Mori 5.53: She All Hiphop!

Hi, it’s me, Maya! Seems like we’ve got a few birthdays coming up this week!

Week 27/Wednesday

Maya: Tami and I often come home from school tense, so we always watch TV a little before starting our homework or skilling.
Danny: You girls sure love the cooking shows, huh? What are you watching today?

Maya: It’s that new VH1 series, “Martha and Snoop Dogg’s Potluck Party.”
Danny: What are they wearing? Snoop Dogg’s dressed like Karate Kid, but Martha looks like she’s wearing a graduation robe.
Tami: Boxers’ robes, I think, cuz they’re competing for the Fried Chicken Championship.

Danny: Seriously? Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg?
Maya: Yeah, I didn’t know they were friends, either. But I’m a big fan of Snoop Dogg—just don’t read the lyrics, right?
Tami: Look, Snoop’s paired up with Seth Rogen and Martha’s with Wiz Khalifa.  Just wow! Whatever, it’s a pretty funny show.
Danny: Gives me a great idea about what to do with that empty room, too!

Maya: Well, since Danny’s mentioned that empty room, now might be a good time for a house tour.
Watchette can show you around while Maya and I finish up our school work and aspirations.

W: You’ve seen the front of the house a lot. On each side of the roofless, central corridor, there are two front rooms without walls.

As obvious from this Build mode shot of the first floor, roughly 20% of the 64×64 lot is empty.
That empty area is occupied by a rocketship or a space gym, depending on who’s working on what.
The space gym isn’t left out anymore because the children have recently started obsessing over it and constantly turning Playful.

The two front rooms on the right side of the corridor form a large Inspired area for cooking, painting, and music.
For household-only dinner parties, all the objects that boost Inspired mood usually need to be disabled.
Parties with more guests are held outside.

On the other side of the corridor, you’ll find the living room and the work-prep rooms.
The massage tables in the Yoga Room stay in an inaccessible part of the roof, except when needed.
There’s a small bathroom connected to the Focus Room and Yoga Room, allowing all work prep to take place in the same general area.

You’ll find stairs leading up the second floor at the back of the house. The second floor only has two rooms.

One room is the Photo Studio, which we don’t use that often.
The other room is the Seduction Suite, which was initially designed for a pollinator.
So far, however, only Miko has used it for her Serial Romantic aspiration.

Here’s a Build mode shot of the basement floor, which occupies roughly the same area of the lot as the first floor, except for those two small rooms at the back of the lot.

Here’s a walls-down shot of most of the basement floor from the back of the house.
At the front of the house, there’s a party room as well as a completely empty room on the opposite side of the hallway.

I love this party room, but family and guests take too long getting here and then they won’t stay here to partay.
It’s just another unused, locked room now.

There are six bedrooms, four with double beds and two with two single beds each.

The green bedroom (right) and burgundy bedroom (left) both have ensuites.

The blue bedroom (top right) is for a single male sim.
In her Apocalypse house, @Caterina built separate bedrooms for girls and boys. I love that idea and borrowed it to accommodate the 10 children of the legacy’s third generation.

The room next to the garden was originally going to be a spa center, but it’s more efficient for working sims to have their soaks, massages, and yoga mats on the first floor.
I use the room to store items I use too often to place in family inventory but want to keep away from my sims.
Like the two bedrooms with ensuites, the turquoise bedroom (lower left) is also designed for a couple and will have an ensuite soon.

Skipping the garden which you’ve seen countless times already, here are the two doorless rooms at the back of the basement floor.
The one on the left is for Potions of Youth, other reward potions, cowplant essences, herbal remedies, and serums.
On the table are three biographies memorializing the three unloved Primary Spouses. Sims never come here.

Sims often teleport to the room on the right, since it contains all of the household’s Books of Life.
When a sim is at work, it’s nice to read their Book of Life near the end of their shift to give their performance bar that extra boost.

You no doubt find it curious that the house is so lacking in dressers, chairs, and other decorative objects.
To avoid game lag, I try to minimize item quantity on the lot and will never increase this house’s footprint.
And that’s the house tour!


Maya: In the morning, we have a little time to start on Artistic Prodigy, with Mom and Auntie Dulce encouraging us.
Auntie Dulce is making the most horrid faces at me. If Uncle Danny has to leave, maybe he can take her with?
Yo, stop cramping my creative groove, you heffa!

While we’re doing our homework after school, Kenta ages up into a little boy.
Grandpa Yuki’s making a huge fuss over him, saying Kenta’s the only one of his kids and grandkids who resembles him.
Yeah, right. All bets are off until Kenta ages up into a teen!


Maya: Today is Kenta’s first day of school. He’s whizzing through Social Butterfly!
He only needs his three child-age friends now.

As I leave for school, I notice Dad sitting with someone on the front porch.
Mom says he’s an old friend of Dad’s from the Spice Market district in San Myshuno.

I wonder what they’re talking about? Something about redecorating. Dad looks like he’s thinking really hard.
Dad’s friend looks so familiar! Where have I met him before? Oh well, I’ll ask Dad when I get home from school.

Maya: When I get home, Dad’s so excited!
Danny: Watchette, I know it’s been a pain looking after Miko, Dulce, and me because we don’t have jobs.
But I’ve found the perfect solution! Check out the new Bubble Room, which I designed with my homie from Spice Market!
It’s got everything! Bubble machines, comfy seating, an ice cream maker, and a Fountain of Mirth.

And in the other corner, there’s a hot tub with a built-in stereo!
So, you know, Miko, Dulce, and I can just chillax in the Bubble Room and you won’t need to micro-manage us anymore.
W: …

Later the same day, Auntie Dulce and Uncle Danny elope, then Danny goes up the hill to the Munch Haus to pick out his room.
He’ll pack up and move out completely tonight.
Auntie Dulce found a job. She starts her new business career on Monday.
Mom aged up to an adult today and, apparently, she’s too old to max a career, so she’ll be a full-time mentor.
And now that we’re a household of seven sims, Dad can use that adopt-then-cancel tactic to bring more young sims into our simverse.
Hurry and do it, Dad! We’re going to age up to teens in five more days!

What happened to the Bubble Room? I don’t know.
Last I heard, Watchette went in then locked it from the inside…


I’m somewhat sorry to see Danny go, but the simverse really, really needs an influx of babies and children.
Also, Miko keeps throwing whims to socialize with Danny (not her husband), so I’ve had to be careful about keeping those two apart.
Ranma is a Level 9 Chef and Takumi is a Level 8 Internet Celebrity. Dulce is a Level 4 Business Manager.
Progress is slow but steady!

Mori 5.54: Teens at Last/The G6 Heir Vote


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