Mori 6.61: “There’s Only One Truth!,” Sez Conan

Week 31/Saturday

Tami: I got a little confused about how to take time off in the Critic career and ended up asking to “Work from Home” on Thursday then taking family leave on Friday. Durrrr.

It’s just as well. I have two Work from Home assignments but have only been able to figure them out today.
•   Review 2 Foods or Drinks at a Restaurant
•   Laud 3 Different Dishes 0/3
I tried to “Laud 3 Different Dishes” for several days but only got the “Belittle” (meal) option.

Finally, I realized that I need to click on an 8-serving meal for the “Laud meal” option to appear. Pfffftt.

Jin: Grandpa Takumi is an awesome mentor!
With his encouragement, I reach Level 6 Creativity after just three drawings!
I notice he continues encouraging me while I play with three toys. Is that why I’m L8 Creativity now?

Yuta: I take a Brisk Shower then ask Grandma Miko to help me learn to swim until I reach Level 3 Motor.
Because I love the outdoors, Watchette moves a computer so I can practice typing in the backyard.
I’m feeling Very Energized, but I wonder—does Motor increase faster if I’m Energized or Focused?

Ranma: I must say, Ze, you look so dashing in your fashionable suits and all, but how can you have Level 8 Fitness and still be so scrawny?
Ze: I know, right? I still lack any muscle definition at all—I’m too embarrassed to work out shirtless!

Ranma: Now that you’re Level 9 Fitness, drink up this Protein Shake. It’s supposed to help build muscle.
Let’s see if an energized epic workout puts some muscle and meat on your bones!
Ze: Remember, Uncle Ranma, I want to look a little more buff, not turn into thick-necked Muscle Machine!

Yuta: Thanks to skilling outdoors, I’ve discovered that Energized boosts Motor faster for me than Focused.
To my surprise, I complete Rambunctious Scamp before Jin completes Artistic Prodigy!

Ranma: No way, Ze! You maximized your body potential at the same time that you maxed Fitness!
Let’s see if your build’s changed. Off to the dresser to change your Athletic outfit.

Ze: Well, I’m disappointed that I don’t have your washboard abs, Uncle Ranma.
But I’m glad to earn the Bodybuilder trait without getting any bulkier than this.
W: *tempted to use the cas.fulleditmode cheat to reduce Ze’s muscle mass…

Takumi: After Maya returns from work, we all go out for a late dinner at the Urban Garden restaurant (a gallery download created by steph0Sims).
As soon as we arrive, I go to request a table and everyone else rolls a whim to wash their hands in a sink.

W: In response, I of course do what any sensible watcher would do. I immediately locate the two sinks for customer use and delete them. Nya, nya, nya!

Takumi: Now that we’re here, Tami, you can do two reviews for your “Work from Home” assignment.
Tami: Doing a restaurant review is a little tricky! I initially make the mistake of ordering for everyone.
For a review, though, I have to click “Review” first and order just for myself. Live and learn!

Ranma: Aren’t you going to spout something esoteric and insightful about what you savored?
Tami: Nah, nobody does that better than Morris Spiffendale! I just want to max this career then focus on family!

Week 32/Sunday

Jin: Yuta and I are both doing Whiz Kid now then we’ll do different third aspirations. We’re leaving Social Butterfly for last.
Tami: How great, Jin, that you and Yuta have it all planned out! Sorry about dropping my queue!
Jin: Seriously, Mama! You haven’t even read to me for an hour yet, but Papa and Yuta are already done!


W: Wow, you come home with a promotion then immediately go into labor, Tami. Looks like Ze got a promotion today, too!
Ze: Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! she’s going to have another baby! Why are we here at this grungy-looking Mustard Clinic? And that doctor looks so dodgy!

Tami: I know, right? Why do I have to have my baby delivered by a doctor wearing a pseudo-Japanese coif with inauthentic hair ornaments?
I mean, her hair is like some racist stereotype of a geisha or something! EA, get it right or go home! It’s offensive!

Ze: Tami, take deep breaths! You need to go check in at the front desk!

Tami: Standing in front of the delivery room, I suddenly feel so afraid! I hope we have a healthy baby!
Ze: Never fear, my dear! I’m right behind you, sending you positive energy and healing vibes!
W: Yeah, right, Ze! Only because I cancelled your whims to play video games on a computer, run on a treadmill, and buy a canned drink from the cafeteria…

Dr. Nayelli Call: Wow, it’s much easier to squirt the fluid into those little holes when I practice with the surgical simulator!
And why is it so hard to grab the baby with the tongs!?

Ze: I knew it! Not only does she have a fake Japanese hairdo, but she’s a surgical poseur as well!
Dr. Call: Hey, cool your jets over there! I mail-ordered this wig from an online cosplay shop, okay?
Now, do you mind? I’d like to get on with this delivery!

Tami: Can both of you shut up so I can have my baby and go home? Sheesh!

Tami: Wow, I hadn’t imagined that you’d be so happy to have a third child, Ze!
Ze: When I woke up in the hospital a few weeks ago, I’d never imagined that I would eventually build such a wonderful life with you.
Also, Watchette’s retested the Detective career and has decided to try it again, so I’ve named our third son Conan.

Not after Conan the Barbarian, but after Detective Conan from the 1990’s anime called “Case Closed.”
Tami: You mean the high-schooler Shinichi Kudo, who’s a genius detective?

Ze: That’s right. He gets poisoned, which physically changes him into a grade-school student with his 17-year-old mind intact. So he hides his identity and takes the name of Conan, after Conan Doyle.
And did you see the “Dope” music video by BTS where V dresses like Detective Conan? What a brilliant touch!

Tami: Ze, you’re such a nerd!
Ze: Hey, I’m just a virtual sim! Blame our watcher, okay?

Tami: By the way, I like your new suit for work.
Ze: Eh! It’s not Tiger of Sweden but it’s better than the other baggy suit with sneakers!

Tami: Oh, Conan, you are going to grow up to be smart, gorgeous, and debonair. I just know it.
Conan: Pffft, I bet you say that to all your sons!


Tami: Around 9 pm, Conan ages up to a child. Unlike Ze or I, Conan has black hair.
Conan: I’m a Vegetarian and a Rambunctious Scamp!

Takumi: What’s the meaning of Conan’s second everyday outfit? He looks awfully nerdy.
Tami: I think that might be our watcher’s attempt to recreate Conan Edogawa.

Ranma: That’s the high-school student Shin’ichi Kudo on the right.
Ze: Exactly! The primary-schooler on the left is Conan Edogawa, the name Shin’ichi assumes after being poisoned.
W: I really wanted a Detective Conan lookalike child, but failed miserably without the right hair and clothing. *sobs

Tami: Finally, here are two collages so you can compare the boys with each other and with their parents.
Ze: Oh, I see that all the boys now have longer eyelashes, like me!

Takumi: Personally, I think Conan looks the most like his father but with his mother’s lips.


Yuta, Jin, and Conan represent the seventh generation of this Mori Legacy, and this challenge ends with the birth of the tenth-generation heir.
Besides producing and cultivating heirs, the remaining legacy requirements consist almost entirely of maxing careers. Maya, Tami, and Ze have been progressing quickly through their careers because they work five days a week with easily sustainable Ideal Work Moods (Inspired and Focused).

If including the Detective, Doctor, and both Politics careers, the last three generations (7, 8, and 9) will need to complete a total of eight careers.
Quite honestly, requiring the completion of 29 careers over nine generations seems excessive to me.
We’ll see what we can do. Basically, the rest of this legacy challenge will be mainly a career slog, lol.

Here’s the current status of the Mori household:
•   Ranma Mori (12 days to Elder): Culinary/Chef Level 10; quit. Drank a Potion of Youth.
•   Takumi Mori (12 days to Elder): Social Media/Internet Celebrity L10; quit. Drank a Potion of Youth.

•   Maya Mori (5 days to Adult): Critic/Art Critic Level 9 (Syndicated Superstar).
•   Ze Kim (10 days to Adult): Social Media/Public Relations Level 8 (Director of Communications). Will drink a Potion of Youth.
•   Tami Mori (13 days to Adult): Critic/Food Critic Level 9 (Kitchen’s Worst Nightmare). Will drink a Potion of Youth.

•   Yuta Mori (9 days to Teen): Maxed Rambunctious Scamp, Whiz Kid, and Artistic Prodigy; (Astronaut/Interstellar Smuggler)
•   Jin Mori (9 days to Teen): Maxed Artistic Prodigy and Whiz Kid; (Secret Agent/Double Diamond Agent)
•   Conan Mori (13 days to Teen): (Detective)

Finally, the chapter title—There’s only one truth!—is something that Shin’ichi and Conan often say when they are very close to solving a case.

Thanks for dropping by and reading!

Mori 6.62: Spooks and Weenies

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