Mori 5.56: Boy X Comes “Home”

Miko: Now, although we end the previous chapter with news that Boy X has awoken from his coma around 10 pm on Sunday night, let’s rewind a bit to the very beginning of the day.
Why? Because a number of very important events occur before Sunday night, okay?

Week 29/Sunday

Dulce: Hey, not so fast, Danny dearest. Just because one party stops, that don’t mean you need to go home!
Remember I said that I would be moving out after a week at the most?
Danny: And?
Dulce: My week is up, Danny. I’m ready to move out of here on Sunday afternoon, but aren’t you forgetting something?
Danny: What are you waiting for, Dulce? We can’t let Kenta be an only child forever!

Dulce: A mere hour later, I am now eating for two!!!

Danny: Seriously? You’re already eating for two, sweetheart!?  That’s wonderful!
Dulce: Hey, can you come help me pack my things while I’m still feeling pretty energetic?

Tami: I’ve never seen Uncle Ranma pour on the charm like he was doing tonight! How could Adrian resist?
Ranma: Adrian Bateman, you realize that I’m crazy about you, right?
Adrian: We have so much in common, Ranma! We’re both Art Lovers, even!
Ranma: So the feeling is mutual?
Adrian: I’m sitting here in my towel yet you still feel the need to ask me that question?

Ranma: I’m sorry to romance you out of order, Adrian. I can’t ask you for a first kiss and I can’t ask you to be my girlfriend.
On the other hand, the “Try for baby” social is available. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Adrian: Who’s thinking?

Ranma: I send Adrian home and join the rest of the family in getting some well-earned shut-eye.
Later that morning, I invite Adrian back and this time, I can romance her like she deserves!
After a first kiss, she agrees to become my girlfriend.

W: How are you doing this morning, Maya? Why do you have a Sad +1 moodlet?
Maya: I feel envious of the happy couples around me, while I have no one to love!
W: How do you even know about the other two happy couples? You’ve been sitting at your computer, writing all morning!
Maya: My Jealous trait makes me hyper-sensitive, I guess.
W: I can see now that you’re going to be a royal pain…

Tami: I next have to throw 3 silver parties as well as Attend Social Events in 5 Unique Locations.
I start with a Black/White Bash at home because the “piano listening” goal is always problematic.
Here’s a shot of Grandma Banana looking gorgeous!

Tami: Ahhh, the celestial and earthly realms are in perfect balance once more!
I spot Grandma Banana and Grandpa Yuki, chatting and laughing together! It’s so great to have Grandma back!
Around this time, Dad gets the phone call from the hospital about Boy X.
I decide a silver-medal B/W Bash is acceptable (stupid piano listening!) and throw one last party for tonight.

Tami: A gold-medal House Party chez Grandma Banana and Grandpa Yuki in Spice Market, San Myshuno.
Their Old Salt House is a great party pad! Awww, Gramps looks so happy!
Plus, Watchette’s feeling happy, too, because my party counter is working now!
W: *knocks on wood


Boy X: Thank you for wheeling me down here, Doctor. It feels nice to sit outside and feel the breeze. Did you want to talk?
Dr. Tanaka: Yes, I do. You understand that both your neuropsychologist and neurosurgeon—Dr. Akanishi and Dr. Goth—feel that you may be released as an outpatient.
You still need to take it easy for several weeks and will need to return occasionally for check-ups.

Boy X: Well, that’s good to know, but I don’t remember anything before waking up here, so I don’t really have anywhere to go.
Doctor Tanaka: You remember a girl reading to you and calling you out of your coma, don’t you? She’s Tami Mori.
She and her father found you and brought you here. Mr. Mori’s acting as your provisional guardian.
The Mori family has expressed their wish to take you to their home to recuperate.

Boy X: Tami Mori? They are inviting me into their home? But I’m a complete stranger to them!
Dr. Tanaka: Well, the father and daughter have been visiting you everyday.
And, unless you have a fixation for hospital meals, I suggest you try staying with them for a week or so.
Frankly, the Mori family is extremely affluent and I’m certain you will be not only be very comfortable in the Mori home but also very pampered by Miss Tami.
Boy X: I don’t really have many options, do I?

Back at the ranch…
Takumi: Now that the kids have left for school, let’s discuss Boy X. Does everyone understand what they should be doing today?
Ranma: I made reservations for our transportation to and from the hospital last night.  Also, I’m going with you and Tami to the hospital this afternoon.
It’s a little lonely without sis here, but she got pregnant and moved out just in time!
Miko: As for me, Watchette and I have discussed Boy X’s room for several days now, but we finished remodeling the room a few minutes ago.

Miko: We initially thought about redoing the unused room across from the gym, but (1) it’s right next to the Party Area and might get noisy, plus (2) the Bubble Room is much larger.
The new room has everything Boy X needs for convalescing—a semi-private bedroom with an ensuite, a large-screen TV and gaming console, a stereo, and a small dining area.
There’s even a single bed for Tami, because I have a feeling she won’t leave his side until he’s better. *sighs
So, fellas, do you think a teenage boy would like a room like this?

Boy X: After chatting with Dr. Tanaka, I return to my room and pack what few belongings I find in my hospital room.
This suitcase, this backpack, these clothes, and other things—Dr. Tanaka tells me the Mori’s brought them for me.
I wonder who I am. I wonder why the Mori’s are being so nice to me. Do they know who I really am?
I wonder what it will be like, suddenly joining a family I’ve never met and relying on them to look after me.

Tami: Look, Dad! Boy X is waiting in front of the hospital with Dr. Akanishi and Dr. Goth.
Should we be worried that he’s sitting in a wheelchair?
Takumi: His doctors have agreed that he’s not completely recovered but he’s well enough that he needn’t be bed-ridden at the hospital.
But why are they waiting in front of the hospital? Ranma?
Ranma: Hehe, I might have forgotten to inform his doctors how we would be arriving…

Takumi: After arriving then walking to the front of the hospital, we introduce ourselves to Boy X.
First, I’m going to talk with his doctors then settle his medical bills up to today.
Ranma: I’m going to help Boy X prepare for the trip home. I’ll take care of his luggage, too.
Tami: I’m off to consult Dr. Tanaka about looking after Boy X, then pick up his medication.

Boy X: What!? The Mori family picks me up from the hospital in a helicopter!? What a class act!

Tami: So, do you like your room?
Boy X: It’s amazing. I can’t believe your family went through all this trouble for me!
Tami: Thank my mother. She’s the one mostly responsible for remodeling this room for you.
Boy X: By the way, Tami, I was wondering if you could help me pick out a name for myself. Boy X is a little…
Tami: You’ve come to the right person, cuz I’ve been thinking of names for you since…uh, I mean. Let’s see…
What about Ze? (Like “zest” without the “st” ending).
Ze: I like it, short and sweet!

Ze: Oh, home-made ramen! I’ve been dying for noodles!
Tami: Awww, Mom was right when she said you must be tired of hospital food!
Ze: Hey, Tami. No offense, but how can you be so bad at eating with chopsticks?
Tami: In my defense, our world didn’t even have chopsticks until San Myshuno became accessible…

Ze: You know, I’m just feeling a little embarrassed, barging into your home like this.
And I’m so deeply grateful to your father and you for finding me, taking me to the hospital, and taking care of me all this time.
Tami: Ze, everything is going to be fine. You’re going to be just fine. All you need to do is focus on getting better!

The Current Mori Household

?? (6 days to Elder): ??.
Miko Mori (11 days to Elder): Unemployed, but she’s earned herself a Potion of Youth on the day of her Elder birthday for being so helpful during parties.
Ranma Mori (15 days to Adult): Gen5 Spare. Maxed Culinary/Chef. Unemployed.
Takumi Mori (15 days to Adult): Gen5 Heir. Maxed Social Media/Internet Celebrity. Unemployed.
Maya Mori (8 days to YA): Gen6 spare. Working on Bestselling Author aspiration.
Tami Mori (8 days to YA): Future Gen6 Heir. Working on Party Animal aspiration.
Ze Kim (13 days to YA): Convalescing. Musical Genius aspiration.
Kenta Mori (2 days to Teen): first child of Dulce Mori and Danny Shino-Miller.


The Hospital: Previously, I’d simply built a hospital corridor and cafeteria for my “hospital shots” on an empty lot in Newcrest.
However, I downloaded “Willow Creek Hospital” by mykenna_peace from the Gallery for the hospital shots of Boy X in his (modified) hospital room and outside the hospital. In addition, I designated the lot as “Generic” so townie sims would not appear on the lot.

Also, sorry for the cheezy helicopter shot, lol. I played a separate file for all the Willow Creek Hospital scenes and I guess I just got carried away.

Mori 5.57: Tell Mama All About It

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