Rivals 3.32: Serena and Reddit

Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Week 3 (Zanna, Part I)

At the end of Week 2…

• Massimo (the Gen2 heir) ages up to a teen after school on Friday.
• Serena (the founder) ends the week as a Level 9 Scientist.
• On Saturday night, with a single space mission, Caleb wins two UFO fruit and maxes Rocket Science.Now that’s what I call a  fabulous helper.
• Preparations are complete to resurrect Jung Storey, the ghostly vampire.

Week 3/Sunday

Massimo: When our household goes active again, my vampire energy is extremely low.
Watchette has me wait while she does some quick remodeling on the new second basement floor.
All the vampire bedrooms are there now, with new coffins replacing beds.

This is my very first time to sleep in a coffin!

Penny: I prepared a total of 14 portraits of Massimo to paint last week.
I also add six new portrait starts of Massimo in his dark form. Wish me luck!

Lia: Auntie Lilith has not been the greatest of aunties. She never wants to teach me.
Did she not get the memo? My birthday’s on Tuesday!

It takes an in-game hour to finally get Lilith to sit down and read to Lia. *sighs

Jung: Penny has prepared a plate of ambrosia for me. It’s finally time!

Jung: You won’t hear me complaining that ambrosia tastes fishy!
I can’t wait to eat this and get back my life…

Wait, Jung! You can’t eat that yet! I forgot there’s something you need to do first…

Jung: Good idea! Insurance, in case I burn up again during an off week.

Serena: While I’m out detecting personalities to boost my vampire rank, I spot our very first Plantsim.

She’s not “in the mood,” she says. No time to get you in the mood today, dear.

Thank you very much, Jasmine Holiday!
You help me become a Grand Master AND give me a magic tree stump!

Sergio, why are you always hanging around our hood, yo?

Caleb: What are you up to, darling?
Serena: I only have 11 vampire points but need 12 to buy two 5-tier vampire powers.
So, I’m making a Draught of Reconfiguration.

Serena: Eventually, I want to buy Command and to rebuy Detect Personality!

My only remaining requirements are the garden and maxing the Scientist career!

The red arrow points to a small, empty third-floor room without a door or stair access.
That’s where the extra ambrosia is hidden.

Massimo: It’s not that hidden if you tell us, though.
I’m afraid that, in case of an emergency, I’ll forget where I put it.

Jung: Okay, I’m ready to try again!
The last time I was so close to eating ambrosia, I could taste it!
*whoosh, spin, sparkly swirls
Jung: I’m back!

Were you this handsome before, Jung?
Oh right, I gave you a quick makeover on Massimo’s teen birthday last Friday…

Jung: Weird, I don’t remember my hips being this slim before…

Serena: While Watchette gushes over the resurrected Jung, my death flower plant has matured!
Here’s all six plants plus one extra plant.

That snapdragon-grafted-with-dragonfruit plant produces cowberries.
Just a little insurance in case my cowplant didn’t survive, but it did!

Caleb: So, I finish upgrading our rocket ship with a wormhole generator. What’s with all the space rocks?
The space rocks? Huh, I don’t know…who could have placed them there?

Caleb: Very funny! You’re hoping I’ll get abducted and impregnated, right?

Caleb: I get my first magic bean from a confident plantsim.
Why are we even collecting magic beans? You know that vampires can’t become plantsims, right?

Plant sims won’t be around forever, so we’re just doing this for the sake of completion, okay?
Sergio totally photobombs this shot, by the way, forcing me to shoot it from a weird angle!


A little after 1 am, I finally maximize my body potential.
It took me four hours and three Energy Protein Plates!

Caleb: Hey, girl! I’m like your basic Geraldine!
Playful Plantsim: Huh?

Caleb: Oh, you’re unfamiliar with Flip Wilson’s drag persona, Geraldine?
Let’s see, something more contemporary….How about this? I’m like your basic document editor!
Playful Plantsim: Huh?

Caleb: Oh c’mon! What you see is what you get! Check met out!
Now-Flirty Plantsim: I’m seeing, I’m seeing!
Caleb: I have a playful bean already, so thanks for the flirty bean!
Now-Flirty Plantsim: Wait, wait! What about the “what I get” part?

Comedian Flip Wilson popularized the catchphrase in the 1980s, inspiring the WYSIWYG acroynym.

Caleb: I rush back to my gorgeous wife and realize, to our mutual surprise, that we’re not even engaged yet!
Serena: I know, right? We’ve been so busy with my requirements, raising the kids, and building a home!

Massimo: How could you two forget something so important as getting married?
Hey, that means I was born out of wedlock? Sheesh!

Massimo: Papa makes good on his promise to Braddon Storey and invites him over.
Then he promptly runs off to the rocket ship with Mama, leaving me to help Braddon out.

Seriously, we are so poor compared to the Dineros and the Somas, why are we the ones buying a closet?
Braddon: It’s so nice of you to give me a makeover, Caleb! I def owe you one!

Massimo: I find Braddon later sitting on Lia’s bed, doing his homework.
Here’s his new look! I might have a future in fashion styling!

Why do sims insist on reading and eating while sitting on the toddler beds?

Serena: Here’s a rare shot of Caleb and I sitting with Lia!


Massimo: I wait until Lia’s last skill is almost done before leaving for Sixam around 1 a.m.
First bat on Sixam, amirite? In this challenge for sure but also for my watcher.

Sadly, the only alien flora I can harvest is one glow orb!
Grrr, why don’t people use their cloning machines! I’ll have to return again.

By the way, I’m shocked at my Return Home menu. Ayaka Mori is a vampire, right?
I look all over her while making a final check for alien flora, but she’s nowhere to be found.

To make sure, I invite her home with me and, yep, she’s definitely a vampire!
But how can she even travel to Sixam, since she’s a homeless sim?!

I could swear that, previously, only aliens and disguised aliens showed up on the Return Home menu.
If the vampire Ayaka can travel to Sixam, Moss’s wife Aaradhya might not be an alien, either.

Serena: We get Lia’s birthday notice while Massimo is still on Sixam.
As soon as he returns, Lia cakes up into a chubby little girl.

Sorry, Lia! No makeover for you until Mama comes home from work tonight!
Of course, with your parents’ genes, you’re a beautiful child!

Is it just my game? So many of my toddlers become chubby, even with maxed Movement.
On their birthday, they then age up into chubby children.

Penny: Whew, I’m feeling so relaxed now!

You should be, considering you’re done painting portraits now.
Out of your 26 portraits of Massimo, two are hanging in the museum since last night. Great job!

Penny: I’d like to paint one more portrait…a portrait of Caleb for the living room!


Serena and Massimo really got a lot done so far this week!

Current Status of the Zanna Household

Founder: Serena Zanna
*Completed requirements:
Vampire Family aspiration
Portraits (2): yes/$14,546 total
Two tier-5 vampire powers: Tamed Thirst and Mist Form
Garden: complete

*Incomplete requirements:
Career: Scientist (Level 9)

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
*Completed move-out requirements
Toddler skills:  Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Childhood aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
Teen career: Manual Labor (Level 3)
Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Daichi Yoshida, Paolo Rocca, Imane Al Fassi
Aspiration: Bodybuilder (done)
“A” in high school: yes
Portraits (2): yes/$16,959 total (normal: $7,692/dark: $9,307)

*Incomplete move-out requirements
Skills (2): Fitness (Level 10) and ?? (Level 0)
Enemies: (Daniela Dinero and Yukio Soma)
Collection (7): coming?

NOTE: I’ve finally created family trees with photos for each line on Family Echo. You can find the links in Meet the Contenders: Dinero (and for the other lines, too).
Some of the relationships are contrived to fit all the helpers into the family tree. Salim and Arun aren’t brothers, whereas Lilith and Penny aren’t in a relationship.

Rivals 3.33: A Grotto Unforgettable

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