Murky 1.10: The Magic Bean Moocher

*oshizu meets some new neighbors in Nukecrest;
*Journeys with friends to Cliff City in the north (where she courageously rescues Ridge’s chastity for Lisa Bee);
*Runs into Jin again at the Nukecrest Out Back Bar; and
*Visits the fantastic Artist Colony, inviting all its residents to the Hot Springs.

Week 3/Monday

After some hot tubbing, water sliding, and dancing, I see my first Plantsim!
And it’s my homie, Aeon Salamander from Fort Murkland!

Wassup, girl? Lay one of your magic beans on a sistah!
*pleads most obsequiously

Aeon: Sorry, oshizu! I’m not in the right mood!
I gotta be in the right mood, y’know what I mean?

Meggles: Awww, poor oshizu! Did you hear that?
Carlos: Yeah, she just got shot down by the blond beanie bimbo…

Kate: Um, her hair’s green now while she’s a plantsim, Carlos.

Aeon, you got to be kidding me! This is Murkland, remember?
I’m living the slow life–no cheese, no cowplant essences, no career rewards!
Just gardening, dancing, socializing, and the occasional yard sale! *sighs

You want emotion, girl? I can give you emotion! *flashes crazy eyes

I run through my very limited selection of jokes, carefully avoiding the politician joke.
She’s in the politician career, remember? (like about one-third of Murkland)

Yo, Aeon, did you hear the one about the pope in the jacuzzi?
He was praying for whirled peace!
Aeon: Gah, that was a spa-ful joke!
Sorry, for the corniness–I didn’t want to just show images of oshizu telling jokes.

3 hours and 2 Comedy levels later, I beg Aeon again for a magic bean.
Can you believe she’s still just Happy? I, on the other hand, am Very Playful. Grrrr.

I ponder briefly the implications of death by hysteria in Murkland.
No, no, nevah!

I resort to an act of ultimate desperation and sacrifice. I open one of my capsules.
Go, Chef Gino, cuz we’re 2 legit 2 quit. And bring back the glove!
Success at last!
It’s a sacrifice because I always leave capsules unopened to sell at yard sales.

Whew, acquiring the Playful bean cost me 3.5 hours of telling jokes!
You can understand, I’m sure, my relief on spotting an already-flirty Katrina!
My self-imposed celibacy has been too successful so far to compromise for a mere bean!


After my usual gardening routine, I find Jasmine Holiday to ask about her Plantsim Challenge.
I’m liking the new jacket, Jasmine!

An already-moody Plantsim also shares her uncomfortable magic bean (3/6)

The Freegan’s place is such a cool place!
I can socialize, use their stuff, AND my plants keep growing.

I also learn something new about the Mixology skill.
Mixing Water ($0) or Sparkling Water ($10) doesn’t build the skill.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spy Forest Tree and Autumn acting steamy!

Whoa there, buddy! Watch out where you’re placing that knee!
You’re embarrassing Brennachan, baby boy!

Speaking of Brennachan, she tells me she’s been looking for her beloved Pookey the Apocalypse.
She got separated from him during all the apocalyptic panic.

Let’s see if I can be of any help with dat for a cosmic sister.

Heading home to start a yard sale on my lot, I spot a familiar face.

Awww, Pookey is looking so sad! (Um, thanks for the sad bean.)

Busybody to the rescue!
Times like this, I wish I used MC Commander…

Uma the Infected shows up at the Freegans feeling flirty.
Since I’m on my way to What’s Left of the Gym, I don’t have time to try changing her mood.
But I do work some mischief.  Thanks for being a sport, Uma!

At the gym, Rex Turbo Pumpkin waffles over a Whirlyflower Frog but ultimately can’t resist.
Who can blame him?

My boy Lucas shows up feeling flirty with dat look in his eye!
He’s getting harder to resist. Who can blame me?
Oh wait, I haven’t made up my mind yet!

Not a great night in terms of yard sales, but not bad, either.
I’m enjoying just slowpokin’ for now.
Once I have my first Perfect trash plant, I can get serious about rakin’ in simoleons!

After socializing a bit, I head home and crash land.


A text message from Pookey wakes me up. I guess that means they’ve met?

I burn a stick of incense for Brennachan and Pookey-chan’s romantic reunion.
(I don’t’ actually have an incense burner, though I fervently wish I could! Are they “allowed”?)

Then I start the day by pruning my bonsai tree, erm, bush.
If I’m lucky, I’ll get focused enough to overcome my grungy mood!

Beeg Question of the Week: Where to place the Forbidden Tree?
Maybe I’ll build a just-for-Plantsims lot in Nukecrest?

Murky 1.11: Forbidden Fruit

12 thoughts on “Murky 1.10: The Magic Bean Moocher

  1. great update! I have never tried to hook up 2 townies before. I am gonna have to try that myself! ohh and great idea to use the collectable doll to change the plant sims mood. Wish I had thought of doing that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading! I use the MySims’ playful mood for Rambunctious Scamp since they can be placed in the world. I usually leave 2 of them near the pirate gym in Newcrest (or at Desert Bloom Park, depending on which challenge I’m playing). Thanks for reading, Tammy!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Another great chapter! I know it’s darn hard to get all those magic beans, but what a great idea of putting out one of those little statues to get the mood. I think I may have sold all of mine at a garage sale, though! Will have to look in my inventory when I am in game. Oh, and you were hooking up two sims! Oh, what a great idea. I will have to try that, too. Ahh….Brennachan and Pookey – they may get together afterall. So, Lucas has a crush on you ? He was one of my first friends, so he’s cool 🙂 Great chapter! Love your story!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading! I was trying so hard not to “cheese” the bean quest. But, seriously, Aeon Salamander, 3.5 hours for one bean?! Tbh, I’m not too sure who’s crushing on my oshizu–I just take suggestive images when any of the Murklanders come to chat when they’re flirty, haha. She/I don’t have a pink bar with anyone and we’re fine with that for now. 🙂


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