Mori 5.54: Teens at Last/The G6 Heir Vote

Week 27/Friday

Hi, it’s me, Maya! I’m back again since the house tour took up so much of the last chapter.

So Uncle Danny moved out soon after the unveiling of the Bubble Room and Dad finally checks out the adoption prospects.
W: Our timing is off because of my forgetfulness. This should have been done much earlier, as soon as possible after the girls were born.

While Tami and I finish off our fourth aspiration, Artistic Prodigy, Kenta is hoping Paolo’s son Mallory becomes his second child-age friend.
They’re both vegetarians and seem to get along really well.

Mom’s mentoring me in violin. I initially envied Tami for being mentored by Auntie Dulce, but she’s not a good mentor after all.
Auntie Dulce runs off to do something else at even the briefest lull between mentoring activities.
And when Kenta was an infant, she never took care of him unless someone made her. She’s very bad news!
Still, Tami is learning violin faster than I am. Is it because Auntie Dulce’s both creatively gifted and a musical genius?

My favorite mentor is Uncle Ranma, but Mom says he needs to focus on his career right now.
I hope he’ll have more time for me once he completes his career.

Kenta will finish Social Butterfly as soon as he befriend Mallory’s twin brother Gilbert.
Is it just me, or does it seem like more children in our simverse are overweight lately?
W: Since the recent patch, I feel like around 25% of the children we encounter are chubby. Is it happening in your games, too?


Maya: Way to go, Uncle Ranma! You’ve maxed the Chef career and earned our legacy its final point in the Food Category!

Week 28/Sunday

Ranma: Takumi, I had a hard day at work and came home with my final promotion. Can you explain why I have to change clothes and go out with you and Ducle?
Takumi: Saturday is Singles’ Night so we’re hitting a pub to check out prospects for the twins, okay?
Ranma: So why are you sitting at the counter, all broody? And why’s Dad here?
Takumi: I know, right? I’m trying to pretend that I haven’t noticed him.
Dulce: I’m not touching that! I’m waaaay over here, playing darts. Nope, I don’t see Dad, sitting at the bar with his mopey face.

Ranma: Anyway, have you two had any luck tonight?
Takumi: Nah, I only meet bachelors with non-unique traits or single women.
Ranma: Hey, did you notice Mom got a job as a detective?
Dulce: Doesn’t explain why Mom isn’t here with Dad, does it?
Takumi: I wonder what’s going on with them.
Dulce: Dang, I’m good at this!

Dulce: When Mom finally shows up, I play cupid by inviting her and Dad to a game of Don’t Wake the Llamas. Sheesh, talking about ruining my evening!
Ranma: Between Takumi and I, we’ve figured out that Takumi’s co-worker, Harvey Melvin, has three unique traits: Music Lover, Loner, and Kleptomaniac.
Takumi: You must be exhausted, Ranma. Let’s continue this elsewhere Sunday when it’s Guys’ Night.
Dulce: Finally! Why am I stuck babysitting Mom and Dad?!

Maya: I think Auntie Dulce must have read Watchette’s complaints about her online! This morning, she’s being really upbeat and cheerful while mentoring Kenta.

Kenta: Ssshhh, don’t let Mom know that we know, Maya! It’s pretty nice when Mom’s all sweet and smiley, and I’m not spending half my time waiting to be mentored!

Maya: After lunch, while everyone else is busy skilling, Auntie Dulce invites Uncle Danny over to get married at the wedding arch.
Watchette makes Kenta stop his typing practice to attend the ceremony, then scolds Kenta for doing push-ups instead of watching the ceremony.
Uncle Danny also often does pushups and situps at odd moments. Kenta must get that from him. Sheesh!

Maya: Good boy, Kenta! Share in your parents’ moment of joy!
You’d have spent a lifetime of regret if you’d missed that special moment because you were, of all things, doing pushups on the side!

Maya: I overhear a conversation between the now happily married couple.
Danny: So, Dulce sweetheart, how much longer are you going to make me live in the Munch Haus without you?
It’s not like I have a thriving social life here in Windenberg, you know!
Dulce: Well, Kenta won’t age up for 10 more days. I’d like to stay here for another week at most.
I’m not staying here until I complete a career after all.
Danny: So we’re leaving Kenta behind? *lower lip wobbles
Dulce: He’ll enjoy so many opportunities as a watched sim, Danny! And once he maxes a career, he can come live with us! And we can have another child, y’know?

Week 28/Monday

Yuki: You’re doing great, Dulce! You’re going to max Writing in a single day.
Dulce: Thanks, Dad. Having Takumi and you as mentors has really helped, believe me!
So why doesn’t Mom come over anymore? I know she’s got a job now, but she’s off on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Yuki: Sorry, I can’t tell you, Dulce. Banana leaves in the morning and usually doesn’t come home until night.
Like Saturday night at the pub, I just got tired of staying home alone, again.
Dulce: Awww, I’m sorry to hear that, Dad… Hey, you’re sticking around Kenta comes home, right? He’s dying to see you!
Yuki: *face brightens


Yuki: Congrats on your B grade yesterday, Kenta! Great work.
Kenta: Thanks, Gramp. What did you want to talk with me about?
Yuki: Actually, it’s your pronunciation of Japanese names—nobody’s been correcting your pronunciation, right?
Kenta: ….

Yuki: This will just take a minute—we’ll just do the vowels. Remember I said that Japanese vowels sound exactly the same as Spanish and Hawaiaan vowels? A, I, U, E, O.
K: Yeah, so A would be like Maya or taco or Hawai’i.
Y: Correct, that ancient South American civilization, the food, or the state. Nice.
K: I as in “mi casa” (my house) or the capital city of Hilo. Oh come on, everyone knows the word “sushi”!
Y: Next, U?
K: That one’s easy: “hula,” “guacamole,” or “kahuna”!  Hmmm, next E….
I can’t think of a loanword or placename, but E is like “get” or “bet” or “head.” So my name’s like Ken (as in Barbie/Ken) + ta (in taco).
Y: And finally, O?
K: I’ve already done that: “taco,” “Kona coast.”  Gramps, why are we doing this now?
Y: Now that I live in San Myshuno, I meet lots of sims with Japanese names but even they don’t know how to pronounce their names right.
I don’t want you to be one of them, okay, Kenta?
Kenta: *nods

Maya: When Dad got his Level 8 promotion, he was so happy. And yet he looked so smug, cuz he already had the 15 million followers needed for his next promotion.
Now that he’s Level 9 Internet Celebrity, his final promotion requires 25 million followers. 25 mil!!!
He’s stopped mentoring everyone today to just focus on increasing his followers. I believe he reached 19.9 million a few minutes ago. Go Dad!

I’m sad that Grandma doesn’t visit anymore. She doesn’t even come over on her days off!
I guess she doesn’t love us anymore. Oh well, we’re so lucky Gramps spends so much time with us!
Tami, should we remove Grandma from Club Amigas? She’s ignored every club gathering for days now!


Maya: It takes a while to gather everyone without throwing a party, but Kenta has school and Dad has work, so we’re just caking up.

I go first. Besides being Neat, I’m now a Jealous Bestselling Author.

Tami is up next.
Besides being an Art Lover, she’s now a Foodie and Party Animal. Oooh, that’s the only incomplete aspiration!

Maya (left): We both get makeovers! I keep my original hair color but my overall color theme is turquoise.
Tami (right): Because I aged up with blue streaks, Watchette changes my hair color to pink in honor of Mom.
I’d never really thought of myself with a pink wardrobe, but my clothes are pink without being all frothy and frilly. I rather like it.
Maya: As you can see, we are identical twins aside from our hair color. Okay, off to do homework!

Tami: Welcome home, Papa. Did you have a good day at work?
Takumi: It wasn’t bad, sweetheart. And you?
Tami: I’ve been inside all day and would love to get some fresh air. Wanna go for short stroll with me?
Takumi: Sure, let’s head for that bench in the little clearing past the Munch Haus.

Tami: Dad, do you see something unusual up there a little ways past the bench?
Takumi: It looks like someone’s cloudgazing near our spot, eh? Do you want to go somewhere else?
Tami: No. It’s just odd that someone who doesn’t live around here would come all the way to that place to cloudgaze…

Ahhh, look at all this blood! This boy is seriously injured!  He wasn’t cloudgazing at all!
Someone’s come along and crossed the injured boy’s arms and legs to make him appear to be cloudgazing. How horrid!
Papa, his head’s bleeding a lot. I’m calling an ambulance!
Takumi: Great idea. Meanwhile, I’ll phone Mom at the Police Station to ask about any Missing Persons that match his description.
Tami: The ambulance’s on its way. And you?
Takumi (shaking head): Mom came up empty on the police database, sweetheart.

I’ve sent the ambulance to the private hospital our family uses. Let’s take a taxi and go there, too.

Tami: The hospital staff immediately rush Boy X into ICU.
They find no identifying document on him, except for the family name “Kim” embroidered into the inside hem of his sweater.
Takumi: I’ve filled out and signed all of Boy X’s hospital admission documents, since no next of kin can be contacted.
Tami: Once he’s moved from ICU to a private room, we sit outside for several agonizing hours until the doctor shares the joyful news that Boy X’s condition has stabilized.
He’s going to live!

In the unattended hospital cafeteria…
Takumi: It’s been a long day, Tami. The boy’s still unconscious and there’s nothing more we can do today. Let’s go home.
Tami: Papa, he’s so helpless and he has nobody else in the world but me…I mean, us!!!
Takumi: Tomorrow’s your first day of high school, young lady. You need to get a good night’s sleep. Besides the family’s worried about us.

Tami: Papa, will you allow me look after him? Will you help me?
Takumi: Yes, of course, if that’s what you want. I’m his temporary guardian, after all.
After you finish school tomorrow, we can go shopping together for what he’ll need during his hospital stay.
Let’s see—several sets of jammies, slippers, toothbrush/toothpaste, soap, reading matter, towels—well, basically, a mini-traveling kit, right?
Then, we’ll head straight to the hospital…
Tami: Oh Daddy, you’re wonderful!
*whispers: Hang on there, X! I’ll be back as soon as I can!

If you have a moment, please share your preference for the Gen6 Heir!

The girls are evenly matched in skills acquired. Vote for whoever you wish; there’s no need to consider Tami’s mystery boy as future plot developments are still extremely flexible.
I wonder if you feel unsatisfied at only having two candidates to choose from?

As you can see, both girls look more like their grandmother Banana (top right) than their mother Miko Ojo (top left).
I must confess that I’m disappointed but not surprised that Miko could not single-handedly wipe out generations of that Mori look (pinched features, close set eyes, left-eye squint) defined largely by Zach Haskins.
Thanks to Yuki’s influence, Dulce is a real departure from the Mori look. I was hoping that Miko with her very widely set eyes and rosebud mouth would shake things up a bit.
Blah, blah, blah, both girls are still pretty cute, especially with a lot of eye make-up. *sighs

Maya Mori
Traits: Neat, Jealous (Geek)
Aspirations: Maxed all 4 childhood aspirations; Bestselling Author
Career: (Art Critic)

Tami Mori
Traits: Art Lover, Foodie (Dance Machine)
Aspirations: Maxed all 4 childhood aspirations; Party Animal
Career: (Food Critic)

Mori 5.55: Unleashing the Party Animal


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