Mori 7.68: All Hail Hinata!

Week 35/Friday

Yuki: Although I’m Unflirty, I “feebly” ask Jin on two dates for his Soulmate aspiration.
He’s already maxed Charisma, so this gives me a chance to work on mine.

Jin: Yuki, I find your steamy passion thoroughly surprising and endlessly delightful.

Yuki: When you look at me like that, Jin, I quite forget that I am, in actuality, unflirty…

Yuki: *asks Jin to try for baby then vigorously pumps fist
Jin: So, dearest, you seem to be quite fine with Private Displays of Affection, yes?

Yuki: I don’t understand why we aren’t Soulmates yet. Our friendship and romance bars are maxed.
Jin: I think we just need to leave the lot for a bit. Let’s visit the Von Haunt Estate.
With my Soulmate aspiration, I’d like a more romantic photo for our legacy’s chapter index. What do you think?
Yuki: Oh, Papa Ze switched suits with you. You slay in the floral jacquard suit, sweetheart!

Jin (sighs): After interacting at the Von Haunt Estate and the Harbor Quarter Gym, we’re still not soulmates.
I hesitate to use a cheat because I’d have to manually count the required 50 romantic interactions for Soulmate’s Tier IV.
Yuki: Let’s just go about our lives for another day and see what happens. I’d like to get started on Renaissance Sim, too!

Yuki: I guess the Pasta Primavera I ate for lunch didn’t agree with me.
W: Thank you, Yuki, for running all the way around the house to one of the smallest bathrooms.
You know how I dislike walls-down screenshots!

Jin: Thanks for making the time for this little meeting. I want to get your thoughts on our household size.
Tami: Since your grandfather Takumi and your great-uncle Ranma moved out recently, we’re down to six sims.
Ze: That leaves you room to have two children. What’s your question?

Jin: I want to ask you both why you wanted to have three children instead of just two, like the previous generation.
Ze: You mean, besides the obvious fact that your mother and I have fabulous genes?
Tami: Frankly, we thought the readers might enjoy choosing between three candidates instead of two.

Jin: I’m inclined to agree. With only two candidates, each one has a 50% shot of being chosen.
Ze: Did you want to have this meeting so you could ask me to leave?
Tami: If Ze leaves, I’d leave too, naturally.
Jin: No, I wanted to ask your opinion of having Yuta move out. Conan has several fans, and I’d like him to stay.
On the other hand, Yuta got only one vote. Do you think he would be the best option to move out?

Tami: I’m going to say yes. This legacy only needs to complete six more careers, thanks to Kyra’s contribution.
This generation, only you and Conan need to complete careers, Then Gen8 and Gen9 can complete two careers each.
Ze: Right, there’s no need to try and complete a fourth career this generation. I think it’s fine to let Yuta go.
Tami: Ideally, Yuta would get someone pregnant before moving out to help Ze and I complete Big Happy Family…


And the very next morning…

Yuta: I hear the news from Jin and the parents last night about my moving out. It’s just as well.

Mallory: Thanks for inviting me over, but is it okay for you to skip your first day of work?
Yuta: No worries, Mallory. I’ve seen you at lots of family parties but we never got a chance to talk. Would you explain to me again how we are related?
Mallory: I’m am the granddaughter of Donato Mori, who’s the older brother of your great-grandmother Banana Mori.
Yuta: And that makes us…too unrelated for The Sims 4 to care.  Okay, we’re good!

W: Dang it, stop sitting backwards on the ottoman! You should be facing away from the bed, not sitting between the bed and the ottoman!

Yuta: I devote the day to romancing the socks off of Mallory Damico. Well, socks and a little more, if you must know.

Tami: Whatever are you doing, my darling son?
Conan: While I was swimming in the pool window, Watchette instructs me to evolve the plants she pulled out of inventory.
Tami: But why does it look like you’re swimming through the lawn?
Conan: Who knows?

Yuta: Once I confirm that Mallory’s indeed with child, I’m ready to move out.
We just ate not too long ago, so I’m pretty Mallory’s hand gesture signifies conception, not flatulence.
It’s time to begin my new life with Mallory and our future child in The Lighthouse.

Jin: Wow, you look pretty happy to be moving out, Yuta.
Yuta: Are you kidding me? The constant pressure of writing bestselling novels was insanely stressful.
I’ve quit my job in Politics and plan to live the life of Riley on the island with my cougar wife and our little one.

Week 36/Sunday

Conan: Mama, I know you want me to succeed but there’s no need to mentor me so harshly!
Tami: I’m sorry, but I’m so upset about my parents, you know.
My grandma Banana, Uncle Ranma, and Auntie Dulce are still alive, but my parents both passed away!

Conan: Yeah, I heard that Grandpa Takumi and Grandma Miko were gone when Yuta moved into The Lighthouse.
Tami: Yes, Ze and I looked everywhere for them, then noticed they appear in our relationship panels as ghosts.
I wonder if Mama and Papa decided to leave this world together. *sniffle, sniffle

W: Yes, we are once again back to cooking for Connections… *sighs
Yuki: What do you mean “once again”? It’s not easy for a previously unwatched sim to do Renaissance Sim, you know!
I was a C student in high school plus I moved in here with no skills nor satisfaction points.

Jin: So what you got so far, hun?
Yuki: I need 4 skills at Level 4. My Cooking and Gourmet Cooking are L4, Logic and Violin are L3.
And I have 1800 satisfaction points.


Yuki: Oh my! Jin, you’re leaving for your first day of work.
I ask only one favor, darling. Please don’t smile like that for any ladies at your office!

Yuki: Whoa, I’ve been so busy skilling for Renaissance Sim that I only now notice I’m in my third trimester.
I better eat strawberries and listen to pop music before it’s too late!
Tami: Did you hear the news? This afternoon, Yuta’s girlfriend gave birth to a little girl named Lilliana. My first grandchild!

Jin: Hello, sweetness! *blows a steamy kiss
Yuki: Oh, congrats on getting promoted on your first day of work, Jin!
Did you come to listen to pop music with me or are you only trying to distract me?
Jin: I just want to keep you company, dearest, and to bask in your loveliness.

Yuki: Uh huh, I bet you thought you could sneak in a half dozen romantic interactions for your Soulmate aspiration.
Jin: Who me?
Yuki: Don’t think you’re fooling me for a minute with that angelic, pouty look!
Jin (internally): The sad look isn’t working?!

Conan: I get my birthday notice around 10 p.m. and simply cake up at home with immediate family.
It’s so hard to take a picture where everyone looks good. Whatever!
Half the family closes their eyes but Dad opens his eyes twice as wide, so it balances out. Kinda.

Conan: To complete Renaissance Sim, I switch jobs twice then end with my target career, Detective.
Don’t get me wrong—I love this overly long-sleeved tee shirt and how it stylishly pairs with my slim jeans.
But the sleeves make phone calls, texting, and various other daily tasks devilishly difficult! Arrggh!

Conan: Fan service! Yours truly pensively flaunting his boyish charm, while dressed in the Gryffindor uniform.
I feel positively nekkid without the robe and wand, but what’s a lowly sim to do?


Tami: My grandmother Banana passed away this morning. I wish she could have lived long enough to meet your children, Yuki!
Yuki: My condolences, Mama Tami. She was an amazing sim! Oh, it’s almost noon! May I ask you for a fertility massage?

Tami: I go into labor around 2:30 pm. I opt for a home birth since Jin is at work and likely to be promoted again.

Yuki: Welcome to the simverse, our precious Hinata.
Hinata: Um, what are you staring at? So yeah, I have a slightly greenish tinge to my skintone.
Can you believe that I lie in the bassinet starving for over an hour, while everyone vie with Mama to attend me?

W: Maybe you should be in a locked room during your two-day infancy…
Regardless, Hinata is not as dark-skinned as the babies of Gen2 through Gen6, yet not as light-skinned as Yuta, Jin, and Conan.
Oddly, she looks very pale in the relationship panel; I wonder if she’s just hungry and upset now.

Hinata: You were wondering about my name? I’m named after blue-haired Hinata Hyuga, a female ninja from the incredibly long-running manga named Naruto.

Hinata seems timid and shy but she is highly motivated and deeply persistent.
She has inherited eyes with a magical power that runs only in her bloodline.
It’s a very long story (700 chapters in 72 volumes), but Hinata eventually marries the protagonist Naruto.
So yeah, I have a lot to live up to!

The rightmost image shows Hinata and Naruto at their first exam to become ninja, around age 12. Awww.

Yuki (using mental telepathy): Jin! Hurry up and get home, big boy! We need to try for baby again! ❤

Family who passed away during this chapter

Takumi (Gen6 Heir), Miko Ojo (his wife), and Banana Mori (Gen5 Heir).
Rest in Peace. You will all be profoundly missed.

Mori 7.69: In Homage to Vocaloids

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