DD 1.1: You Again?

The Sanada Apocalypse Challenge: Dystopian Dearth

Day 01 (Sun)

Thanks to my Watcher—fondly nicknamed “Watchette” by her various watched sims—who unintentionally violated one of the Apocalypse Challenge restrictions during my mission in Oasis Springs, I was swiftly pulled off that mission but then immediately dispatched here: a lushly green, waterside neighborhood in the city of Newcrest.

My name’s Satoru Sanada and I’m a product of the Wonder Child Project administered by the Simverse Center of Genetic Excellence.
Upon arriving on this empty lot early this morning, I found a suspicious-looking manila folder in the mailbox.

Besides my handlers, only Watchette knows I’m here right now, so I assume it’s from the Center.
(The following is a moderately edited version of the original written by Pinstar for this challenge, which I’ve further edited for this restart.)

Date: April 27, 2116
Location: The City of Newcrest
Program: The Apocalypse Challenge
Project: RRR (Phase 2)


Greetings Citizen Sanada. This is your second attempt at this mission, so we are aware that you have first-hand experience with the devastation.
To recap: approximately 5 minutes after half time of the Super Bowl, the nuclear power plant of New Phoenix melted down, causing pervasive destruction throughout the region,
including New Phoenix as well as outlying cities such Newcrest. The army core of engineers cites that a simultaneous flush of every toilet in the city resulted in
a massive drop in water pressure, thus causing the plant to melt down due to loss of coolant. This isn’t your ordinary meltdown. That plant was experimental!
The fallout is causing strange and odd problems in the region and we have very little detail about what is going on in there.

What we DO know is that we need a leader, a hero to willingly go in, establish themselves in the region and help restore the region back to normal.
We have on other bit of declassified information. This actually happened 20 years ago. We’ve lost contact with the region.
You, Citizen Sanada, have graduated from our Wonder Child project. You were specially created to be able to solve these issues.
And although you failed your first mission due to an infraction by your Watcher, we are fully confident that you will make us proud this second time around.

So get in there and, this time, show us what you are really made of!
The entire simverse is depending on you!

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Eugene Icks, Director
Simverse Center of Genetic Excellence

According to my papers, I’ve been assigned to live in a lot named Rippling Flats. It’s slightly more expensive than my former digs but,
hey, I’m an island boy so I found that dusty desert an extremely depressing place to live.
I mean, if I and my family are going to have to suffer, we can do that equally well near the water. I just know I’m gonna love this place!

Watchette: Satoru, before I forget, I’d like to explain to the readers what your name means.
As a verb, “Satoru” means to become enlightened. Its noun form “Satori” means enlightenment.

S: Does anyone even care about nerdy stuff like that besides you?
W: I just thought it would make your name easier to remember…

Anywaaay, this Rippling Flats lot is 40×30 just like your previous lot but has so much more going for it.
To the southwest of your lot, there’s a pirate gym!
And on the east, there are two monkey bars and a grilling area.
S: Great news, Watchette. I truly hated having the grill and the monkey bars inside our teeny tiny house.
And now Rambunctious Scamp can be completed without leaving the neighborhood!

W: You know, I was initially hesitant about agreeing to this lot. Newcrest is relatively unpopulated.
Since you can’t leave the neighborhood for the first couple of generations (Diamond Agent), we don’t want to be stuck in a place without foot traffic.

Satoru: So, what’s our workaround?
W: (buffing fingernails on shoulder proudly) I convinced Luxe Health Club Inc. to build a Newport branch across the street from your lot.
You can’t actually visit the lot but let’s hope it will attract visitors to our neighborhood!

S: Sweet! But isn’t that against the challenge rules?
W: I’ve decided that since Carl’s Forum’s Immortal Dynasty Challenge rules allow the placement of Maxis-created venues at the start of the game, it’s okay for this challenge, too.

But that’s not all! Behind the gym, there are two more grills plus two fishing spots!
On one hand, you could harvest tomatos, carrots, onions, and sage in your old neighborhood; here, you’ll only find strawberries, snapdragons, basil,
apples, lilies, mushrooms, and bluebells—great for a dragonfruit empire but not so great for cooking.

S: At this point, I think the advantages outweigh disadvantages, don’t you?
W: Well, that’s why we’re here this time instead of there! All we’re missing is a chess table which we can easily place in the house.

W: Let’s build you a starter home, Satoru!
S: That was quick! Here’s a shot of my new crib’s exterior. Wow, there’s even a tree!!!
One thing I’ve been wondering. Why’s my lot all dried out and sandy when everywhere else is so green?
W: Ah yes, that’s just a little visual reminder that we’re actually living in a post-apocalyptic world, hehe.

As before, the floor plan is inspired by SummerSnOws “Apocalypse Hope” on the gallery.
W: By the way, Satoru, since the Challenge Rules haven’t been updated for so long, I’m making a personal revision to allow meditation stools.
S: Fine with me.  From top to bottom, here are the second floor, first floor, and basement.

S: What’s that small room in the basement?
W: You can only carry one stack of items at a time (Bodybuilder restriction), so I’ll constantly move your items out your inventory into this little room, especially fish.
You get a negative moodlet around foul fish. You’ll also need a place to store all the food you prepare for your career.

S: Oops, yeah, I’ll phone in to join the Culinary career right now. Done! I don’t start for two days. What next?
W: Why not fish for a while so you can cook later when you get hungry.

S: Since I have no neighbors, I guess I won’t be visited by a Welcome Wagon, either, right?
W: Let’s wait until 10 a.m. and see what happens.
While Satoru fishes, I keep an eye out on the neighborhood in search of a “special someone.”
Hmmm, there go Walking the Dog, Mila Munch, her son Edward Munch, Geoffrey Landgraab… no sign of “her.”
Where can she be? I know she’s off work today!
Cassandra Goth, Bob Pancakes, Morgan Fryre, Lucas Munch, Alex Goth, Bjorn Bjergsen…..

Satoru: Still no sign, huh?
Nope. Lots of people visit this neighborhood which is a great thing, though I never see anyone enter the health club.

Come on, girl! He can’t leave the neighborhood so you need to walk by!
Speak of the devil! Satoru, get your cute behind over here and socialize!

Satoru: Watchette, you’re thinking of me and Jade Rosa?
W: She’s not the prettiest girl in town, but her stats are out of the ballpark.
Satoru: Why not Summer Holiday gain? We had such lovely children!
W: Meh, Summer. Once a friend mentioned her walk, all I could notice was that annoying perky walk. Also, she starts out in the Culinary career with zero charisma.
Summer and Jade both have the Outgoing trait, but Jade is already Level 2 in the Business Career and has Level 6 Charisma.
Did I mention that she’s Neat, Ambitious, and Outgoing?

Satoru: I must say she has tremendous curbside appeal!

Satoru: Watchette, have I ever thanked you for buying me the Beguile trait?
Maxing charisma never hurts either!
Satoru: Hey, take back what you said about Jade not being pretty! She’s incredibly cute!
W: Yeah, yeah. Just not a fan of that everyday outfit.
Satoru: First kiss with my new housemate!

W: Good job, Jade, on asking him to be your boyfriend. When you two are done with the mutual squees, please go work on your daily work tasks for tomorrow.
Satoru: Not right now, Watchette. Jade just asked me to woohoo.
Seriously? I hadn’t planned on that, but I’m glad you two autonomously like each other so much.
Just remember, no trying for baby until tomorrow!

Well, now that you two have gotten that out of your systems…Jade, go fill out business reports!
Satoru, run along to a grill and cook a plate of Fried Fish! Back already?

Jade: I have zero Logic but need Level 8 Logic to complete the Business/Management career, so I’m having Satoru mentor me.
Satoru: Yoga mats aren’t allowed but meditation stools are, so that’s why I’m in my athletic outfit.
W: I feel we are owed at least that much since we can’t use dressers!
Jade: Thanks, Satoru! I’ve reached L3 Logic! Let’s call it a night, okay?

Day 02 (Mon)

W: I like your work outfit, Jade! It’s a much better look for you than your everyday outfit. *weeps at not being able to use a dresser
Satoru: Have a great day at work, darling! Remember to come straight home from work today, so we can try for a baby!
Since you finish at 5 p.m. but I start work from 6 p.m., we’ll only have a one-hour window!

W: Gee, you remember well, Satoru!
Satoru: Of course, I do. According to the 4+2 theorem, a pregnancy lasts 4 days without a pregnancy test, after which the infant stage lasts only two days.
If Jade gets pregnant on Monday night, she’ll give birth on Friday night and the baby will be weaned by Sunday night. Jade won’t miss any work or any breast-feedings!

Jade: I just got back from the office, sweetheart, and ran right upstairs to find you! Ready or not!
Satoru: Honey, I’ve been ready ever since we first met!
W: While waiting to take one of those run-of-the-mill woohoo shots, I catch Jade making this odd face instead. Wuuut?

Satoru: Honey, I’m hoooome!
Jade: Later that night, after Satoru returns from his first day of work, I propose.
Satoru: I really wish I was the one proposing to you!
Jade: Right, but your Charisma is already maxed and I’m only Level 6, so I’m proposing instead.
While we’re at it, let’s elope tonight, too!

Day 3 (Tue)

Satoru: I don’t work again until Friday evening, so I putter around the house, fish, and meditate.
As soon as Jade gets back from work, we go over to the park where I make dinner.
Jade: As much as my Ambitious trait and I loved getting promoted to Level 3 Business, I’m not loving this frumpy pink suit!

W: Today’s real news flash, however, is that Jade popped a new moodlet around 7 p.m.: Eating for Two (24 hours to 2nd trimester).
People, the incoming nooboo arrives on Friday evening! *crosses fingers on both hands for cute children!


Jade vs Summer
I’d never played Jade Rosa in an active household before but she’s quite a super fit for my chef founder and, to my delight, the two of them are often autonomously affectionate.
In my previous attempt, Satoru’s spouse Summer also first learned on Day 3 that she was expecting, but the similarities end there.
Whereas Jade reached Level3 of the Business career on Day 3, Summer did not reach the same level until Day 16.

No kitchen appliances except for a grill can be purchased and placed until clearing the Chef career.
Since Satoru will no doubt max his Master Chef aspiration within the next two weeks and the Chef career several days after that, using a public grill until then is very do-able.
After the right to buy kitchen appliances is earned, it’s a pain being stuck with that 1×2-footprint grill in the kitchen (BodyBuilder restriction).

DD 1.2: My Boo’s Nooboo

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