Mori 6.63: Doctor in Da House

Week 33/Sunday

Tami: It’s Sunday morning and our boys are all hard at work!

Yuta: I’ve maxed Logic and aim to reach Level 10 Charisma next, but I’m only Level 3 now.

Jin: I want to take advantage of being mentored today, so I switch from skilling Charisma to Logic.
I’m now Level 6 in both Charisma and Logic.

Conan: I’ve reached Level 9 Mental for the Whiz Kid aspiration, though I’m only a B student.
Once I’ve maxed Mental, I’m switching to Social Butterfly. I should befriend three children before they age up to teens.
Ranma: You know, Conan, my wife recently had twin girls but they’re still infants.

Ze: As for Tami and I, we’re devoting today to the Soulmate aspiration. What a hardship, eh?
Truthfully, though, we’d both like to buy several more reward traits.
Tami: And if we earn gold medals for all seven dates required by Soulmate, we’ll earn the ninth point in our legacy’s Popularity category.

Ze: A passionate kiss, Tami, so you’ll never forget that we’re destined to be together.
Tami: Gosh, Ze. You seem to have completely recovered your health and strength!
Ze: All that messing around as teens and leveling my Fitness helped a lot!

Conan: Instead of Social Butterfly, I’ve moved on to Artistic Prodigy with Great-Uncle Ranma’s encouragement.
There aren’t enough people walking around this neighborhood in the evening to start Social Butterfly.
But If Mama and Papa finish their dates soon, maybe they’ll take us out and I can start meeting new sims.

Ze: Well, that’s our seventh gold-medal date!
Tami: Yep, we’re both done with Soulmate, except for the 50 romantic interactions.
Ze: By the way, including our dates today, how many social events has this legacy hosted so far?
Tami: Let’s see…78 gold-medal dates, 2 silver-medal dates, 53 gold-medal parties, and two-silver medal parties.
Ze: So, how many more social events would we need to earn the 10th point in the Popularity category?
Tami: The legacy household would need to host 67 more gold-medal social events.
Ze: Whoa, 67!?!? *kisses the 10th Popularity point good-bye…

Ze: By the time we finish our dates, it’s 10 pm but we all head out to South Square Coffee anyway.
We hope Conan can meet five sims there for his Social Butterfly aspiration.
Takumi: For some reason, there’s no barista at the counter to take our orders. What’s going on here?

Conan: I’ve been introducing myself to new sims, including the barista of this café.
I wonder if it’s okay for him to stand around in the hallway like this instead of serving his customers…

Tami: As for me, I’ve invited a certain doctor to meet me at the café.
Not Dr. Nayelli Call from Mustard Clinic, that doctor with the pseudo-Japanese wig who delivered Conan.
No, I’m talking about Dr. Salma Ichmawin, the doctor at Cut n’ Gut Clinic who delivered Yuta and Jin.

W: You, Masato Watanabe, have to be the worst barista ever!
Use the men’s room while the café is empty, not after it’s filled with customers, you dolt!

Tami: I only learn that Salma is a Bro, so I summon Dad to see if he can learn her other traits.
Takumi: I only learn that she’s Self-Assured, but take a good look at her work schedule, Tami.
She works 9 am to 7 pm shifts on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Tami: Oooh, you mean that her level as a doctor might be…?
Takumi: There’s only one way to find out, dearest daughter…

Ranma: We’re finally able to order food and drinks after waiting around for 90 sim-minutes.
That Masato seems to have been hiding in the back during the end of his shift.
Ze: Why does he even bother standing around the counter now that his replacement’s arrived?
I think we need to report South Square Coffee to that eminent food critic, Morris Spiffendale! Such poor quality of service is really intolerable!

Ranma: Uh, why not simply tell your wife, Ze?
Ze: Because Tami quit her job as food critic already, hehe.

W: The three little boys are so adorable. It’s all I can do to resist spamming the entire chapter with screenshots of Yuta, Jin, and Conan making cute faces.


Takumi: Meet the new addition to our household and Tami’s second secondary spouse, Dr. Salma Ichmawin.
She’s a Bro, Self-Assured, and Unflirty with the Leader of the Pack aspiration.
Moreover, she was a not-in-the-world adult townie who ages up to an Elder in 16 days.

Tami: The most important thing you need to know about her, however, is that she’s a Level 10 Doctor.
Salma: Don’t you think you’re cheesing the legacy rules a bit?
Tami: Nope. The rules say that a moved-in spouse does not need to quit their job.
Anyway, there’s that tried and true saying: Desperate times call for desperate measures…

W: And, Miko, did you have to come out at the exact same time as Salma?
I don’t appreciate you photobombing one of the few shots of Salma, no matter how cute you are with your baby bump.

Conan: I’m speeding in the evening to achieve the “Make friends with 3 other children” goal.
Suddenly, I notice Grandpa Takumi run out of the house and get unwillingly beamed up to a spaceship.
Ze: Luckily, we just added the doctor to our household or your grandpa might have come back, uh, ahem, different. *coughs

Conan: I need two adult friends to complete Social Butterfly so I try to combine that goal with mentoring, just like Yuta and Jin did.
When Grandma Miko arrives, I notice that she has a big tummy now.
Great-Uncle Ranma says Grandpa Takumi “got lucky” after the Weenie Roast, whatever that means.


W: There you are! I finally catch all three of you adorable fellas leaving for school at the same time!
Yuta: Don’t forget to help Mama and Papa to throw us a big party on our birthday!
Jin: Yeah! Yuta and I become teenagers in just three days on Friday!

Tami: My beloved Ze maxes the Social Media/Public Relations career today.
Now, the Mori legacy will only need to complete seven careers over three generations.
W: Ze, you are one gorgeous sim, if I do say so myself. *squees silently
*whispers: And yes, I’m guilty of using the cas.fulleditmode cheat to slim Ze down again

Ze: By the way, what are we going to do with the doctor?
Tami: Let’s just move her out after she gets home from work tonight. Death by pufferfish is too much trouble.
Ze: Then, what next?
Tami: What else? We’ll try going full speed ahead to the twins’ teen birthday…


Takumi: Who’s that lady upstairs next to the Seduction Suite?
Ranma: Oh, the massage therapist who Maya hired on Saturday is still here and I can’t ask her to leave.
Takumi: What? Why’s she fixating on the massage tables in the roof’s inaccessible area? Gimme a break!

Ranma: Speaking of leaving, the doctor moved out last night, huh?
Takumi: Yeah, she didn’t bring any career rewards, either. We just moved her in briefly to tick off the Doctor career.
Ranma: Oh yeah, not having to do the Doctor career is such a tremendous time-saver!


Tami: We rally the troops to stay up until 4:30 am and receive the birthday notices for Yuta and Jin.
I decide to throw an Incognito Party, which turns out to be a huge mistake!
Except for Ze who’s a pizza delivery guy, all the guys in our house turn into hot dogs!

W: After giving the birthday boys their make-overs, I return from CAS to the party to find…
Yuta: Mom is dressed as a maid, and I’m dressed as a pizza delivery guy like Dad.
Jin: I’ve become a charred hot dog. I thought this was my costume but later need to shower to get rid of the singeing.
W: I have no idea how Jin got burned but I’m very grateful that he survived.

Yuta (left): I not only Love the Outdoors, but am also a Perfectionist with the Bestselling Author aspiration.
Jin (right): In addition to being Neat, I’m a Music Lover with the Soulmate aspiration.

W: Yuta and Jin remain identical twins, with Ze’s full lips.

Mori 6.64: Nerdy Conan Grows Up & The G7 Heir Vote

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