Mori 6.59: So Hot in Here! Oh!!!

Week 30/Wednesday

Maya: Tami and I start our new Critic career this morning.
We’ve both maxed Writing but I’ve maxed Painting while Tami has high cooking skills.
As my Work from Home assignment yesterday, I had to level my Cooking skill. I just cooked two salads.

Tami: For my assignment, on the other hand, I had to watch TV for four hours. Seemed hardly fair!

Takumi: Awww, look at our daughters, Miko! Sitting on the porch, guzzling Essence of Happiness like two old working geezers!
Miko: Speaking of geezers, why did that Harvey guy move in while Tami was still a teen?
Ranma: Yeah, Harvey moved in soon after our sis Dulce moved out.
Takumi: Well, according to Pinstar:
“The first spouse who is brought into the household specifically to partner with the heir is known as the primary spouse. (Partnering may or may not include marriage or reproduction, and depending on your succession laws, can be a same-gendered Sim). You may only have one “Primary Spouse” per generation, but may move in any number of secondary spouses.”

Miko: Oh, I see. Because you let Ze move in and recuperate here, Harvey and his unique traits had to be moved in before Ze.
Takumi: And we kept Harvey on the down low to keep the narrative focus on Tami and Ze.
Ranma: Redheaded Harvey and his receding hairline appeared in almost every party screenshot, though. I wonder how many readers noticed him.

Takumi: Miko darling, we need to talk.
Miko: That doesn’t sound very promising. What’s going on?
Takumi: On Friday, you age up to an elder but Watchette has agreed to let you have a Potion of Youth.
Miko: I remember that. And….?

Takumi: On Sunday, Ze celebrates his young adult birthday which means he and Tami become a couple once more.
The problem is that our household consists of seven sims now.
Miko: Right, and I’d like to see Tami have at least two children, maybe even three.

Takumi: You understand why it’s you and not Ranma, right?
Miko: Yeah. Ranma’s mastered almost every skill and makes a much better mentor than me. Plus, he has the Fresh Chef trait.
I’m willing to move out of this house, but only if Kenta leaves as well.
Takumi: You’re right, of course. Since Tami completed the final aspiration, the only reasons to keep sims in the household would be to produce heirs, complete careers, and/or mentor.

Ranma: Kenta, you’ll be moving out soon to live with your parents in the Munch Haus.
Kenta: Really? But I won’t be a young adult for another six days. What about the family’s plans to have me complete the Interstellar Smuggler career?

Ranma: Frankly, we need more space in the house for the seventh generation. Also, Ze’s well enough that he can join a career eventually.

Ze: By the way, Kenta, I hear your mother had triplets!
Kenta: Yeah, Mom and Dad had wanted a daughter but she gave birth to three boys instead. We should go visit!

Ze: So now that it’s decided that I’ll be the one completing a career instead of Kenta, I need to choose a career.
Takumi: Here are the careers the Mori Legacy plans to complete:
•   Astronaut/Interstellar Smuggler;
•   Business/Tycoon;
•   Secret Agent/Double Diamond Agent;
•   Social Media/Public Relations;
•   and Writer/Journalist.

Ranma: There’s also Detective and Doctor, but they’re too buggy, so we’ll probably skip those two.
Takumi: There’s also the two Politician careers, but it seems unfair to suddenly add six new careers to the legacy requirements over halfway through the challenge, so the jury’s still out on the Politician careers.
Ze: Okay, give me a little more time to think about it, okay?
Takumi: Well, whatever you choose, you’ll need to max Charisma so get started on that!

Tami: Maya and I both earn our Level 4 promotion on our first day of work today.
Maya chooses the Art Critic branch, so she’s become a Snooty Pundit. Since I’m a Foodie, I choose the Food Critic branch which makes me a Chow Taster.
I’m still pretty burned out from completing Party Animal, so sis and I will just be writing columns at home for a while. No running around town, writing reviews!


Kenta: We pay a visit to my family and I finally get to meet my brothers.
Oddly, the Munch Haus has no living room so I bring the triplets back to the Mori place to play video games.
From left to right, they’re Humberto (red shirt), Walter (black shirt), and Lamar (turban).

Kenta: It’s probably too early to jump to conclusions, but all three triplets seem to take after our Grandpa Yuki. Only time will tell!

Miko: Maya, it’s good to see you getting started on the Wellness skill. It’s such a useful skill!
Maya: Yes, Mama. I thought Wellness would be a great help for mentoring!
Miko: By the way, I’ve noticed that you’re the only one in our household with the “Complain about love life” social. Is that because of your Jealous trait?
Maya: Yes, I think so. And if I could, like, actually have a boyfriend, my Jealous trait would probably let me do more than just envy other couples and complain about my lack of love life.
W: I think we’ll just pass on that, Maya. Thanks!

Takumi: Hey, Ze! Why aren’t you in high school?
Ze: Did you already forget? My young adult birthday is on Sunday, so I’m skipping school today and tomorrow to level up my Charisma.
I’ve already reached Level 5 Charisma. Fantastic, right?

Takumi: I see your Comedy skill is Level 3. You’re thinking of choosing Social Media/Public Relations?
Ze: Correct. I never completed all the childhood aspirations, so I’m probably going to join the easiest career.


Miko: You’re looking incredibly smug this evening, Tami.
Tami: Well, yeah! I successfully negotiated a bonus this morning and earned a promotion to Level 5 (Food Stall Frequenter) today!
Miko: So far, so good, eh?


Ranma: We all head out to the Skye Fitness Gym in San Myshuno in the evening.
On Sunday, Ze becomes a young adult and Kenta will be moving out so we should all be in top form for the celebrations!
Takumi: I wonder if Ze will still be interested in Tami when he ages up.
Tami: Oh Papa, how could you say such a terrible thing! You almost made me fall off the treadmill!

Kenta: I’m not sure why I need to be mentored in Fitness, since I’m moving out soon.
Miko: Oh, please, Kenta! A handsome boy like you should always strive to look his best! You don’t want to turn into a young adult with a beer belly, do you?
Maya: And I guess I’m being mentored by the gym trainer because….
Miko: Yes, that’s right, Maya. Because fitness is a mentor-able skill. You absolutely must max it, like I have!

Kenta: Oh, Maya, that’s so wrong!
Maya: ?
Kenta: Ever since Tami and Ze hooked up, everyone and their dog knows how desperate you’ve been to have a boyfriend.
But seriously? You just did an Enchanting Introduction on the Grim Reaper?!

Maya: What’s wrong with that? Not only are we both young adults (unlike my sis and her under-age boyfriend), but I just asked Grim if he’s single.
Grim: My work-life balance includes nobody else. No living body, that is.

Kenta: Gah, Maya, you just got shot down by the Grim Reaper! If anyone asks, we are not related!

Tami: Um, Theresa and Madeleine, could I have your attention for a minute?
Theresa (brunette): Yeah, what’s up?
Tami: If you two value your worthless lives, you’ll immediately back off and stop chatting up my boyfriend.

Madeleine (blond): Hey, I’m completely harmless! I was just offering to help him with his homework.
Theresa: Yeah, I’m innocent, too! I was only offering to give him a massage for his, uh, sore muscles.

Tami: *glares fiercely

Tami: Not that I don’t appreciate the importance of fitness, but my muscles are so sore!
Ze, Maya, Kenta, and I were mentored tonight to the point of becoming uncomfortably fatigued!  Ugh!

Week 31/Sunday

W: Aha, Kenta! After all your standing around and staring into space, you have finally completed Freelance Botanist!
As a reward, I give you this Insta-Large potion so we can earn the in-game “Sim Feats/My, You’ve Changed!” achievement.
Don’t worry! I’ll give you an Insta-Lean potion right afterward! *giggles

Ze: I finally get my birthday notification a little past noon. After blowing out the candles, I look pretty much the same but gain the Dance Machine trait.

Ze: I’d hoped Tami and I could pick up where we’d left off, but our relationship seems to be stuck at “Promised,” even though we’re already Best Friends, Lovebirds, and Soulmates.
Before I can ask her to be my girlfriend again, I have to “ask to be just friends” then we rebuild our romance bars from scratch.
Six hours after I become a young adult, I’m finally able to propose to Tami. We’re engaged, at last!

Tami: Ahhh, together again at last! We are just meant to be, my adorable Ze. Hearts burst, sparks fly, and angels sing, though we’re only able to “try for baby” once.

Maya: Why’d you drag us all to Pan Europa Discoteca as soon as I got off work tonight, Dad?
Takumi: My darling daughters, we have prepared a little birthday surprise for you both!
Tami: Tonight? Why? Our birthday was on Tuesday, so why the delay?

Maya: Oh my gosh, why did the temperature get so high!?
Tami: Seriously, it’s so hot in here! Oh!!!

W: Ladies, it is our pleasure to introduce the Windenburg Fire Brigade!
In front center is Ze, with Danny Shino-Miller (left) and Ranma Mori (right) in the middle row.
In the back row, Takumi Mori (left), Yuki Karuiki (center), and Kenta Mori (right).

W: Folks, let’s give it up for Windenburg’s finest! The fire might be out, but they’re still smokin’ hot!
Ze (far left): I think it’s a little early for me to be dancing shirtless!
Kenta (far right): After Watchette made me drink those Insta-Large and Insta-Lean potions, I’m back to my usual irresistible self!

W: I know, right? Just when you were thinking that the Mori Legacy couldn’t get any cheesier!

Mori 6.60: The Bodacious Gen7 Boyz…Holla!

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