Mori 6.62: Spooks and Weenies

Week 32/Thursday

Conan: Today is my first day of school! I want to leave home with both Yuta and Jin, but Jin leaves for school without us.

Jin: Thanks for becoming my BFF, Great-Uncle Ranma!

Yuta: Social Butterfly feels like the hardest, or the most time-consuming, aspiration to complete.
I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone: can I befriend two adults by asking them to mentor me?
Dad invites Great-Grandpa Yuki over so I ask him to mentor me in Logic.

Conan: Before our generation, kids used to level up the Motor skill on computers in the Focused room.
But here’s the new super-duper Motor skilling setup: I’m at the back of the house, playing Keyboard Commander and listening to music.
Around me, you see an Environment +10 painting, a Fun +2 wall speaker, and  an Energized +7 MVP trophy..
Instead of a Brisk Shower, I take a Muscle Relaxing Soak with Cinnamon incense this afternoon for an 8-hour Very Energized mood.

Yuta: After I befriend Great-Grandpa Yuki, Uncle Ranma invites his sister over so I can ask her to mentor me in violin.
Thanks for becoming my second adult friend, Auntie Dulce!


Maya: Mama, when I ask you for an Aromatherapy massage, you follow me to the massage table then leave me lying there in my towel. Not once but twice!
Miko: Look, Maya, you don’t need to take it so personally!

Maya: But Mama, why won’t you give me a pre-work Aromatherapy massage? When you lived here, you always gave me my pre-work Ylang Ylang aromatherapy massages!
Miko: Check me out in your relationship panel, dear. When I lived here, I didn’t work as a Tech Guru. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to be late for work!

Ranma: Hey, do you remember the triplets that Dulce and Danny had after Dulce moved out from here?
Well, after our kids all left for school and work, I ran into each of the boys separately today.
Sorry for recycling a previous photo, but I thought you might enjoy comparing the triplets as kids and as teens.
They’ve all three aged up into handsome teenagers.
W: Yep, the triplets will definitely need a trip to the closet at a later date!

Jin: Now that we’re back from school and done with homework, we can work on Social Butterfly again.
Lucky for us, we’re able to add these two to our club cuz we only need two more child-age friends each!
Yuta: Yeah, it’s perfect! We can each befriend one of them.

Tami: Ze and I both return from work at 4 pm. Ze gets his Level 9 promotion to VP of Public Relations!
Ze: But that’s not all! Today, Tami brings home her final promotion and maxes the Critic/Food Critic career! Way to go, sweetheart!

Tami: I’m going to quit right away so I have more time to spend with our boys.
Can you believe that I haven’t mentored any of them nor helped with homework, not even once?

Jin: And now, it’s time to switch kids to make our third and final child-age friend!
Yuta: Hey, you there! Now is not the time to do your homework, dude!

Conan: I hope your child-age friends don’t age up before I do Social Butterfly!
Takumi: Don’t worry, Conan. Once Maya moves out, we’ll try the adopt-then-cancel ploy for you.

Conan: Today I become a B grade student so I can do extra credit homework for the first time.
I can’t wait until I can Breeze Through homework like my brothers!
Even with Grandpa Takumi helping me, completing both my homework and extra credit takes me 2.5 hours! Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Ze: I’m already in Tier III of the Bestselling Author aspiration. Every generation should have someone who can write Books of Life, right?
Maya: Speaking of Books of Life, I’ll be maxing my career either Saturday (tomorrow) or Monday.
I’m going to record Conan’s epic saga in a Book of Life right now, so I won’t forget to do it before moving out.
Ze (mutters): And, of course, of all the seats in the house, Maya, you just have to sit in the one next to me…
W: Patience, Ze, patience. She’ll be moving out very soon. Oh, happy day!


Tami: Although my darling Ze is the one who suffers from amnesia, I can’t help wonder sometimes about my Dad’s memory as well.
Three or four times a day, Dad rolls a whim to play the gaming console in the downstairs room I share with Ze.
Each time, Dad walks all the way down to our room, realizes that our bedroom door is locked for everyone except Ze and I, then he walks back upstairs.
Unbelievably, Dad does this three or four times every single day.  Obsessively forgetful much?

Conan: I wonder if Grandpa Takuma is getting senile. I want him to read to me for two hours in the Focused Room.
But he wastes over an hour walking all over the house before Watchette can finally corral him back to the Focused Room.
Everyone knows that reading is best done while Focused, not Inspired or Confident. Sheesh!

Maya: I need a pre-work aromatherapy massage but everyone in the household’s too busy, so I hire a massage therapist.
She takes such a long time walking over that Watchette moves the massage table and incense burner to the front yard.
Now I have a great chance of maxing my career today! Cross your fingers for me!

Tami: I learn that another point in the Popularity category can be gained by a single sim earning a gold medal for every party type.
As the resident party animal, I’ve already gold-medaled every party except the Spooky Party and Weenie Roast.
So, first up is a Spooky Party.
I ask Uncle Takumi and dearest Ze to start carving pumpkins before I phone in the party!
Is it just me, or does Ze look oddly sexy as a zombie high-school boy?

Maya: I come home at 5 pm with my final promotion to Grand Steward of the Arts.
Watchette takes my photo right away, which is a good thing because I’m strangely changed into an astronaut!

Jin: Yuta and I are bummed that we show up at the party in our everyday outfits, but we discover the “Change party costume” action!
I’m a Pirate of the High Seas, Conan is Ser Pumpkin, and Yuta is a skeleton. That’s Great-Uncle Ranma dressed as Boba Fett. Good times!
Ze: Wow, we earn a gold medal really easily for the Spooky Party!

Tami: Next up is a Weenie Roast. I’m not a big fan of this party type because of the high risk of fires.
Yuta: I’m the first to discover the fire on the log behind Great-Grandpa Yuki.
Tami: Ze as well as half of our party guests run off to safety.

Takumi: But Tami and I extinguish the fire together, using the freeze ray function on our SimRays.
Tami: Thankfully, the fire breaks out and is put out very soon after the weenie roast starts.
Ranma: I’m surprised a fire started even though you placed the seats away from the campfire, Tami!

Ze: Who’s that idiot in the green sweater who keeps throwing logs on the campfire?
Ranma: Uh, Ze, that would be my daughter Audrina. I take it you two have never met?

Tami: Dad and I are trying to figure out why it’s taking so long to complete the party goals.
We realize that Maya, one of three hosts, never came back after the fire. She needs to be socializing with the guests.
Ze: We shouldn’t have made her one of the hosts. She’s been totally useless!

Tami: Among the many party goals, the last one we complete is “Roast 3 hot dogs.” Ugh.
Ze: I can’t believe we even complete “Hang out at the campfire for 3 hours” before that!
Takumi: Nevertheless, congrats on earning a gold medal for every party type, Tami!

Ranma: Yes, congrats, Tami! I’m glad that you’re the one who became the Gen6 heir!
Maya: Hey, people, what is this? Maya bashing?
Takumi: Huh, you’re still here? Aren’t you moving out tonight?

Takumi: There go Mom and Dad on their way home after the weenie roast.
Papa Yuki looks really handsome in his Han Solo costume from the Spooky Party. His posture’s still really straight.
Tami: I wonder when Grandma Banana became an elder? I’ve never seen her slouch like that before!
Ranma: Sadly, Tami, I think your Grandma Banana and Grandpa Yuki don’t have much time left…

Ze: All I need are three bestsellers and $20,000 in publishing income to complete Bestselling Author!
Since Maya’s moved out, however, I check Adoptions before resuming writing.
The Adoptions menu shows 3 female infants and 3 female children out of a total 10 adoptees.
When I check Household Management, however, none of these adoptees show up in not-in-the-world single-parent households.
The last time I tried this, it didn’t work either. I think City Living broke this adopt-then-cancel ploy.

I was hoping that we could search among the not-in-the-world townies for the Gen7 spouse.
In the worst-case scenario, however, we can always download a female #LegacyLoves sim from the Gallery.



Although this update seemed pretty boring, three really significant things happened.
Not only did Tami and Maya max their careers but Maya also moved out.

As for the boys, Yuta and Jin finished all four aspirations and have started working on adult skills.
Conan, who is four days younger, has started his second aspiration after completing Rambunctious Scamp.

Takumi and Ranma devote all their time to mentoring the boys.
Whenever the boys are at school, they help mentor Tami or Ze so that they can someday assume the current role of Takumi and Ranma as household mentors.

Since Yuta and Jin aren’t young adults for 18 more days and Ze will max his career within 4-5 days, I’m very tempted to move in another young adult for the sole purpose of maxing a career.
It could be a non-romantic secondary spouse for Tami.
What about Tami’s doctor? That lady who delivers babies wearing a cosplay Japanese wig. Finishing one of the two remaining active careers would make life easier, and I bet that doctor is already level 8, at least. Food for thought, anyway.

Thank you for reading!

Mori 6.63: Doctor in Da House

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