Mori 5.55: Unleashing the Party Animal

The Gen6 Heir Vote is officially closed, with Tami Mori chosen as the next heir upon reaching her young adult birthday.

Week 28/Thursday

Tami: After school, Maya, Kenta, and I take until 6 pm to finish up both our homework and extra credit.
Then Dad and I travel to Magnolia Promenade to shop for Boy X.

Takumi: The Homestead really doesn’t have much but here are some toiletries. What do you think?
Tami: Let’s buy one of those baskets on the lowest tier. It has shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner.
Then, we can add that brown/beige set on the middle tier so he’ll have facial wash, a light masculine cologne, and hand cream. Sound right?

Takumi: This is a good chance to start on Party Animal, too! You might as well introduce yourself to everyone we meet here in Magnolia Promenade.
Tami: Thanks for the reminder!
Takumi: Hey, young adult Omar Ferhat! You have three unique traits (Insider, Bro, Genius)! *makes a memo

Tami: JF&S Clothiers doesn’t offer much selection! Anyway, let’s get him a warm, fluffy blanket!
Also, PJs, some T-shirts, and two or three pairs of sweatpants.

Takumi: I think we should get him one set of everyday clothes, too. Like one of these shirts?
He might feel bad if he looks at what we brought him and it’s all for the hospital.

Tami: What about a potted plant?
Takumi: Definitely not, that’s bad luck! In Japan, they say if a patient receives a potted plant during their hospital stay, they’ll put down roots in the hospital!

Tami: Papa, why are we here at the Quad Manor library in Windenburg?
Takumi: It’s a real crime but our simverse has no bookstores, only libraries.
Perhaps you’d like to pick one or two books out for him, ones you might enjoy reading to him.  You can check them out in your name.
Once you’re done, we’ll head over to the hospital. We’ll buy him a toothbrush and toothpaste at the hospital gift shop.

Takumi: So the nurse on duty let you put away the toiletries and clothes we bought for Boy X today?
Tami: Well, there really wasn’t much. He looks so weak lying there with all those bandages and tubes.
Takumi: The doctor said the boy’s in a coma. No one’s sure when he’ll regain consciousnes.
Tami: I’d like to drop by and read to him for an hour or two everyday, anyway. Do you think that’s okay?
Takumi: The doctor’s heading over here right now. Why don’t you ask him yourself?

Takumi (on the phone): Hey sweetheart, can you round everyone up and meet us at the South Square Café?
Yeah, Tami and I are leaving the hospital now and will head straight over to meet you there.

Miko: It’s so nice to go out, even for a few hours! Dulce and I have neither work nor school, so we barely ever leave the house!

Kenta: So how’s Boy X doing, Tami?
Tami: He’s still sleeping but the doctor says he’s getting better. *sighs
Kenta: Don’t worry, Tami. He’s gonna pull through. After all, he has you to help him get well!


Ranma: You know, Maya maxed Writing this morning and Tami is halfway to Level 9 now.
Dulce: Yeah, they both need to max Writing for their future Critic careers.
Ranma: Since you and Takumi can mentor them, do I really need to max Writing, too?
Dulce: Oh, I guess not.
Ranma: Look at that! I maxed Writing for no reason whatsoever. *rolls eyes

Dulce: Hey, you and Takumi are looking great lately. What’s your secret?
Ranma: Our adult birthday was on Wednesday like the twins, but Watchette gave us each a Potion of Youth that evening.
Dulce: Whoa, you’re so lucky! You think Watchette will give me one, too?
Ranma: Not unless you’re gonna stick around and help Tami with Party Animal. That’s why Takumi’s been learning mixology lately.

Miko: As for me, I have to be the slowest skiller in the house since I never completed any childhood aspirations.
I can mentor violin, logic, and painting so I’ll help Maya max Painting for her Art Critic career.
Quite frankly, I don’t know how I can support Tami’s Party Animal aspiration.
Maybe help socializing with the guests? Or learn mixology instead of Takumi, since he’s the Gen5 heir?
W: Yes, reaching at least L5 mixology is an excellent idea, Miko.
I also agree that Takumi should be doing the socializing, since he’s presently the “face” of the Mori Legacy. It would be really helpful if you learned Cooking and Mixology!

Takumi: I bring home my last promotion today and become a Level 10 Internet Superstar!
Getting the last 6 million followers was a breeze!
I discovered I could gain 700,000 followers by simply performing the “Stream Let’s Play” social for a several sim-minutes.
That’s right, you needn’t wait to finish livestreaming the entire let’s play gaming session.
Anyway, now that I’ve maxed this career, I can quit and we can all focus on Tami’s Party Animal aspiration.

Ranma: As soon as we get the notice about the Spice Festival today, I insist that everyone drop everything so we can depart immediately!
Maya: Fortunately, we’d all just finished our homework.
Ranma: We arrive before 5:30 pm and, this time, I find the Swag Stall open!

Takumi: We also learn why Mom never visits us anymore, not even for birthday parties.
Maya: It’s embarrassing to see Grandma Banana here busking. Doesn’t the Police Station have rules about double income?
Kenta: Mama, is Grandma Banana poor?

Tami: We all join the Spicy Curry Challenge together and, like the previous time, I emerge the Spice Curry Champion!
Check out the tee-shirt I receive as first prize!

Ranma: Some of us gather around to watch Mom perform, but Watchette goes around and cancels our Watch performance actions.
I bet Watchette’s afraid we’d tip her! As if!!!
Mom acts like she doesn’t know any of us. She hasn’t smiled and greeted any of us yet. Everyone’s pretty upset.
I look for a Boo! social but find nothing. I really don’t understand how Mom can be so heartless.
She knows that she’s the only grandmother that Maya, Tami, and Kenta have.

Takumi: I’m so unhappy and annoyed that Mom just ignores her grandchildren like this! They don’t understand what they did to earn her dislike. *sighs
Okay then. I might have gone a little overboard in the way I expressed my displeasure at her ignoring us all.
Oops,  I guess I’m not a Chief of Mischief for nothing. But what is Mom thinking? Even Dad’s feeling depressed and lonely because of Mom!
How can Mom completely ignore her grandkids for two whole weeks? If even Dad can’t control Mom, I needed to step in. Tough love, for the win!

Everyone goes home, except Takumi and Tami who head for the hospital…
Takumi: Are you done reading to him, Tami? Did you notice any reaction?
Tami: Yes, I’m done reading but, no, he didn’t respond at all. I always spend a good while calling out to him, asking him to come back to us.
When I think that he’s hurt so badly and yet so all alone, my heart aches for him.
But he’s going to pull through, Papa. I can just feel it!


Miko: Tami darling, you’ve made good progress on your career-related skills and you’ve already visited Boy X this morning.
We all think it’s time you started on your Party Animal aspiration. Are you ready?

Tami: A House Party! Mama, thanks for tending bar and kissing Dad three times! Kenta, you’re a champ for playing the piano for an hour, too!

We have to do the “3 sims get playful” goal, but manage a gold medal without completing the “3 sims get dazed” goal! Phew!
W: The “Throw parties” counter remains broken, but don’t worry, I’m keeping track!

Tami: By the way, have you taken a good look at me tonight in my new “baby doll” party dress?
And, Mama, you’re killing it as the bartender! Thanks so much!

Tami: And it’s a gold-medal Dinner Party! Woot, woot!
Grandma Banana and Grandpa Yuki are here, though they’re avoiding each other, mostly.
Grandma and Dad are chatting and joking, as if he never froze her at the Spice Festival. I guess she needed a wake-up call…
Uncle Ranma seems very interested in Adrian Bateman—no wonder he invited her over and introduced me to her last week.
He wants me to invite her to all my parties, it seems.
W: Weird….the “Throw 3 parties” counter increased by one. Gah, who knows?!

Week 29/Sunday

Tami: My third party, an incognito party, starts at 11 pm and runs past midnight, of course.
I’m pretty unhappy with my co-hosts and mixologist, none of whom decided to wear a costume for the party!
Their attitude really spoiled the party for me, but I pretend to not care and continue complimenting the guests on their costumes!
Besides Paolo who comes dressed as a maid, all the guests are either hot dogs or astronauts.

Tami: Here I am thanking Uncle Ranma for baking a hamburger cake and two great-quality desserts for the party.
For some reason, his great-quality Tiramisu didn’t count so he quickly baked a great-quality Zombie Cake instead.
In the end, only Auntie Dulce, cousin Kenta, and I wore costumes for this party. Everyone else in our household just wore their party outfits. Why!?!?!?!
Whatever, it’s my third gold-medal party and I clear Party Animal’s second milestone! Yay!

Fast-forward to late Sunday evening…
Takumi: Hey, Tami! How was Boy X when you visited him this morning?
Tami: Same as usual. He just lies in bed with his body facing the window, no response.

Takumi: Well, the doctor phoned just now to say that Boy X regained consciousness around 10 pm.
The boy’s been asking for the girl who’d been calling out to him while he was in a coma.
Tami: Seriously? He woke up?
Takumi: The doctor is willing to discharge him to us, but we would need to bring him back for examinations and testing.
Otherwise, Boy X would remain at the hospital until he’s mostly recovered and done with testing. What do you want to do?
Tami: Papa, he has no one and nothing but us! Please, let’s bring him here to look after! I’ll do it! I’ll keep up with my homework and aspiration, too! I promise!

Takumi: Then, you and I will go pick him up from the hospital after school Monday. I hope you’re up to this, sweetheart.

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