Mori 5.57: Tell Mama All About It

Week 29/Tuesday

Kenta: Takumi took the three teens to school this morning so he can help Ze enroll there.
As for me, I’m done with grade school! Tomorrow’s my teen birthday so I’m just taking it easy until then.
Right now, I’m learning to play the piano because it gives me a great excuse to invite Mom over.
Looks like I’ll be a big brother soon! I can’t wait!

Tami: I guess I’ll go check with Ze and ask if he needs any help right now.
Whenever I think about Ze lately, that song “Tell Mama” by Etta James comes to mind. Why?
Of course, I also adore Janis Joplin’s 1970 version of “Tell Mama.”

Ze: I can’t believe these heart-motif boxers! Who the heck picked out my sleepwear!?
Tami (to herself): Oops, I should have knocked first. I hadn’t realized the doctors needed to bandage his torso, too. How do I tactfully let him know I’m here?
Ahem! *coughs

Ze: Oh, it’s you, Tami! I was about to take a bath and change my bandages. And no, I don’t need your help. (Sheesh!)
Tami (blushes): Yes, of course. Let me go bring my dad. You’ve injured your left arm so Dad can help you with your hair. He can help change your bandages, too!

Ze: Tami?
Tami: Yes?
Ze: If you have the time, I don’t mind if you change the bandages on my arm and leg.
Tami (internal nosebleed): Okay, send Dad for me when you’re ready.

Ranma: Miko’s home-made ramen was such a big hit with Ze yesterday!
Not only that, we also discovered that Tami and Ze learned to cook ramen by eating it at home.
Miko’s busy skilling up so rather than ask her to make me another serving of ramen, I decide to learn the recipe on my own.

Maya: Where’d that Japanese Food Stall come from, Uncle Ranma?
Ranma: I bought it in Buy Mode then placed it here in front of the house. Next, I clicked on the stall to “Hire a vendor” for $100. Cool, right?
Takumi: That’s brill, Ranma! Who has time to be constantly running around San Myshuno, seeking a particular food stall!

Tami: Whoa, I’m sure glad Ze asked Dad for help!
After Dad helped Ze bathe and re-bandaged his chest, all I did was redo the bandages on his arm and leg.
To be honest, I was really embarrassed to be applying ointment and the bandages. I notice he wouldn’t look me in the eye, either!

Oh well, I don’t mind getting a little break from my Party Animal aspiration to work on Wellness.
Hmmm…I wonder if Ze will feel up to attending Kenta’s birthday party tomorrow evening…

Ranma: Yep, yep, that’s me!  Highest chopstick dexterity in da house!

Ze: Thanks for helping me wash my hair, Mr. Mori. My fingers work just fine, but it’s still a little hard to raise my arm.
Takumi: No worries, Ze. How you doing here? Anything we can do to make you feel more at home?
Ze: Haha, no! I almost feel like I’m on vacation, except that my arm and leg are still a bit sore. Plus I’ve lost my memory.
Takumi: Well, I’m glad you don’t have to wear that head bandage anymore. I phoned Dr. Tanaka after washing your hair.
She said you didn’t need it as long as you keep your hair and scalp clean.
Also, she’s making a house call here tomorrow to check the rest of your injuries.

Ze: Did you already know that I have the Musical Genius aspiration?
Takumi: Yeah, I did, which is why I’m mentoring you. You’re doing great, Ze!
Don’t ever feel like you need to rush and get better, okay? You’re welcome here for as long as you wish to stay.
Ze: I don’t know how to thank you, Mr. Mori. I’m quite speechless.


Maya: Only 6 more days until Tami and I celebrate our young adult birthdays!
I’m on my final milestone of Bestselling Author already!
Once I write three bestsellers and double my publishing income, I can write Books of Life!

Tami: Hey, Ze! Wait up for me! What’s your hurry?
Ze: Come on, slowpoke! Yesterday, your father only enrolled me in high school, but today’s my first day of classes!

Ranma: Hey, Takumi! I think Ze will be all right if he attends Kenta’s birthday party!
I’ve been mentoring him for the past two hours and he seems to be in great spirits.
Takumi: Yeah, he attended his first full day of high school today.
Ze, as long as you don’t do anything strenuous like dance! What do you think? Wanna come with us?
Ze: Definitely!

Ranma: Tami must really be worried about Ze’s well-being.
Somehow, she managed to forget to bring a birthday cake and other party dishes to The Lighthouse.
One chocolate birthday cake for Kenta, coming right up!

Ze: Whoa, The Lighthouse is one nice crib! Everyone seems to be busy trying to complete party goals.
I’ve been told not to over-exert myself today, so I guess I’ll just order my favorite drink—whatever that is.

Tami: For once, the Have an Adult Make a Toast goal completes without requiring everyone to run around with two drinks each!

Dulce: There you are, Kenta darling! Happy birthday!
Kenta (gasps): Oh no! You’ll have to excuse while I look for a closet! My hair is just too horrid for words!

Kenta: Hey, I’m back, Grandpa Yuki! Watchette even gave me the same hairstyle as you!
Yuki: Looking fine, Kenta, like I knew you would!

Tami: Strangely, I earn a gold medal for Kenta’s birthday party, even with three party goals still incomplete!
Nope, I’m not complaining one bit! Before ending the party early, though, I go check up on Ze.

Tami: Ze! Are you flirting with me?
Ze: Um, not unless you don’t want me to?

Tami: Hmmmm, it would seem that I have underestimated Ze.
He’s got that totally angelic face yet he was most def flirting with me a little at the party! That little scoundrel!
To complete the Sir Gala Had milestone of Party Animal (Tier III), I only need to attend two more social events at unique locations.
If he’s feeling better on Thursday, maybe he’d be up to a few harmless dates. Huh, harmless! Who am I kidding!?

Kenta: Due to the late birthday cake and my horrible default hair, I completely forget to tell you.
In addition to being Vegetarian, I am also a Cheerful Freelance Botanist.
I guess I should go ahead and plant my cowplant berry tonight.


Ze: You wanted to talk with me, Tami?
Tami: Yeah, Ze. I was wondering if you’d like to hang out with me tonight.
Ze: Hang out with you? Isn’t that what we’re doing right now?
Tami: To be honest, I need to attend a social event in two unique locations. The easiest way to achieve that would be to go on two dates.
My problem is that you’re the only one I enjoy spending time with lately.
Ze: Hey now, I agree that you going on dates with anyone else is NOT a good idea.

Tami: I wanted to wait until you feel better but my young adult birthday is in five days.
Ze: You mean in five days we can’t date because we’ll be in different age groups? Let me get this straight…
You’re asking me, Tami, if I’d like to spend some alone time with you, a-hugging and a-kissing?
Tami: Well, that, too. There might be some messing around involved, but not tonight…
Ze: Take a good look, Tami! This is me waiting for you to ask me on a date! ❤

Tami: Well,  here we are at Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek. I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward.
Ze: …

Ze: Where are we now?
Tami: We’ve arrived at Desert Bloom Park in Oasis Springs to enjoy our date and possibly earn another gold medal. *attempts to seduce
Ze: You know, I think I could get used to this!

Ze: Be my girl, Tami?
Tami: I thought you’d never ask!

Tami: Hey, my adorable BFF, are you biting my neck?
Ze: Nah, it only looks that way. Hey, please don’t ask me to exchange promise rings, Tami!
Tami: Why not? You don’t want us to be promised?
Ze: It’s not that. I want to be the one to ask you, okay?

Tami: Awww, you are too sweet! Let’s go home, Ze. You must be exhausted!
Ze: Yeah, I’m very ready to go home and sleep, Tami. You reached the Party Animal’s fourth milestone, right?
Tami: Yep, I’m at the last stage now!

Mori 6.58: The Scandinavian Feline

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