Mori 6.58: The Scandinavian Feline

Week 29/Friday

Ze: It’s a little past midnight, Tami, but would you come to my room for a sec?
Tami: Sure, Ze. What’s up?
Ze: Tami, because I’m five days younger than you, I’m really anxious about what could happen between our young adult birthdays.
Would you exchange promise rings with me?
Tami: Oh, baby boy, don’t you know? I’ve had nothing but you on my mind and in my heart ever since the afternoon I found you. So, yes, definitely YES!

Ze: Tami sure isn’t a sim who hides her emotions.
While I do my subdued little squee, Tami leans back then goes all out with a victorious fist pump!
I guess that means she’s happy that we exchanged promise rings?

Takumi: My darling Miko begins working on her Wellness skill as soon as the kids leave for school this morning.
She’s very close to maxing the skill and it really shows!

Ranma: And I’m very, very pleased to report that I achieve my maximum body potential and complete Bodybuilder without transforming into The Hulk!
W: Fantastic news, Ranma! I really want you to have the Long-Lived trait but not if it’d change your build too drastically. Thank heavens for your father Yuki’s slim genes!

Maya: After today, I’m never going back to high school. Tami, we age up next Tuesday, so there’s no point, right?
Tami: Now that you mention it, I regret even attending school today!
Kenta: Well, today was my first day of high school, so I’m glad the four of us could spend at least one day together in high school!

Maya: Right before leaving for school this morning, I completed my third bestseller and finished Bestselling Author.
I plan to seek a career as an Art Critic, so Mom mentors me as I begin the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

Takumi: So Dr. Tanaka dropped by today and gave Ze a check-up after he got home from school.
She says Ze no longer needs to wear the bandages but should continue eating a nutritious diet and getting a lot of rest.
Ranma: Oh, so that’s why he’s not wearing the bandages anymore. He looks so much healthier now than when he arrived here four days ago.

Takumi: Dr. Tanaka made the exact same remark about Ze’s health and I couldn’t agree more.
Miko: It looks like all of Tami’s pampering has paid off! She also mentioned something about Ze helping her with her Party Animal aspiration.
Takumi: Oh yeah? I guess Tami and Ze must be planning her future parties together!
W: Uh, yeah. That’s exactly what the two of them have been doing….

Ranma: Dr. Tanaka also remarked that Ze must be keeping up with his physical therapy because he’s a lot stronger now.
Miko: That’s odd. I never seem him exercising. Do you, Takumi dear?

Takumi: By the way, have you two ever taken a close look at Ze’s threads?
The night he arrived, I loaned him my credit card to buy himself a formal outfit and two party outfits.
Ranma: Yeah, so what? Did he order some clothes from UniQlo?
NIGO, who founded Bathing Ape, has been the creative director at UniQlo since 2015, you know.

Takumi: Ranma, Ze charged two ensembles from Tiger of Sweden to my credit card for a total of US$3,400.
And that’s not even counting the shorts suit he wore to Kenta’s party. You remember it, right? Black/white striped silk shirt, black blazer with horizontal ribbon trim, black-and-white wing tips?

Ranma: How’d he get his hands on that outfit in time for Kenta’s birthday party?
Takumi: He had all three outfits sent by air-express same-day delivery.
Ranma: Wow, that really makes you wonder what kind of life he led before you found him, eh?
Takumi: Indeed. I also happen to believe that Watchette is spoiling him rotten.

W: Who? Moi? *twiddles thumbs innocently
From left to right: (1) Everyday outfit, (2) Formal: Suit and turtleneck, with separate beret, (3) Party #1: Shorts suit, (4) Party #2: Suit with floral pattern & turtleneck.


Tami: For my first of two gold-medal parties, I throw a House Party chez Grandma Banana and Grandpa Yuki at The Old Salt House.
They have no stereo, but Dad brings his portable DJ booth so we dance to his beats behind the house.

Tami: Okay, people! I need four of you to eat a piece of Mom’s scrumptious chocolate cake to achieve the final party goal!
And it’s a gold-medal House Party!

Tami: I hope this House Party at The Lighthouse turns out to be my second gold-medal party.
Ze: I’ve become rather a fan of the House Party. Remind me again how many times I need to kiss you for that party goal?
Tami: Some old guy with a receding hairline keeps staring at us, but never mind!

Tami: And we’re down once again to the last party goal of eating cake.  C’mon party people, you know the drill!
Ranma: “Someone” forgot to bring cake for the two parties (*glares at Tami), so I’m stuck baking a cake.
I’ve been trying to talk with my girlfriend, Adrian Bateman, ever since the first party started!

Ranma: There’s so much going on right now but I don’t want to lose another opportunity to ask you!
Adrian, will you marry me?

Tami: A successful proposal, an empty cake platter, and I’m now done with gold-medal parties for Party Animal!!!
Takumi: So, what’s left, dearest daughter of mine?
Tami: This is where I’m at now.
•   Throw 5/10 social events
•   Attend 5/15 social events.

Tami: Ze and I are going to go on as many dates as we can until my young adult birthday on Tuesday.
After that, I’ll only need to attend several parties, I think.
Ze: I’m down with our dates! Just give me a little time for songwriting before we start, okay?

Miko: All right, people. Let’s clean up this place then head home!

Week 30/Sunday

Takumi: It’s 4 pm and I’m happy to see that Ze has already licensed two songs!
Kenta, on the other hand, is driving us absolutely crazy.
He’s been standing in that same spot for the past four sim-hours, without grafting the two cuttings in his personal inventory. Four hours!!!

W: And of course, immediately after Takumi voices his frustration, Kenta finally starts moving. *sighs
Kenta, you’re still in the doghouse, buddy!


Ze: Kenta just left for high school, but I’ve decided to take a vacation day with Tami and Maya.
I’m going to work on my fourth song until noon, then it’s date time with Tami!
Tami ages up tomorrow morning, but I don’t become a young adult until Sunday—six more days!


Ze: Seven dates and many moodlet solvers later, Tami has all but completed the Party Animal aspiration!
Tami: True dat. All I need to do now is to “attend 3 social events.”
I have to say, Ze, you’ve made the Party Animal aspiration a real pleasure to complete! *winks

Tami: My darling Ze, we will only be separated by age for five days.
Know that I am forever yours and that you dwell always in my heart.
Also, if I catch you making flirty eyes at anyone else, I’ll tear your eyes out!
Ze: Over 16 hours of consecutive dates and you dare doubt my love for you? Um, you’re joking about my eyes, right? Right!?

Tami: Our birthday party earns a gold medal when Dad successfully makes a toast. Way to go, Dad!
Maya: My traits are now Neat, Jealous, and Geek.
Tami: I’m now an Art Lover, Foodie, and Dance Machine

Ze: So, hi, my name is Ze. I live here. I see you around a lot. Are you a friend of Takumi Mori?
HM: How do you do. My name’s Harvey Melvin and I was originally Takumi’s co-worker but I’ve been living here for the past nine days.
Ze: You have?!? But I live here, too. Why don’t I ever see you, besides at parties?
HM: Well, I was told to keep a low profile. I was invited to move in to become the Primary Spouse of the Gen6 Heir, Tami Mori.
Ze: Whaaaaa?!? But why you? You’re an elder—you’re too old for Tami!
HM: What I bring to the table, son, are my three unique traits: Music Lover, Loner, and Kleptomaniac.
Ze: I can’t believe this! I need to go talk to Tami’s father!

Ze: Okay, I just need to mentor someone for 3 hours to complete Musical Genius, so I feel ready to talk with Tami’s father.
Sir, I met a man named Harvey Melvin at today’s birthday party. He tells me that he is the Primary Spouse of Tami. Is that the truth?
Takumi: I believe the operative word here is “was.”
Ze: Excuse me?
Takumi: Harvey Melvin was Tami’s Primary Spouse, but now he’s not… Hurry up and have your young adult birthday, kiddo!

My name is Tami Mori and I assumed leadership of the Mori Legacy today, as the sixth-generation heir,  on my young adult birthday.
Nothing can stand in my way.
On this very day, I gained and lost my Primary Spouse and completed the Party Animal aspiration.
And now I await the love of my life, Ze, to become a young adult so that together we might usher in the next generation.

Harvey Melvin failed to die from pufferfish poisoning but I grew impatient and fed him to the cowplants.

Also, my sister Maya has already memorialized Harvey in a biography she titled, “Harvey Melvin and His Receding Hairline.” Uncle Ranma painted the portraits of Ze and me.

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