Mori 6.66: Everyday We’re Shufflin’

Week 34/Wednesday

Tami: The aliens sure love Dad.  This is the second time he’s been abducted in 10 days!
Uncle Ranma moved out tonight to live with his wife and three daughters. (Of course, we lose all our collections…)
Takumi: Soon after that, I notice a mysterious light outside and feel compelled to investigate it.

Takumi: I return around midnight in a Dazed mood.
Tami: But you got zapped and jolted, rather than probed, so you can’t be pregnant, right?
Takumi: I most definitely am not pregnant. Still, I have no recollection of what happened on the spaceship.

Tami: Not to be mean, Dad, but I’m rather glad it was you rather than my beloved Ze. You’re already an elder, so the chances of you getting pregnant are super slim!


Yuta: Even with the Marketable and Creative Visionary traits, I still haven’t written a single bestseller! Oh well, at least I’m looking good.
Let me take a selfie, you handsome fella!

Conan: As of this very moment, I have four votes for Gen7 heir and you have three votes. Unexpected, eh?

Jin: Dream on, detective boy with the Harry Potter look! I have another vote that hasn’t been counted yet.
Heaven knows, I’m the only one of us three who can get a sultry smolder on!
Up to now, though, I’ve been holding back because of Papa Ze. This is still his time in the spotlight.

Yuta: Bah humbug, I only have one vote! Next time, I get the pastel hair!

Tami: This afternoon, I check Jin’s former girlfriend, Imane Al Fassi, in his relationship panel.
Although she’s aged up to young adult, she’s still described as Jin’s Lover, Sweetheart, and Girlfriend. I invite her over.

Takumi: Wow, Imane really looks a lot like Kyra Trivedi, except she only has two unique traits.
Tami: Yeah, Watchette unintentionally gave Imane the same hair as Kyra’s. Anyway, let me take her to the closet to give back her original short coif.

Ze: My hygiene tanks while I’m practicing yoga, so I go to take a shower.
Instead, I’m sidetracked by the new toilet. What’s that water gushing up from the toilet bowl?
W: Haven’t you ever used a multi-function Japanese toilet before? Look at the inset, Ze.
I’ve inlaid an image of the remote controller for a popular model by the world’s largest toilet maker, Toto.
And no, the Japanese firm Toto is not named after Dorothy’s dog from Wizard of Oz.

Ze: I use the mysterious toilet repeatedly until I learn all its functions. I understand “Use,” “Use & Massage,” and “Use & Sanitize,” but what the heck is “Use & Watch”?
Who’s doing the watching here? The toilet? Creepy…

Yuta: I’m stressing about writing a bestseller, so Dad thinks I could use a break from sitting at the computer.
Tami: We can’t use lot traits at home, so this Skye Fitness Gym with its Bracing Breezes lot trait is a real blessing!

Ze: Hey, Jin. We’re at a gym. Why are you practicing mixing drinks instead of working out downstairs with Yuta and Conan?
Jin: Oh, Uncle Ranma didn’t tell you? I’ve already maxed Fitness. When we get home, will you buy me a yoga mat, Papa?


Conan: I ask Dad to mentor me in Fitness, though it’s not a skill requirement for Detective.
Still, I want to be fit in case some low-life decides to pick a fight with me while I’m on patrol.
Also, can you see my cowlick? *googles “cowlick”
Wow, I never knew the word dates back to the sixteenth century!

Jin: Watchette’s placed a small grill in the kitchen so I won’t lose my Inspired mood by going outdoors to cook.
I age up to young adult in 6 days and I have 4,400 satisfaction points now, so I think I’ll be fine.
Just gotta keep rolling dem cooking whims!

Tami: What’s up, Dad? You’re looking even more upbeat than usual this morning.
Takumi: Well, take a good look at me, Tami?
Tami: Okay, I’ll bite. What should I be looking at?

Takumi: Actually, it’s not what you can see but what you don’t see. I’m my usual slender self, right?
I can’t tell you how relieved I am to learn that I’m not pregnant!


Yuta: Dad suggests we all come to Desert Bloom Park this afternoon to take a break from skilling.
If I look a bit sad, it’s because I have yet to write even one bestseller!
Besides sleep, school, and meals, I’ve been writing novels non-stop.
I have the Perfectionist trait plus the Creative Visionary reward trait, but no bestsellers.
Since I love the outdoors, Watchette’s going to make me a new outdoor writing space later today.

Takumi: Mama, I’m glad you have time to hang out with us at the park today.
Banana: You know you only need to check my work schedule to figure out when I’m free!
Takumi: Wow, Tami, how did I never notice how much you resemble my mother?
Banana: Of course, Tami resembles me—she’s my grand-daughter!

Jin: I run into Kyra Trivedi at the park and we renew our friendship.
I ask about her career just for small talk but discover (based on her work hours) that she’s a Level 10 Interstellar Smuggler!!!

W: Are you kidding me? As soon as you and Yuta turn young adults in five days, we’re moving Kyra in! And, uh, why do I get a tingly feeling that Kyra’s still into you?
Jin: Because we’re good friends?

Ze: I finally catch a trout to complete our fish collection (again)!
W: Thanks for doing that, Ze! I like to always keep the fish collection complete for the Angling Ace aspiration.

Ze: Okay, people, let’s head home so Yuta can write his bestsellers!

Tami: I’m so glad that our sons have the chance to get to know their great-grandmother.
Jin: Great-Grandma Banana and I are both Music Lovers!
Yuta: I’m preoccupied with my aspiration and can think of nothing witty to say here…

Yuta: After dinner, I check out my new writing space, which is just outside the Inspired Room.
The Inspired Room gives me the “Cooped Up” moodlet, but this space gives me the “Fresh Air” moodlet!
Let’s hope that I’m a happier, more creative writer here.

Week 35/Sunday

W: Oh, you poor thing, Conan! You are feeling “Very Uncomfortable”!
Conan: Of course, I am! Knowing I’m a vegetarian, you made me eat pufferfish nigiri. I might have died!
W: Not a chance. You ate excellent-quality pufferfish nigiri prepared by your Uncle Ranma.

Conan: But why did you have me prepare more pufferfish nigiri on this chef station outside?
W: I couldn’t be bothered to disable all the Inspired-boosting objects in the kitchen but I didn’t want you Inspired.
With your Uncomfortable +10 moodlet and your Level 1 Cooking, you prepared poor-quality pufferfish nigiri.

Conan: Why do you sound happy about that?

Takumi: So I cloned 24 more servings of Conan’s poor-quality pufferdish nigiri. You think that’s enough?
W: In a perfect world, we would only need a single poor-quality serving, but we do not live in a perfect world…

Yuta: I don’t know if this is my lucky writing space or not, but I certainly hope so! After dinner last night, I completed my first bestseller!

Takumi: So, Mr. Stuck-on-Soulmate Jin, you seem to be doing pretty well for yourself. What skills have you maxed since your teen birthday?
Jin: Painting, Handiness, Violin, Fitness, Homestyle Cooking, and Gourmet Cooking.

Takumi: What about satisfaction points?
Jin: As of this afternoon, I have 7,330 points. I can’t decide whether I should cook for more points or max another skill.

Takumi: By the way, is that pizza crust you’re throwing behind your back?
Jin: Nah, it’s apple pie crust. Who knew people made pie crust like this, eh?


Conan: So, Yuta, how goes Bestselling Author?
Yuta: I completed my second bestseller yesterday evening so only one more to go!
I’ll definitely be done before my birthday!
Jin and I age up to young adults in three more days on Thursday, you know. What about you?
Conan: I’m four days younger than you two, so my young adult birthday isn’t until next Monday. One whole week left…



Popularity category: The other day I was overjoyed to discover that I could earn another point by having a single sim get a gold medal for every party type. Since Tami’s a Party Animal, that was so much easier than earning 400 more points (130+ gold-medal social events)!
After re-reading the legacy rules, however, I learned that I can’t earn one point for buying all club perks for my Legacy club AND another point for gold-medaling every party type. I got confused because the Excel scoresheet gave me both points, but it’s actually an either/or option. Darn! So my score drops to 87/101.

Death by pufferfish: I tried this death type on Tami’s primary spouse but failed, possibly because I fed him normal-quality pufferfish nigiri.
But now we have the poor-quality stuff. Mwahahahaha!

Kyra Trivedi: She has three unique traits plus she’s a Level 10 Interstellar Smuggler. ‘Nuff said.

Thanks so much for reading!
If you haven’t expressed your preference for the Gen7 heir, please post and help break the tie!

Mori 7.67: A Breath of Fresh Heir

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