Mori 7.67: A Breath of Fresh Heir

Week 35/Monday

Yuta: Homework is a snap with all three adults helping us out!
Jin: Let’s hurry and finish.  I’m starving!

Takumi: Now that we are all gathered here together, I’d like to announce the Gen7 heir.
To break the tie between Jin and Conan, Watchette used a total of 10 times and Jin came out the winner.
Ze: Let’s everyone lend Jin all our support when he assumes leadership of the Mori Legacy on Thursday!
Conan: Awww, I was so close! I even splurged on a new Harry Potter outfit for my victory pose!

Yuta: Mama, you’re constantly uploading your boring food photos to Plumbook.
Tami: Well, I’m a former food critic, you know.
Conan: You should send a friend request to that notoriously discerning Morris Spiffendale, Mama!

Jin: After my birthday on Thursday, I can start making headway with my Soulmate aspiration.
I invite Imane over to see if we might have a future together…

Imane: Hey, so after you age up, are we going to start dating? I haven’t seen you for weeks!
Jin: Quite honestly, Imane, I don’t believe we have much in common anymore.
Imane: I bet you’re just saying that because my third trait is Jealous!
Jin: No, it’s not that, Imane. I think we’ll both be better off if we’re just friends. (Jealous trait? No thanks!)

Tami: Yuta, you know we’ve stopped using Rally the Troops lately in favor of getting a good night’s sleep.
Yuta: But, Mama, I only have one more bestseller and three more days until my young adult birthday.
Please, rally the troops tonight. Please? It’s almost midnight and I want to write one more novel.

Week 35/Tuesday

Takumi: Heyo, Grim, I received your first notice today.
Grim Reaper: Sorry about that, Takumi, but you’re 97 days old. Your days are numbered. Why do you look so young?
Takumi: One, I have cc hair that never greys. Two, as a Dance Machine, I’m always burning up the calories.

GR: What’s your plan, dude? Stay in the Mori house or move out to live with your wife Miko?
Takumi: I want to be the first sim to live in the Mori house from birth to death.
GR: Sorry, buddy, but even I don’t know how much time you have left.
I just act on instructions from the Big Boss, sending out notices and reaping souls.

W: All I can say is, once the Gen7 heir becomes a young adult, you’ll need to move out, Takumi.

Ze: After school, Tami and I have Jin pose for us so we can each memorialize him with a portrait.
Tami: Wow, Ze, your painting turned out to be a masterpiece!
Ze: Yours is worth a little more, even though mine has a little background greenery.
Tami: You’re right, darling. Let’s use your portrait in the legacy portrait gallery!


Yuta: Since our birthday is tomorrow morning, Jin and I won’t be going back to high school.
W: Gah, I completely forgot to keep you two home from school this week!
Yuta: Last night, I drank a moodlet solver to pull an all-nighter but only wrote two non-bestsellers.
But a little past 8 o’clock this morning, I finally complete my third bestseller. I’m free, at last!

Takumi: No offense, Yuta, but you’re the first Mori to take seven sim-days to complete three bestsellers.
Yuta: Pffft, whatever. I did barely manage to finish my aspiration before becoming a young adult.

Yuta: After insta-completing the Fabulous Wealthy and Mansion Baron aspirations, I begin working on Curator.
Tami: You need to choose another career, Yuta. You won’t need to complete Interstellar Smuggler…
Yuta: I’m considering one of the Politics careers.  Charity organizer?

Jin: Because I’m skipping school, I invite over a classmate I’ve been wanting to get to know better. Her name is Yuki Yano. She’s a quiet sim but incredibly pretty!
Yuki: Thanks so much for the invite, Jin! I age up in two days so I’ve been hoping we could stay in touch.

Jin: What? I can’t believe you just beat me in Party Frenzy! What are your traits again?
Yuki: I’m a Perfectionist Bookworm…

Takumi: Jin looks so happy around Yuki! I recognize that gleam in his eye. He’s already a goner, for sure!
And look what great fashion style Yuki has! Did you notice we’re wearing the same pale turquoise slacks?
I record Yuki’s epic saga in an extra Book of Life I wrote recently. Just in case she moves in when I’m not around.

Takumi: I notice Miko strolling past our house and invite her inside. I remember she doesn’t have the Long-Lived trait. How old is my beloved Miko now?
Spending time with Miko makes me want to move out tomorrow. Miko shouldn’t be living alone!

Jin: Yuki and I are good friends and lovebirds. I already see the First Kiss option, but I’m not going to rush.
Tonight, what I want most is for Yuki and I to become BFFs before I age up.

Jin: And….that’s my girl!
Yuki: Oh no, look at the time! Hey, Jin, let’s meet again on Friday after I cake up!


Tami: Around 5 am, we receive “celebrate birthday” notices for the twins but it’s way too early for a party!
Yuta: I’m the first to blow out the candles on my birthday cake.
Not only am I a Perfectionist who Loves the Outdoors, but I’m also a Bro.

Jin: Thanks for the enthusiastic horn-blowing, Yuta, but you’re standing a little too close!
I’m a Neat Music Lover and also Outgoing!

Yuta: Dude, let’s take a photo together before we phone in for our new careers.
Jin: Yep, we’re still crazy cute as young adults, bro!
Yuta: *phones to join the Politics career
Jin: *phones to join the Secret Agent career

Tami: Congratulations, Jin. You are now the seventh-generation heir of the Mori Legacy.
Jin: Thanks, Mama. For my first act as the Gen7 Heir, I ask Kyra Trivedi to move in to be my Primary Spouse.
We are already good friends so she and her L10 Interstellar Ranger self readily agree to move in.

Jin: I invite Kyra into the sauna-less Sauna Room with a plate of Conan’s poor-quality pufferfish nigiri.
Kyra: Why couldn’t Jin just give me a fork to eat this?

Kyra: Gulp, what is this? I can’t breathe!

Jin: So sorry, Kyra, but the Mori Legacy needs your unique traits, your maxed career, and a death by pufferfish.


Jin: What a surprise to get a phone call from Yuki in the morning, asking me out on a date. I’m so excited to realize that she’s aged up to a young adult, too.
Immediately, I invite my BFF over and ask her to move in.
Yuki: Yes!!! I’ve been hoping that you’d ask me to move here. Incidentally, my third trait is Unflirty and I’m a Renaissance Sim.

Jin: We share a First Kiss then I ask her to be my girlfriend. Can you believe how high I’m jumping for joy?

Jin: Although it’s conventional wisdom not to propose on the same day that you ask someone to go steady, I bank on the fact that we’re already BFFs.
Yuki: Oh, Jin. I absolutely adore this ring. How and when did you learn my ring size?

Jin: I don’t have the Beguiling trait but we’re both feeling Very Flirty, which is possibly over-riding any resistance from the adorable Unflirty Yuki.

Jin: And that, boys and girls, is how I married my BFF and advanced to Tier III of my Soulmate aspiration.
Yuki: Oh no! I’m feeling so flirty that I’ve rolled the “Woohoo with someone” whim!
Jin: You are behaving uncharacteristically, my lovely Unflirty sim!

Mori 7.68: All Hail Hinata!

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