatless Monte Cristo Sandwiches!

What a productive day! I only need one more child friend, and Social Butterfly is a wrap!
I’m not sure why, but Maya still needs one child friend plus two adult friends.
Anyway, we do our homework and extra credit before heading off to bed.

By the way, Watchette, Uncle Ranma wants to try the adoption trick because our simverse is ageing again.
But he can’t because our household is full. What’s going to happen when Maya and I are teenagers?

W: I’ve actually been thinking of moving one of the young adults out really soon.
Supervising three unemployed young adults is a waste of time and at least two of them will need to eventually move out in several weeks anyway.

Takumi: Grandpa Nao passed away today, so his daughter with Dr. Lime in de Coconut is living alone now in the Munch Haus.
W: Takumi, you’re a mindreader! That’s exactly what I was thinking!
I really can’t be bothered with helping Danny make the 11 more friends he needs to complete Friend of the World right now.
And if Danny moves out, Dulce could even have another child before she moves out, if she wants.

Tami: What!? Noooo, not Uncle Danny! He’s so cute! Can’t we move out Mom or Auntie Dulce instead?
Takumi: …


And I’m off to school! Only one more sim-week until Maya and I age up to teens!
Watchette, don’t let us down! Stay focused on us! We can do this!
And yeah, screw the scoring and let’s just have fun, k? Maybe what Windenberg needs is its own butler café?



Game lag is getting pretty ridiculous. After I place an action in a sim’s queue, it usually takes at least 30-60 sim-minutes for that action to drop to the active position.
This means that all the sims are typically very late to school or work. Pre-work massage needs to start early because I never know when a sim will decide to space out next to the massage table for a sim-hour before finally heading toward the front door.

The downside of this lagging combined with other glitches is that I’m not enjoying this legacy as much as before.

In the interest of actually reaching the birth of the Gen10 heir (Takumi is the Gen5 heir), I’m going to stop fussing over my score and just have fun with this legacy. You know, play their lives in a way that makes me smile rather than one that targets more points.
Ahhh, I feel relieved already as the pressure of throwing 230+ more gold-medal social events slides off my shoulders.
Wah, wah, wah. *feels a bit ashamed for sounding like such a crybaby, but my file’s getting pretty frustrating

Anyway, I will be taking even more liberties with the legacy challenge rules so purists have been forewarned!

Mori 5.53: She All Hiphop!

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