Mori 6.65: The G7 Heir Candidates

Week 34/Tuesday

Jin: Can you spot everyone in their Spooky Party costumes?
Mama makes a bewitching fairy and Papa’s dressed as an Interstellar Smuggler.

I’m wearing the Criminal/Villain outfit, same as cousin Kenta who looks a lot like Great-Grandpa Yuki.
The green witch is Grandma Miko who recently became an elder.

Yuta: That’s me on the very left as Darth Maul, with Auntie Maya and Great-Grandma Banana dressed as cheerleaders.
The birthday boy Conan is dressed as a zombie schoolboy but he’s quite blind without his glasses.
The elderly witch in black is Adrian Bateman, facing Uncle Ranma the cheerleader. Uncle Takumi’s a pirate.
Though I’m happy that Jin, Conan, and I are teenagers, I hate that so many of our relatives have become elders.

Tami: Aaaaah, it’s so easy to throw a non-prestige party!
No party goals to fulfill and we still receive two little ghost lamps after ending the party.

Ze: Why are you taking a screenshot of me? Isn’t this chapter all about introducing the potential heirs?
W: That’s right, but you look so fabulous in that Interstellar Smuggler costume…
Actually, you look incredible in everything. I think you rank among my top 2-3 all-time favorite sims.

Tami: Thank you, Watchette, for taking this picture of us while we’re still young adults.
Yes, I didn’t want to forget! It’s normally so hard to catch you two together in your formal wear.


Conan: I’m so excited about my first day of high school!
Yuta: Awwww, you closed your eyes and ruined the photo opp, Conan!

Takumi: I’m really at a loss about what to do with this second massage therapist.
Deleting him in the Household Management menu won’t work and leaving him at another lot doesn’t work, either.

I check my phone but, no, I can’t cancel the massage therapy service.
I even had Watchette store both massage tables in family inventory yesterday!
In my frustration, I do the only thing that comes to mind. Pfffft!

Yuta: Just to remind you, I’m a Perfectionist who Loves the Outdoors. As a young adult, I’ll gain the Bro trait and join the Astronaut/Interstellar Smuggler career.
My signature color is orange.

Yuta: Because Conan will join an active career, Jin and I will join careers with work shifts that end later than the detective career’s 9-7 shifts.
That’s why I’m aiming to become an Interstellar Smuggler and Jin, a Double Diamond Agent.
Ideally, after Conan gets home from work, the family can top off our needs by reading our Books of Life or change the club vibe, as needed.

Yuta: My first aspiration is Bestselling Author and I’ve already reached the final tier.
Dad and Uncle Ranma, thank you for mentoring me in Writing and keeping me shackled to my desk.

I’ll be buying Connections and Entrepreneurial later on.
But, for now, I’m buying Marketable and Creative Visionary to help me with publishing income and bestsellers.

Jin: Heyo, Jin here! Due to my Soulmate aspiration, I got a new sweater with a flaming heart.
You remember that I’m a Neat Music Lover and become Outgoing on my young adult birthday, right?
Generally, my signature colors are white and grey.

Jin: Since Soulmate and Double Diamond Agent both require romantic interactions, I’ve been chosen to join Double Diamond Agent rather than Yuta.
Is it just my imagination or did our watcher give Dad all the cool outfits already?

Jin: Even though I’m stuck on Soulmate, I’ve managed to max Painting and Handiness already.
As you can see, I’ve also started leveling my Fitness.
So far, I’ve earned just over 4,000 Satisfaction so I can already buy Connections.
I’ll try earning more Satisfaction points by cooking later, so I can buy a few more reward traits before my next birthday.

Ranma: Are you giving our readers your sultry look, Jin?
Jin: No…maybe.

Conan: And last but not least, Conan here!
I’m a Cheerful Vegetarian who gains the Good trait as a young adult. Sadly, I can no longer model my look after the teenage detective Shin’ichi Kudo…
But I do have the cow lick that both he and his younger self Conan are known for.

Conan: As a young adult, I’ll be joining the Detective career regardless of all its bugs.
I’ll be completing the last active career of this legacy, so I hope you’ll enjoy following me to work!

Conan: Since I have the Nerd Brain aspiration, I’ve been locked up in the sauna-less Sauna Room in a Very Focused mood.
I’ve been reading three best-selling skill books, written by my ancestors, on Handiness, Rocket Science, and Fitness.
Nerd Brain should be a walk in the park, since I maxed Logic already as a child.

Ranma: Bro, since the release of City Living, the game has started generating random townies that share our family name. Weird, huh?
Takumi: Yeah, I’ve noticed that, too. Do you watch The Sim Supply’s City Living Let’s Play series on Youtube?
Today, his sim Frederick Bigwallet hired a butler whose name is…wait for it…Akito Mori.
Ranma: Do you think he might be a distant relative?

W: So, you fellas are exactly 90 days old today. What do you want to do with the rest of your lives? Do you want to move out or stay?
Ranma: If nobody minds, I’d like to move out. I have an elderly wife and three beautiful daughters.
I’d love to spend time with them during my remaining days.
Tami: Ze and I have maxed all the mentor-able skills already. The boys have also learned a good number of them as well.
Ranma: If you need me to mentor, I’m just a phone call away, you know.
Takumi: I wish to stay until the Gen7 heir becomes a young adult at which time I’ll move out.
That would give the Gen7 heir room to move in a spouse and have two children right away.

W: So, Mama Bear, which of your sons would you like to see become the seventh-generation heir?
Tami: In terms of talent, all three boys are equally intelligent, competent, and charming.

Of course, I love all three of my gorgeous sons! The question is: Who would produce the most alluring Gen8 heir?

Oh and about that second massage therapist. After moving the massage tables into family inventory last night, that NPC left the lot without our noticing, some time between yesterday evening and this morning. Hmmpph!

Tami: Checking my relationship panel, I note that the three girls formerly in Jin’s Love club are now young adults.
Since I’d head from Jin that Kyra Trivedi had two unique traits a a teen, I invite Kyra and her goofy walk over to the house.

Takumi: Folks, we have ourselves a winner! Kyra has three unique traits—She’s a Gloomy, Unflirty Goofball!

Tami: Yuta and Jin become young adults in 8 days, while Conan becomes a young adult in 12 days.
Takumi: If the Gen7 heir brings Kyra in as his Primary Spouse, will he still feel the need to seek true love with a Secondary Spouse?
Tami: Dad, only the Gen7 heir himself can answer that question.
Takumi: Do you think it’s too early to move Kyra in?

W: Aaaaannnd the search for a possible Gen7 Secondary Spouse begins, among the in-game townies (extremely slim pickings) as well as the Gallery sims tagged #legacyloves.

Mori 6.66: Everyday We’re Shufflin’

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